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    I started playing Stormbringer with my high school friends and the father of a friend in choir. That was over a,decade ago. I have been a player in several years long campaigns, most with RQ2/3 or Stormbringer. I aspire to some day GM well.
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    Currently a player in a fledgling Eleven Lights campaign after retiring from a Traveller/RuneQuest in Spaaaace - Pirates of Drinax campaign.
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    Huge Gloranthaphile. Definitely a power gamer for better or worse.

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  1. I am picking up what you are putting down now. I did see the cool Gray Box text in RQ:G that outlines some of the ritual greetings, challenges, and riddlings that an Orlanthi would engage in with different cultists he might meet on the road. I REALLY hope there is more of that in the God and Goddesses book. I think it adds so much depth and texture to the cult relationships.
  2. I have been playing in Glorantha for years and have never heard anything about illumination from Orlanthi and Yelmalions interacting. Where can I read more about this?
  3. So, with the RAW rules for wyters an Orlanthi clan leader, High Priest, or other wyter connected individual can Teleport community members or Guided Teleportation them, depending on how you rule stuff, with pretty incredible efficiency. A wyter can be left at home and is mentally connected to the high priest like an allied spirit, meaning it can be used to 'sight in' a teleport as far as I can tell in the RAW. One of our favorites in Orlanthi parties has always been binding a large-ish air elemental for each party member, or at least enough SIZ and STR to carry all of the party members and equipment, hopefully with some extra for loot. A Binding is great as you can always target it with a simple Control Spell and have it carry you to a destination. Even if you lose the spell it will follow its last command as far as our Glorantha, so it should get you there even if it leaves afterward.
  4. Our shaman has 5 Spell Extension Slots, so he can cover all of our mounts with Mobility for as long as he wishes. It gets us out of danger and into dungeons relatively quickly!
  5. I dunno... I tend to play Humakti because I LOVE to roll a ton of dice and hit stuff real real hard. I would suggest if someone wants to play a BADASS front-line fighter they go for a Human Humakti/Babeester Gor or a Troll from a number of martial cults. Ducks live in Dragon Pass. They fight the undead in the swamps constantly and hold their own against their Orlanthi neighbors and rivals in both cattle raids and battle engagements. Just because ducks are not as great at taking a hit directly or they might deal a d6 less damage than a human they can still fling lightning at dudes, they can still Truesword, berserk, or any of the other tools available to the Orlanthi and the Lightbringers. A Duck Trickster with Strike fucks just about ANYONE up. Not to mention Shattering is freaking amazing. With Multispell back, I played RQ3, a duck posse can all multispell 3 and diruption a squad for 3d3 a piece. Literally shotgun people to death with spirit lasers from the bushes or the swamps. Just gotta get creative if you are a small scrappy duck. It isn't the stroll in and smack stuff of the bigger, smashier races and their Rune-Lords.
  6. In our campaigns we have had some pretty succesful ducks. There are options on the world of Glorantha for almost every race to find ways to really shine. A Duck Rune-Lord can be kitted in pieces of iron for weaponry but, they can also probably wear Aluminum Armor which would make swimming not a problem at all. Most of the actual AP value in later fights is made up of Magical protection. Even wearing as much Iron armor as a Human Humakti can strap on they can only get to about 10-12/13 depending on how you read the armor stacking rules and how much ENC they can carry. Ducks are best suited to being sneaks, thieves, priests, stuff not quite as much on the front-lines like Bill said. We have had success with dual wielding Humakti Death Ducks before though. Literally a whole group of them. Though such groups tend to have a 'Shelf Life' so to speak.
  7. We have always played that a shaman can attune a crystal and his fetch can attune one too, since RQ3. It was one of the cooler side benefits of shamanhood. I have no idea if that is supported by the RAW or anything.
  8. Does possession by an animal spirit transform your body into that animal? Some form of cooperative possession might accomplish reasonably frequent and co,trollable transformations with rune spells for emergency or more powerful transformations.
  9. https://www.glorantha.com/docs/heroquest-voices/ This is my favorite example to use to explain to prospective players how the different cultures see themselves and their place in the world. I think some things are technically no longer canonical but, I am not nearly Grognard enough to tell you what's what on that front.
  10. Thank you, Jeff. I am sort of ambivalent about the new HP calculation system. I spent a long time playing RQ3, so I am fairly biased towards that calculation. We also had access to Strengthening and Armoring Enchantments in the basic rules in RQ3. The Core Rules for RQ:G suggest we are going to get them or something to replace them in the coming GM Guide. The toughest part of the flattened HP Curves for creatures and Humans alike is that damage numbers haven't changed at all really. Our Humakti PC is nearly always lethal if his sword connects to a target, regardless of parry. 4d8 (8d8 special) + 2d6 + 2d6 (Boon of Kargan Tor) + 8 (Bladesharp 8 ) = 40 average damage on a normal hit. Same Humakti PC has 19 HP after training CON for several seasons. He now has 17 CON and 17 SIZ. Granted ExampleHumakti.JPEG has as much iron armor and padding as he can physically strap to himself and carry. It only gets him to 12 AP Chest, 13 AP abdomen, and 10 AP everywhere else, according to how our GM reads the armor layering rules and ENC and stuff. With magic he can get a good grip more AP for a little while. Still. Cuts himself completely in half should he fumble and hit self. LOL. We have already seen him cut the shaman in half three different times because of accidental Fumbles. He NEVER stands near the Humakti anymore.
  11. Sorcery ALWAYS takes a full round plus 2 strike ranks per,MP. It is literally impossible to use a sorcery spell in the same round as ANY other spell pretty much, unless you end the sorcery really early in a round and could maybe squeeze in a quick spirit spell.
  12. Does anyone have more information on the Temple of the Wooden Sword? My Google-Fu is apparently lacking severely when it comes to finding anything other than, it is a thing. I know there was some writeup in a fanzine but, I wouldn't know where to even start looking for an old magazine.
  13. Truesword doubles damage of the weapon. It does this BEFORE penetrating armor, unlike the Humakti Gifts. My Truesword Humakti swings a greatsword for 4d8+2d6 on a normal hit, 8d8+2d6 on a special, 64+2d6 on a crit.
  14. Upon defeating any spirit in spirit combat a PC may have them teach one spell. Still in the rules in RQG. It is why I have some questions about spirit magic and its intended rarity, especially as spells get higher levels. Can I just keep summoning or searching for a kind of spirit with Bladesharp til I get a Bladesharp 10 or 12?
  15. The Rune-Lord was carrying something to get themselves to that level of experience. I know my Humakti still has his heavily enchanted Bronze Broadsword on him all the time, even just for status and magic.
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