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    I started playing Stormbringer with my high school friends and the father of a friend in choir. That was over a,decade ago. I have been a player in several years long campaigns, most with RQ2/3 or Stormbringer. I aspire to some day GM well.
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    Currently a player in a fledgling Eleven Lights campaign after retiring from a Traveller/RuneQuest in Spaaaace - Pirates of Drinax campaign.
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    Huge Gloranthaphile. Definitely a power gamer for better or worse.

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  1. I managed to screenshot the entire open document with the map up and cut out the rest of it to throw up on Roll20 for today. It works well enough.
  2. The Stone and Bone PDF version I have has restrictions making it so you cannot extract from the document. Which makes it so you cannot copy the map at all. I am playing on Roll20, so I don't really have another way of sharing the map with the players without sending them the whole pdf and spoiling it or something.
  3. I think, like ducks, it might be a rather fantastical element of Glorantha. There are giant beetles you can ride. Some stuff is just Magic.
  4. I tried that, it copied only a completely black square. I figured it might be some sort of watermark or something? I dunno. I have used the trick to extract maps from lots of older pdfs and stuff.
  5. I not sure where to ask but, is there a way to extract the map from the PDF for Stone and Bone? I am trying to put it up on Roll20 for play.
  6. I am currently running my first RQ campaign using mostly RQ:G RAW. Been playing for a while but, taking on some GMing for a change. We have played a lot of rhe older adventures in several different campaigns but, I couldnt get enough material together to have an easy campaign or sandbox come together. I am currently using 1610s Pavis, 1613-15ish right now. If we had HeroQuesting resources and a sandbox, though I can adapt the ones that exist like Griffin Mountain or Big Rubble or whatnot, then I would feel much more comfortable trying to get PCs into the real meat of the Hero Wars. Starting in 1613 or so gives me some time for hem to get established, throw a bunch of This-World HQs at them mixed in with adventures while they get awesome and hopefully we get some rules for making HeroeQuestors!
  7. I really like the way that Simple version of the Gurps rule looks in the graphs. I think I will propose it to my group and see if we want to play around with it as skills increase above 100%. Does the graph change drastically for the Simple G rules if you only use them above 100% instead of 80%? I am thinking of 100% being easy to remember, maybe 90% as we all played a lot of RQ3 and Stormbringer so that is where we situate weapon Mastery intuitively.
  8. These are beautiful and incredibly handy. Excellent work!
  9. We have a weird crew. The Troll Black Fang 'Secret Shaman' Zorak Zorani is probably going to fall in love with Geiron. Or try and eat it. We will see. Elephants make Big Smashy. Gonna run the Paps scene to introduce him and see how they engage with the Moving Mountain.
  10. I just picked this up through Drive Thru RPG and I am absolutely loving it! It has some great seeds for adventures and a wonderfully woven story of why he exists and what he does. I am definitely going to use him at least once in the Pavis/Prax campaign we are playing.
  11. I tend to agree. It also depends on how you see your Glorantha. In our Glorantha people are regularly superhuman. I tend to think of movie, comic, or anime fight scenes when narrating combat for the party. It may not be everyone's flavor but, I FREAKING LOVE parrying a Dinosaur with a greatsword or whatever. Hopefully they roll a lucky crit parry and limb him to boot! I mean Humakt fights EVERYTHING. Hopefully as we move forward we can get solid rules that can guide PCs toward tangling with the awesome stuff Glorantha has on the table, like Dinosaurs that do 14d6, which would be known as Stormbringer level damage at our table, as the GM scooped a handful of dice.
  12. I think this is where some form of HeroQuest Ability, Strengthening Enchantment, or other form of Leveling-Up, so to speak, is going to come in with the GM Guide. I could see the above being much more reasonable if the guys on the path to Rune-Lord have picked up an extra couple d6 Total HP, or maybe they make POW add straight to HP like CON, or some other way of increasing the survivability of PCs and NPCs. Either with Enchantments mixing into the POW economy or with Blessings/Spirit Pacts/Some Wizard Term for getting more Heroic/God-like durability from the Otherworld.
  13. It is one of the few things I can think of that would stop someone magical from magic-ing.
  14. Would connecting prisoners with lengths of unenchanted iron provide enough antimagic potential to keep them relatively seperated from their magical resources? At least applicable to Mostali prisoner keeping.
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