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    I started playing Stormbringer with my high school friends and the father of a friend in choir. That was over a,decade ago. I have been a player in several years long campaigns, most with RQ2/3 or Stormbringer. I aspire to some day GM well.
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    Currently a player in a fledgling Eleven Lights campaign after retiring from a Traveller/RuneQuest in Spaaaace - Pirates of Drinax campaign.
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    Huge Gloranthaphile. Definitely a power gamer for better or worse.

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  1. The God Learners could literally print magic items like the Second Age was D&D with whole armies having +1 or +2 magical swords and armors. It isn't like mega efficient magical projects haven't been done in Glorantha before. I personally love the feel and flavor of spirits working with craftsmen to create a Masterwork. Sometimes things turn out better than you'd hoped. I would especially encourage players to find exotic materials and magically resonant places to make the greatest works possible. Whole adventures in and of themselves. Then you can add the whole layering of Her
  2. Are there any conditions on the Shamanic Ability Spell Extension The shaman can maintain one spirit magic spell indefinitely in effect per point of Spell Extension. The shaman can drop the extended spell at any time, and recast it when desired. The spell can be dispelled normally, of course. When considering the above situation? We went back and forth with our GM whether we could get the party shaman to buff 4 PCs with semi-permanent Mobility spells during travel, and several other pretty cheeky strategies. Could a party or PC pay a Shaman to cast a spell / b
  3. I was fairly certain that a wordhipper of an enemy god cannot divine intervention inside your holy place. So, an Orlanthi couldn't DI out of a Krarsht Temple and vice versa. Is Sanctify where this special temple holy groubd ability comes from? If so, why would it end after the ceremony, or is it constantly being sanctified somehow?
  4. I had a PC that was offered a reward for exceptional service doing Humakt stuff. The PC ended up contributing 5 or 6 POW, though it may have been upwards of 9 for a big Spirit Magic Matrix. The whole Matrix eventually consisted of Coordination + Mobilitiy + Strength all linked to be cast together with the Link Spell Condition. Effectively turning it into one Big Spirit Spell worth 5 MP that took Dex SR + 4 SR to cast. The entire Enchantment had Linked Spells, and a condition that it could only be used by at least initiates of Humakt. This cost a total of 5 POW in spells, 2 POW in Conditi
  5. No, but how often do you find one is what I am trying to judge. As far as I have seen looking rhrough adventure material and from playing a TON of RQ3, it depends a lot on campaign power level and role play. We ended up swimming in crystals in some cmapaigns that were combat/loot heavy and high power level. When we started lowbie RQ3 characters it would take a long time to get the first few as skills start low, combat is hecka deadly, you have even less equipment/spells. By the end of our most recent RQG campaign of 11 Lights we had approximately 30ish points in stored M
  6. If you've just been stung by a scorpionman, you want Vigor. Boosts your effective CON up in time to resist the poison if you don't happen to have an antidote handy. I had not considered use against chaotics and their poisons/diseases. That is actually a really useful point. Also 3 total hp is enough to go up a point in each location, which adds at least another 3 points for a maiming/limbing, not much but, it helps especially at low levels of power. I just cannot see what they would be mutually exclusive. Oh well, one less buff you gotta cast, I guess!
  7. Is this a return to classic RQ2 or something? Why would strength and vigor be the only two of the stat spells that are incompatible? Vigor is straight gargage if they are mutually exclusive.
  8. The 2 minute duration is most difficult to work with for spells like Vigor and Strength, IMO. They sorta feel right on the cusp of being valuable enough to cast. Protection 4/6 and Bladesharp 4/6 or fireblade are almost always worth getting up if you can get the time before engaging. Strength, Vigor, Coordination, and Mobility are really good but, casting them all separately takes way too long to be viable unless you have support casters or allied spirits or you invest in RP or POW for enchantments. If you "fully buffed" one weapon buff (Bladesharp, Bludgeon, or Fireblad), a defensive spell (
  9. I was talking about using multispell to generally increase spell throughput per round/unit of time. It definitely will allow you to cast a ton more spells for the encounter. As far as the enchantment it was a single item, a set of Iron Segmented Plates worn by the Humakti. He had contributed most of the POW for the individual enchantments and a lot of the value of the object was from a big reward. Anyway, we used the Link Spell cindition from page 250 of the core rules to link the matrices for Strength, Coordination, and Mobility. This would allow him to cast all three at the same
  10. We played a combat-heavy RQ3 game, and then a combat-heavy-ish RQG game. It's pretty impactful. At the old 5min duration, you could stack a bunch of spells, and then jump into the fight. With 2min - ten melee rounds - you can't really cast more than two buffs before initiating a fight. If you try casting, for example, Strength, Protection, and Bladesharp, you may already be down to half duration remaining by the time you take your first sword-swing. I don't know if I'd assign a value-judgement to this change. But it does cause a difference in how my players tactically approach comba
  11. I had no idea the Gods and Godesses books would be quite that extensive. Even more excited for them now!
  12. These are the vital crunchy details that would make running a Hero Quest much less of an ordeal for new players and GMs. I have just started trying to GM my own games for friends after being a player for over a decade. I thought it would be super easy and I knew a ton about Glorantha amd RQ. This is false. Trying to just find stories about gods is hard, much less trying to turn them into something of a gameable adventure. Even just taking one of the already published Quests out of owned material and showing how they would play it would go a helluva long way. I don't really h
  13. The well of daliath link states that you HAVE to buy all the levels of spells, or is that just for the pricing? I find this incredibly confusing. Why do I have to go to a website tonfigure out rules that were literally never printed. Is there any indication in the actual rulebook that you have to pay for each level of spell separately?
  14. There is literally 0 indication in the core rulebook that there is such a complicated interaction with the learning of spirit magic. How does a 6 point spell cost 6 weeks and a Noble's ransom? You literally can't even be a useful member of society.
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