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    I started playing Stormbringer with my high school friends and the father of a friend in choir. That was over a,decade ago. I have been a player in several years long campaigns, most with RQ2/3 or Stormbringer. I aspire to some day GM well.
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    Currently a player in a fledgling Eleven Lights campaign after retiring from a Traveller/RuneQuest in Spaaaace - Pirates of Drinax campaign.
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    Huge Gloranthaphile. Definitely a power gamer for better or worse.

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  1. So if the summon gets out of the gem and sees a bunch of chaos monsters there is nothing else to say. Got it This is how we have been playing it in our most recent RQG campaign. The Ernaldan has saved the day at least twice with double castings of Summon Earth Elemental III. Once against a pair of Jack'O'Bears and again against Undead in the Rubble. The GM basically ruled that the targets were definitely and unmistakably Bad as far as the Earth Elementals were concerned, so they just went right in and started grinding them up! 2 or 3d6 to EVERY hit location is freaking awesome!
  2. I know of at least one duel in canon where a Humakti used a fire elemental and though some in the crowd thought it bad form she definitely won the duel. We have always played the Humakti being the most uptight about honour and following rules in duels than other cults, at least on our Glorantha. Unless the two Orlanthi established some ground rules and didn't just shout challenges and start hurling lightning then all is fair, IMO.
  3. In our Glorantha every kind of magic EXCEPT the weird, alien, and vile Sorcery has a visible effect. This is one of the main reasons sorcery is mega spooky for the Orlanthi and others. Exceptions would be spells which mention being secret. Can't remember off the top of my head.
  4. Lightning also has unique utility in that it can destroy or ignite stuff instantly. If you disarm a baddie or are racing for the McGuffin or need to clear out a barn you can solve all of those with a single point of lightning. Maybe a couple to destroy or damage an item depending on whether it is equipment or jewelry. Our recent skirmishes with Lunar have well illustrated how powerful Mindblast is in comparison to Lightning in terms of directly removing an enemy threat. Lightning has to be used creatively to have the same level of effectiveness per point, IMO.
  5. I would agree with your assessment...except blowing everything on one shot in combat is a good way to end up dead. Adventurers in RQ:G don't seem to be incompetent, anything but in my opinion. Also one of the rules of gunfights...tracers work both ways. You shoot a bolt of lightning you just made yourself the biggest target on the battlefield. This is where the actual universe of Gporantha steps in rather than the RQ rules, setting itself apart from some other systems. An NPC, for most intents and purposes, cannot know how much RP are left in your tank. And if played appropriately s
  6. Also, Lightning or Thunderbolt can lay waste to Spirits or other exceptionally difficult to engage targets. I would agree it is one of the least efficient choices to use Orlanth RP on but, it can DEFINITELY save the day.
  7. Also, combining Multispell or the shaman ability to Multi-cast Spirit magic makes it a pretty good option for a support caster type. This works even better if they are Fanatical or Berserk, so they do less damage on their mandatory attacks and you still get to hit with no parry/dodge or at most half dodge.
  8. I don't think so. Check my recent Q&A questions, and David's answers (for example, this). Either way, the OP is about Spell Matrices. I think that one point of Spell Matrices is to free up CHA: you spend a POW or two to store a "secondary spell" so you free up space for getting bigger versions of your most often used spells. You don't even have to spend all the POW yourself, you can collaborate with other PCs or with some temple priest NPC with which you have a strong enough Loyalty or Devotion. Another point of Spell Matrices is what @Kloster mentioned: build up, over time or i
  9. You go to 10+ when using conditions, linked spells and magic point storage. That allows for effect you can't have without doing it. In the case I have described, for 15 POW, you have a sword that casts instantly and without roll Bladesharp 4, Strength 3 and Coordination 3 when you decide it, and the magic points are already stored for 2 uses. You just have to refill when needed. When casting the spells, you need 10 SR if the matrix are linked, 3 rounds if you know the spells ore the matrix are not linked. Kloster's point is really what made us consider it. With CHA limiting RP you ca
  10. I am not sure how different GMs play bounc spirits. According to a rather strict reading of the rules as written getting a bound spirit to cast a single spell could take up to a round or two. You first have to cast a command spell at the spirit in the binding and direct it to go about casting spells. Once it leaves the binding to see stuff then it is completely open to being messed with by opposing magicians. Maybe even getting jacked by a shaman. You then would spend your time and concentration directiong the spirit to buff you or others. The exception in our Glorantha are Allied spirits whic
  11. The God Learners could literally print magic items like the Second Age was D&D with whole armies having +1 or +2 magical swords and armors. It isn't like mega efficient magical projects haven't been done in Glorantha before. I personally love the feel and flavor of spirits working with craftsmen to create a Masterwork. Sometimes things turn out better than you'd hoped. I would especially encourage players to find exotic materials and magically resonant places to make the greatest works possible. Whole adventures in and of themselves. Then you can add the whole layering of Her
  12. I was fairly certain that a wordhipper of an enemy god cannot divine intervention inside your holy place. So, an Orlanthi couldn't DI out of a Krarsht Temple and vice versa. Is Sanctify where this special temple holy groubd ability comes from? If so, why would it end after the ceremony, or is it constantly being sanctified somehow?
  13. I had a PC that was offered a reward for exceptional service doing Humakt stuff. The PC ended up contributing 5 or 6 POW, though it may have been upwards of 9 for a big Spirit Magic Matrix. The whole Matrix eventually consisted of Coordination + Mobilitiy + Strength all linked to be cast together with the Link Spell Condition. Effectively turning it into one Big Spirit Spell worth 5 MP that took Dex SR + 4 SR to cast. The entire Enchantment had Linked Spells, and a condition that it could only be used by at least initiates of Humakt. This cost a total of 5 POW in spells, 2 POW in Conditi
  14. No, but how often do you find one is what I am trying to judge. As far as I have seen looking rhrough adventure material and from playing a TON of RQ3, it depends a lot on campaign power level and role play. We ended up swimming in crystals in some cmapaigns that were combat/loot heavy and high power level. When we started lowbie RQ3 characters it would take a long time to get the first few as skills start low, combat is hecka deadly, you have even less equipment/spells. By the end of our most recent RQG campaign of 11 Lights we had approximately 30ish points in stored M
  15. If you've just been stung by a scorpionman, you want Vigor. Boosts your effective CON up in time to resist the poison if you don't happen to have an antidote handy. I had not considered use against chaotics and their poisons/diseases. That is actually a really useful point. Also 3 total hp is enough to go up a point in each location, which adds at least another 3 points for a maiming/limbing, not much but, it helps especially at low levels of power. I just cannot see what they would be mutually exclusive. Oh well, one less buff you gotta cast, I guess!
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