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    First game system was D&D3.5 in my teens, moved to Pathfinder instead of 4e. Been mostly playing RQG since it released, but I want to play a campaign of one of the Year Zero Engine games sometime.
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    Currently GM an RQG game about the Circumnavigation of the Homeward Ocean, play a trickster in an RQG game set around Alone, and play a sorcerer-spy in an RQ3-ish game about classic murderhobos.

    Longest character was a mercenary Knight-Sorcerer in a game based on RQ3 but so heavily homebrewed & houseruled I barely recognize it anymore. It was set in Glorantha, mostly in Lunar territory.
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    Southern Minnesota
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    I'm a freelance writer & editor.

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  1. The Wild Hunt of Gagarth rides forth! I'm delighted to share I've finished edits on my next RuneQuest book: "Howl of the Wild Hunt." Within is included Gagarth's cult spirits, the Clearwine Necropolis adventure site, Chief Colymar's ancestor cult, and more. This anthology will be available in Print on Demand (POD). It collects three adventures never before available in POD: "The Throat of Winter," "Clash with the Quacken," and "The Queen's Star." Remastering the first two will bring their presentation into line with my more recent work. There may be some new art (not sure yet). In total, I expect the anthology to be 150–175 pages. At the moment my remaining work is art direction, graphic design, and layout. It's "Coming Eventually" because I can't yet make a good release estimate. Absolute minimum is a month, "several months" seems probable, and wouldn't be weird if something happened and it took longer. Would y'all like me to release a text-only Beta? I could release a text-only PDF of "Howl" fairly quickly. This will, of course, update to the full PDF when I uploaded the completed book. A Beta PDF this time would probably follow a "pre-order" model, not a discounted "early access." The Beta PDF will contain everything needed to play the "Howl of the Wild Hunt" and to explore Clearwine Necropolis. (I'd include the old PDFs of the other adventures too, so new purchasers have everything before I'm finished with the remaster.) I'm on the fence, and would love to hear your thoughts & feedback. Luparth art is by the magnificent @Lordabdul!
  2. Reddit in general, or the RuneQuest/Glorantha Reddit groups? I don't use much Reddit, but I feel like I've had positive interactions in r/RuneQuest. I can't speak about TTRPG spaces at large on the platform.
  3. Hey all, interested in what the new books look like? I remembered to hit record and tried doing a short unboxing vid (plus a lot more rambling). Includes my cute and slightly obnoxious kitty.
  4. FWIW Facebook is by far the best spot for marketing JC stuff, if you're looking into writing for RuneQuest. There's a significant enough difference in engagement that I do suspect authors who aren't active over there sell noticeably fewer books.
  5. Ditto. Adding new spirit magic spells looks like "I'm going to go seek out a spirit with stuff I don't know about." It's worth noting that creating spirit magic spells is a necessity, per the core rules: Considering none of these spells are in the Red Book of Magic, it's a logical necessity that they'd need to be invented by the gamemaster and/or the players.
  6. Huh, I never thought to compare the two. Thanks! This is interesting and useful information.
  7. And line edits are wrapped up! Now to get all that blue ink into the Word document of my next draft… 😅 Still, working by hand helps me think! Once I've got my third draft collated, my next task is graphic design to prep for art direction and layout. I'm going to be using Affinity Publisher for the first time on this project—finally trying to divest myself of Adobe—so I'm choosing to build a template file from the ground up to help me get to learn the program. The template file ought to be useful for future projects too, of course. (Well, so long as I do it right.)
  8. Yup! One of this work's sections is a bestiary collection (kind of MOTM style) describing luparths, the cult spirits of Gagarth which hunt on the Spirit World's winds. In addition to the adventure I hope that section will be easy to grab and use for GMs as they see fit in their own campaigns. Nah, I'm just teasing the next thing I've got coming along. 🙂 Thanks for offering advice! I've made enough stuff that I do have this handled, but I appreciate the helpful spirit. 😄 As I mentioned in the OP, it's hard to define a timeline until I've completed the edit. After that, the schedule just depends on how busy I am (or am not) with other stuff.
  9. Huh, I like that quite a bit. Intriguing idea.
  10. Thanks for the update MOB. It's much appreciated. For what it's worth, I do hope Chaosium continues to provide target release windows for new books. I hoped to hear information sooner (even just "it's on a boat and out of our control, sorry!"), but I do still like knowing what future releases are intended. Missing the target isn't the end of the world—I feel it's the "not knowing" which causes frustration. Here's hoping everything reaches AU without further issue! 🙂
  11. Hey all, I shared these on social media then realized I should probably share here for those folks who choose to avoid those platforms. 😄 I'm about halfway through line editing my next JC thing. It's tentatively titled Howl of the Wild Hunt. (There may be some additional stuff involved, but I don't want to go further than vague hinting at this point, hah.) A release sometime this summer would be awesome, but right now I can't really estimate how long art direction & graphic design will take.
  12. Don't make me turn this Bat around young man! Of all people, Nick, I figured you'd recognize the splendiferous multitudes of the Goddess's contradictory decrees. 😉 Repent!
  13. Don't tempt me. I don't have the drugs required for THAT sort of pace. 😉 Plus it definitely wouldn't have any art, and I know y'all love art. Me too - making pretty things is very rewarding.
  14. Good way to do it! Thanks for the thoughts + suggestions on the Wolf Pirates. Much appreciated! Will continue to chew on them as we make the crew community.
  15. Very exciting to hear. 😄 This looks like a really excellent book, and I'm looking forward to exploring it. I'm putting together a RuneQuest campaign playing the Wolf Pirates during the circumnavigation of the Homeward Ocean. Do you have any general advice/pointers for playing the Wolf Pirates pre-Dragonrise? I've wandered through the Guide, the Glorantha Sourcebook, and the Ygg cult in the Lightbringers book, so I do own a fair bit of the published information. I admire the attention to detail in your work, which is why I wanted to ask if you had any quick tips. Please don't feel I'm asking you to share large chunks of what's in your book about the Wolf Pirates or anything like that—I can't really afford new gaming stuff right now but once I can Ships & Shores is pretty much at the top of my wishlist. Your writing & research is awesome and I don't want to devalue your work.
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