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    I started playing Stormbringer with my high school friends and the father of a friend in choir. That was over a,decade ago. I have been a player in several years long campaigns, most with RQ2/3 or Stormbringer. I aspire to some day GM well.
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    Currently a player in a fledgling Eleven Lights campaign after retiring from a Traveller/RuneQuest in Spaaaace - Pirates of Drinax campaign.
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    Huge Gloranthaphile. Definitely a power gamer for better or worse.

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  1. I know. I was hinting at my cheatass tactics, not yours. 😉 This is why we have Players roll 4d6, ignore the lowest and reroll 1s. SIZ and INT are 3d6, lowest roll becomes a 6. We wanna play budding heroes most of the time. Not wee babies spending seasons and thousands of lunars on getting solid stats where you need them. A potential Rune-Lord that rolls 8 CHA has a helluva slog to get +10 CHA.
  2. Couldn't the Orlanth Thunderous Initiate also be a member of Odayla? Or vice versa? It is a FANTASTIC spell to "splash for" if you are munchkin-ly inclined.
  3. I am not sure if our campaigns were unusually high powered but, a Shield 3 or 4 and a Protection 6 with as much Iron Armor as a SIZ 10 frame can slap on was enough for my main PC to get slapped around the battlefield pretty often and only lose a limb every few seasons. The allied spirit and lots of healing spells make a big difference, thank the Gods for Heal Body. Lol. Our campaign also used Strengthening Enchantments but, they were given out as blessings from heroquests or you got a single one for becoming a Rune-Level. We didn't use them as enchantments after the first campaign we ever ran quickly scaled too far too fast.
  4. Would that mean a Humakti maxes out at like 9 Rune Points because Humakt just doesn't have any more spells? In our last campaign the GM has allowed PCs to sacrifice further POW for RP even if there weren't any new spells to gain from your God, or the shrine, Sanctified Spot, or whatever. My PC sacced 3 POW at a Shrine to get just RP when there wasn't a Humakti holy day for a loooong time.
  5. Severed and Maimed Limbs Only a 6-point Heal spell (or its equivalent, such as Heal Wound stacked with 6 magic points) applied within ten minutes can restore a severed limb, assuming all parts are available. RQG p.149
  6. We have used a lot of both Rune and Spirit magic. I prioritize filling out the CHA limit of almost all the party members with a useful array of spirit magic as soon as it can be afforded. The Ernaldan Noble party leader has Heal 6 and just found a Healing Focusing 2 crystal. She spends most of her time slinging Heal 4+2 around to slap limbs back on or casting Protection and buff spells like Strength. Like WindChild said above, as we have a fairly experienced crew of players they are a pretty good judge of lethality, so the random encounters often only involve spirit magic and mounted charges or some skirmishing with missiles then into melee. Big encounters against NPCs or Rune-Lords or Elder Races often onvolve bringing out Rune Points and trying to conceive more elaborate plans for attack or defense. Often taking much longer to plan than to actually execute. So many anticlimaxes from a lucky 01 after an hour of planning a perfect defense. *sigh*
  7. Gods damn it. Now I need an outcast group of yelmalions with Battle Yo-Yos...
  8. Except that quicker strikes with magically enhanced weapons leads to higher damage - Although RAW doesn't allow for this 😞 There should be a mechanic for short, quick repetitive thrusts. And when there is, those 1D4 +4 (Bladesharp) thrusts 3 or 4 times in a couple of seconds are going to be nasty. It has been discussed in other threads before but, because of the way RQ uses AP and the way damage scales often times Big Swings are much more effective at bringing down both Men and Beasts, with or without badass magic and/or equipment. This is one area I really hope we can get some optional more crunchy rules in the GM book or a Jonstown publication. Things like a flurry of blows from an opponent with a dagger that closes on the Greatsword bearing Sword of Humakt. Rather than just trading Attack rolls once or MAYBE twice a round until the skill levels get really high. I would like to see a good reason for the Sword to switch to Daggering with the closed opponent, turning the fray into a storm of blades between the foes. I also REALLY loved the incidental knockback rules from RQ3, we still use them for Huge Swings that connect with PCs or Foes. It is just WAY TOO MUCH FUN, for enemies/allies to get knocked around battlefields, into cavern walls, off boats, or through ruined walls. Some of our most cinematic encounters came from incredible Parried Crits that sent a PC and his limb hurtling across the battlefield on a HeroQuest or epic encounter.
  9. Yelmalio was both a Rider and a stalwart defender with Pike and Shield? Does the modern Yelmalio cult still use cavalry/mounter archers?
  10. In our last campaign we absolutely allowed casting Earth Shield on the Blessed Champion. We figured it is the RuneSpell from Arming of Orlanth. Ernalda Giving him the Unbreakable Shield is a whole part of that right?
  11. So if the summon gets out of the gem and sees a bunch of chaos monsters there is nothing else to say. Got it This is how we have been playing it in our most recent RQG campaign. The Ernaldan has saved the day at least twice with double castings of Summon Earth Elemental III. Once against a pair of Jack'O'Bears and again against Undead in the Rubble. The GM basically ruled that the targets were definitely and unmistakably Bad as far as the Earth Elementals were concerned, so they just went right in and started grinding them up! 2 or 3d6 to EVERY hit location is freaking awesome!
  12. I know of at least one duel in canon where a Humakti used a fire elemental and though some in the crowd thought it bad form she definitely won the duel. We have always played the Humakti being the most uptight about honour and following rules in duels than other cults, at least on our Glorantha. Unless the two Orlanthi established some ground rules and didn't just shout challenges and start hurling lightning then all is fair, IMO.
  13. In our Glorantha every kind of magic EXCEPT the weird, alien, and vile Sorcery has a visible effect. This is one of the main reasons sorcery is mega spooky for the Orlanthi and others. Exceptions would be spells which mention being secret. Can't remember off the top of my head.
  14. Lightning also has unique utility in that it can destroy or ignite stuff instantly. If you disarm a baddie or are racing for the McGuffin or need to clear out a barn you can solve all of those with a single point of lightning. Maybe a couple to destroy or damage an item depending on whether it is equipment or jewelry. Our recent skirmishes with Lunar have well illustrated how powerful Mindblast is in comparison to Lightning in terms of directly removing an enemy threat. Lightning has to be used creatively to have the same level of effectiveness per point, IMO.
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