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    I started playing Stormbringer with my high school friends and the father of a friend in choir. That was over a,decade ago. I have been a player in several years long campaigns, most with RQ2/3 or Stormbringer. I aspire to some day GM well.
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    Currently a player in a fledgling Eleven Lights campaign after retiring from a Traveller/RuneQuest in Spaaaace - Pirates of Drinax campaign.
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    Huge Gloranthaphile. Definitely a power gamer for better or worse.

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  1. I onow of a HeroQuest in Prax that our group uses to cleanse chaos features. The cleansed ones quest from the rq2 Prax material. Can't remember which book it first showed up in.
  2. Don't forget built in Spell Barrage and likely Multispell Rune Magic. Might hit a whole boatload of targets at once too! Put the Wolf Pirates to sleep when they show up to raid.
  3. This has been our solution. Dark Trolls are devastating with a sling, which feels just right. Also, our GM once had a giant slinging boulders for fun. Because Glorantha is amazing.
  4. I raised this way back and Jason felt that giving slings Damage bonus seemed odd, and that 1d8 damage makes up for it. Given that few people wear plate and just how ridiculously cheap slings are, I feel that they work well as a primitive weapon. This has been a weird little RQ artifact that has niggled me for a while. In real life a sling is an absolutely devastating weapon that can rival the destructive force of a firearm if used properly. I don't know how to translate that into Glorantha without breaking all of the things so I just let adventurers do at least half their Damage Bonus with a sling. It helps make up for its lack of penetrating power. Then it also makes crush make sense with sling stones.
  5. I really appreciate you gathering all of hese wonderful details from the FB page. Some of this is info I have seen scattered about in older documents. Lots of really good leads and ideas for how to start HQing.
  6. In our Glorantha only Intelligent animals, like those with spirits or awakened intelligence can use their natural weapons to parry. Lots of Chaos Monsters happen to be at least as intelligent as average people so they tend to be able to parry as well. A regular Bear wouldn't parry but, if you are fighting an Allied Spirit or on a HeroQuest that Bear could be WAY more than you bargained for.
  7. How does Boon of Kargan Tor cast on an arrow interact with Multimissile? It sounds like an awesome way to make a Bronze Age 12 Gauge. 1d8+1+2d6 is a lot of damage at range, multiply it by 4 or 6 and even big stuff goes down hard.
  8. This seems to say differently, as well as imply that inscriptions function like normal enchantments aside from the restrictions. This does open the door to PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER level shenanigans in the Hero Wars. Argrath and the other Heroes end up pulling off some crazy stuff by bringing different magics together and being mega munchkins.
  9. The enchanter, who must know the spell, must sacrifice 1 point of POW to create the inscription. For each point of POW added to the inscription, the base strength, range, or duration of the spell is increased by 1, without requiring any manipulation by the sorcerer. This enables the sorcerer to create spells with a greater intensity than their Free INT would allow.Once inscribed, the sorcerer may cast the spell at their normal skill in that spell. Only the sorcerer may use the inscribed item to cast the spell.
  10. Their fetch is in the mundane world guarding their body while they are discorporate. Fetch and Discorporation The fetch inhabits and protects the shaman’s body as the shaman goes into the Spirit World to find spirits to bind or control. When the shaman discorporates, their Fetch becomes visible in spirit form in the Mundane World and inhabits and protects the body awaiting the re-emergence... The fetch is in constant communication with the shaman’s spirit in the Spirit World... pg 356 core rules.
  11. Shaman have automatic Second Sight as well as being able to see both worlds at all times due to their fetch residing in the Spirit World. Pg. 355-356 Core Rules Through their relationship with the fetch, a shaman lives in and is aware of both the Middle World and the Spirit World at the same time. Both worlds impinge on them. This duality is both a blessing and a curse. When the shaman is wholly present on this plane (i.e., not discorpo-rate), the fetch is present in both worlds, and the fetch and the shaman are fully aware of everything the other is doing.
  12. It's been clarified that you get the POW not from defeating Disease Spirits in general, but from being possessed by one and managing to evict it This actually makes a ton more sense. The 1d3 POW drain from defeating a disease spirit was pretty bonkers even for my munchkin-loving butt.
  13. Spell inscription was used to free up all Free INT. Had all my spells inscribed by the end of the first year, was down at 8 POW though. Stacked a few points of Duration on the Boon of Kargan Tor inscription, so it is always at least duration +3 without any manipulation.
  14. Even without checking every spell that way you can still check at least 4 a season for job related activities. Sorcerers are rad!
  15. You can start a RAW LM philosopher with Death and Summon no problem. Depending on how the GM feels you can start with Boon of KT or learn it/invent it yourself. My LM PC started with INT 17 and inscribed 4 duration on the Boon spell. With Enhance INT it is REALLY easy to get to 22 -24 INT deoending on stats, especially if you only need 24 INT for the 20 minutes required to cast the big spell. Every day you get all your MP back, especially if you know a shaman or someone that can fill crystals and enchantment with spirits. Literally RAW allows you to pick spells and techniques from philosopher. This is the munchkinnery thread after all. I actually rolled up this PC and played it 8 years of game time, I had the Boon of KT up to 3d6 for 1 year when the campaign broke down. Philosophers can be found in urban centers throughout Dragon Pass, seeking to understand the cosmos through abstract reasoning. Many wander from city to city, supporting themselves through teaching. Philosophers learn sorcery, and start having mastered the understanding of one Rune and one technique (see the Sorcery chapter). They also start with three sorcery spells. There doesn't appear to be any limit on what philosophers can start play knowing. There is also nothing prohibiting you from putting your Personal Skill Bonuses into even MORE new spells. Remember by RAW, "If the roll fails, then only 1 magic point is lost and the spell has no effect." There is nothing keeping PCs from trying to recast a spell as many times as they want on a day not adventuring. Even starting percentages as low as 25% can allow you to mark every spell every season and have them all up all the time. I am not saying this is bad, I freaking LOVE it.
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