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    I've been roleplaying for over 30 years. Game mastering (mostly), player (not as much as I'd like), reader (lots). I've even had an article published in White Dwarf back in the day.
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    Over 50 years in this world and based in the UK.
  1. BassJon

    The Grand Design

    Hi everyone I'm running my players through the Grand Design Adventures and having great fun with it. But I'm now afeared that our ship will run aground. Basically is Part 5 available anywhere? If so where? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi - are there plans for Chaosium to release the 7th Sea 2nd Ed - 10 Adventures book? Thanks
  3. Check the Rune Fixes entry on Extension. Basically says the rune points can’t be regained until the extended spell expires. Dont see why that doesn’t apply to wyters too. PS: Sorry about big shouty font.
  4. Check the Rune Fixes entry on Extension. Basically says the tune points can’t be regained until the extended spell expires. Dont see why that doesn’t apply to wyters too.
  5. Aye which is why I wouldn’t apply the cultural bonus to left handed or dual fighting - it’s an individual choice not a cultural norm. But that’s just me. But then there is that sinister (pun intended) clan over the hills who are nearly all left handed. No one likes them except dragonewts.
  6. A little thought about applying the culture bonus to the left hand. Doesn’t Orlanthi culture consider being left handed weird and draconic? So therefore not something that you’d pick up as part of the culture? A bit like school here in the 50s when the teacher would slap your hand with a ruler if you tried to write left handed. Also isn’t Orlanthi warfare based around the shield wall. Again precluding the idea of fighting left handed as being a cultural skill.
  7. Thanks for the responses, in many ways I think the the answer to this depends on how you want your Glorantha to be. But to continue the debate some more 😉 Under Functions of a Temple - Gain access to Rune spells (Pg 284) it says: "When an adventurer sacrifices a point of characteristic POW at the temple, the adventurer may gain access to a special cult Rune spell available to that temple, including associate cults." I understand that to mean that not all temples have access to all Rune spells, Shrines have access to one special rune spell, minor temples to all special rune spells, major temples adds all common rune spells. How you define "access to" is key here. I am defining it as access to but not automatic learning of the magic. To learn rune magic I think you have to: sacrifice your points to get personal access and be at a holy site that gives you access to the specific rune magic. This also has the added benefit of giving players a reason to travel to a different holy place if they want to get access to a specific piece of rune magic. And who knows what happens on the way there. In the Vasana example on page 314 she is at the tribal temple (a major one). However if she was at the clan one she may not have had such a wide range of options. None of this addresses the 100L cost point which I guess is YGMV thing, indeed all of this is 😀
  8. This may have been said already, sorry if I'm repeating. I think it is perfectly possible for all adults to be initiates of a god and for rune magic to be limited to a few initiates and Runemasters. Page 275 of RQG states under the benefits of being an initiate: "At the gamemaster’s discretion, an initiate can gain access to the cult’s special Rune spells in return for exceptional service to the cult, by donating the equivalent of 100 L per point of the spell, or for other reasons that further the cult’s goals and standing." As this is more than the annual income of most Orlanthi farmers wouldn't this preclude most initiates from gaining many if any special special rune spells? Also on Page 284 under Temple Sizes - Major Temple it says: "A major temple allows access to all common and special cult Rune spells." Sites, shrines and minor temples only seem to offer access to cult special spells. As these are mostly located at tribal centres perhaps they are not readily accessible to most hard working Orlanthi farmers either. I think this may help square the circle of many initiates and less rune magic. Of course it doesn't address the rune magic available to the herders in the Gamemasters Adventure book, one thing at a time. This is my first foray in to the forums so it's a distinct possibility that I've missed something important.
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