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    I started playing Stormbringer with my high school friends and the father of a friend in choir. That was over a,decade ago. I have been a player in several years long campaigns, most with RQ2/3 or Stormbringer. I aspire to some day GM well.
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    Currently a player in a fledgling Eleven Lights campaign after retiring from a Traveller/RuneQuest in Spaaaace - Pirates of Drinax campaign.
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    Huge Gloranthaphile. Definitely a power gamer for better or worse.

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  1. We have always played the Fireblade can impale and crit, it specifically states it replaces the regular blade damage with fire damage instead, so we treated just like a regular bladed weapon except now it was doing 3d6 base damage. This is one of the main reasons our campaign had a very healthy respect for Humakti Durulz dual wielding short swords or even daggers. It doesn't really matter if the Duck has no damage bonus or even -1d4 when they are swinging for 3d6, impaling or slashing for 6d6, and critical striking for 36!
  2. This is certainly the way we have played it with Swords of Humakt and such.
  3. If you are interested in emulating some of the powers a D&D Druid can put together I would look towards multiple spirit cults. A shaman has the flexibility to found/follow many spirit cults. I don't see any reason a Daka Fal, or any flavor of Shaman couldn't worship many nature spirits and elemental spirit cults.
  4. I did not know that Zzabur showed up in Arcane Lore. I think i just picked that one up. I will have to look through it. Middle Sea Empire I have never seen. Gotta go get the rest of the Stafford Library. Yeah, causality during the God Time is pluralistic, as it were. Zzabur is probably right in that he did it. He would, however, be wrong if he claimed that others didn't do it. This was pretty much my line of thought. He, Zzabur likes to talk a big game and take a helluva lot of credit. I also figure the Brithini and Malkioni in general are going
  5. I have been reading through the Guide and fell into a Rabbit Hole. I have been trying to get a little bit better understanding of the Malkioni view on the Gods War. From what I have found it sounds like Zzabur attributes to himself almost every world changing event during the Gods War. He shattered Glorantha/the Spike, wove the Web, and a bunch more stuff. I am trying to reconcile how these views fit together. I don't prescribe to a mono-mythic interpretation of Gloranthan lore. I think there is plenty of room for EVERYONE to be right. Any places to look for more info
  6. It depends on what the sources say. Which sources? If it's an Orlanthi Ring there are numerous options. For example in an orlanthi worship ceremony, the ancestors get attention as well as the gods. They could just appear in a sacred space. I wouldn't always assume there is a RQ rule to cover this. Other options could be summon cult spirit. Orlanthi shaman are uncommon, so IMO it's unlikely that's what they are doing. How is any of that represented in the new RQ:G material? Daka Fal is Ancestor Worship, from a mechanical standpoint whatever you call the dude asking the old dead people
  7. From what I understand Daka Fal is Ancestor Worship. When sources talk about the Clan Ring calling the Ancesrors to ask what they think about a thing, that is a Daka Fal shaman they are bringing in/utilizing right?
  8. I don't even know how I would really compare rhe effectiveness of old Armoring Enchantment within its Rules Structure to the new rules. Spirit Armor Enchant exists, so getting armor that can scale is reasonable, we know lots of Gloranthans want to avoid death and work hard at it. With RQ:G and super accessible and flexible Rune Magic, isn't spending whatever POW you would spend on individual Armoring Enchantments better spent building a Big Ol' Shield Matrix Size X? You could even get fancy and link it with Extension 5. You could get at least 5 Professional Warriors in Full-Time X•2
  9. I onow of a HeroQuest in Prax that our group uses to cleanse chaos features. The cleansed ones quest from the rq2 Prax material. Can't remember which book it first showed up in.
  10. Don't forget built in Spell Barrage and likely Multispell Rune Magic. Might hit a whole boatload of targets at once too! Put the Wolf Pirates to sleep when they show up to raid.
  11. This has been our solution. Dark Trolls are devastating with a sling, which feels just right. Also, our GM once had a giant slinging boulders for fun. Because Glorantha is amazing.
  12. I raised this way back and Jason felt that giving slings Damage bonus seemed odd, and that 1d8 damage makes up for it. Given that few people wear plate and just how ridiculously cheap slings are, I feel that they work well as a primitive weapon. This has been a weird little RQ artifact that has niggled me for a while. In real life a sling is an absolutely devastating weapon that can rival the destructive force of a firearm if used properly. I don't know how to translate that into Glorantha without breaking all of the things so I just let adventurers do at least half their Damage Bon
  13. I really appreciate you gathering all of hese wonderful details from the FB page. Some of this is info I have seen scattered about in older documents. Lots of really good leads and ideas for how to start HQing.
  14. In our Glorantha only Intelligent animals, like those with spirits or awakened intelligence can use their natural weapons to parry. Lots of Chaos Monsters happen to be at least as intelligent as average people so they tend to be able to parry as well. A regular Bear wouldn't parry but, if you are fighting an Allied Spirit or on a HeroQuest that Bear could be WAY more than you bargained for.
  15. How does Boon of Kargan Tor cast on an arrow interact with Multimissile? It sounds like an awesome way to make a Bronze Age 12 Gauge. 1d8+1+2d6 is a lot of damage at range, multiply it by 4 or 6 and even big stuff goes down hard.
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