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    I started playing Stormbringer with my high school friends and the father of a friend in choir. That was over a,decade ago. I have been a player in several years long campaigns, most with RQ2/3 or Stormbringer. I aspire to some day GM well.
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    Currently a player in a fledgling Eleven Lights campaign after retiring from a Traveller/RuneQuest in Spaaaace - Pirates of Drinax campaign.
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    Huge Gloranthaphile. Definitely a power gamer for better or worse.

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  1. I think +50% ap is pretty good from enchanted iron. We have always played with both enchanted and unenchanted iron hurting spirits, werewolves, elementals, and stuff. The Antimagic properties of unenchanted Iron are based ENC wielded/worn, so you can't get it too crazy high even covered in the stuff. -60% for a whole suit, which is 12 ENC at 5% per ENC, still only 6 AP too. Some species/cults like Enchanted Copper as it gives half ENC but only one less AP than Bronze, which makes it possible fo elves or ducks to wear plates over the important bits. As well as weapons of enchanted copper being SUPER shatter resistant.
  2. Bless woad would be stacked with all available Rune Points for maximum munchkinnery, theoretically up to 21 without Heroquesting or other magical shenanigans.
  3. I like this interpretation as a hardcore munchkin but, Spell Trading specifically states that both of the traded spells are actively cast into whatever token is being traded between the parties, which can also lead to an accidental 'real' casting 1 in 20 trades. I think depending on how the GM ruled could prevent Woad/Bless thunderstone from being traded.
  4. Shields can actively parry thrown missile weapon, rather than mechanically propelled missiles. Shields dramatically increase the chances of surviving a hail of missiles. Covering the Chest, Head, and abdomen, or any two of them can make a difference between Resurrection and some spot Healing. Lol
  5. The main advantages I have been able to find for Shields is that they can have much more HP than a typical Bronze weapon without any special contruction or additional magic. They will also protect you from missiles either by actively parrying missiles, or by passively allowing the shield to cover certain locations, depending on the size of the shield. Dual wielding is definitely advantageous in certain situations, especially when most enemies can't penetrate your non-parry armor and you're glowing with the Light of the Gods. There is a decent reason both Jar-Eel and Harrek dual wield, heck Harrek hits multiple times WITH EACH HAND every swing, (claws and axes, in our Glorantha anyway). OP much?
  6. Also, Analyze Magic.
  7. Once players get to Rune-Lord status there are bound to be some getting to maximum stats. Between Divine Intervention being relatively efficient with the built in POW gain rolls from leading worship and the possibilty for some cults to go bonkers with Gifts/Geasa there is a definite possibility of Maximum, if not Superhuman statistics. Especially once HeroQuesting rules comes out.
  8. I have mostly just gotten luckier rolling it up then the others. I use logician regularly and it is still just terrible. Geomancy and Identify Otherworld Entity are both spells I have never really had an opportunity to cast. We had a PC roll up a shaman right after I put together the LM, so we had that whole thing sorta covered. Geomancy has come in handy once or twice but, never seems to go up when I roll it.
  9. Were the dwarves doling out Iron back then? or something like Truestone for the Gods?
  10. I have been having a blast adventuring with a LM Sage-With-a-Big-Stick PC. I took Boon of Kargan Tor in Character Creation and it has made a BONKERS amount of difference in the effectiveness of the whole party in terms of damage. Remember, it can be applied to basically anything, with enough MP and downtime basically everything the party cares to ensorcell is covered, so is everything the local War Leader wants ensorcelled... In total he has Death, Truth, Fire/Sky, Summon and Command. We have been playing these PCs for several years game time now, 7 or 8 I think. so, his spell percentages on the ones he casts are pretty stellar. Boon of Kargan Tor: 94% Enhance Intelligence: 71% Solace of the Logical Mind: 84% Logician: 54% Identify Otherworld Entity: 30% Geomancy: 23% He has an inscription for Boon of Kargan Tor and Enahcne Intelligence. Boon of Kargan Tor has +3 Duration, so he can manage to crank it up to 3d6 for a year, or 2d6 for 8 years. 5d6 for like, 80 minutes in a pinch. We have given him almost every Spirit Magic Matrix we have found as loot, which has been quite a few. Many belt buckles of Heal 2 and Disruption and such.
  11. Hahahaha, I am glad we can actually try and solve some problems with Rune/Divine Magic though. Rather than just feeling like a Bronze Age Life Simulator with a little Battle Magic for large swaths of a campaign. I am legitimately excited for the moment our party starts to see what can be done with some of the stackable spells and starts using their RP in interesting ways.
  12. This I think is one of the areas where bridging the gap in terms of Simulation of Glorantha between RQ and HQ has had some interesting consequences. In HQ, as far as I can tell everyone has all their magic all the time basically. The new rules for RQ:G Rune Magic bring it much closer to the ubiquitous use of Divine Magic seen in media like KoDP, where building a shrine to Humakt and having either sacrifices or dedicating magic means Truesword for EVERYBODY!
  13. Spirits in crystals are much more efficient for this reason. As far as I can tell from the rules Spirits in Crystals specifically act solely as mana batteries and a source of trapped entity easily controlled at hand, they cannot use their spells and abilities from the crystal. In our Glorantha, Spirits in Binding Enchantments, both in objects and animals, allied spirits, wyters and other bound spirit can still cast their spells on the person holding/bound to the thing without having to be directly controlled/commanded/dominated from their hinding to do the thingy. Otherwise a lot of items found as loot or used in/on adventures just don't really do anything, and it really makes rhe flow of magical combat feel much better, especially at high levels. In our Glorantha crystals are too difficult for Mortals to have any means of 'working' in any real way. Though, we often have them set into objects and bound into linked enchantments and such.
  14. This was my interpretation. Even with the ability to have increased 'base' strength, duration, or range through an inscription, you would still need to provide the MP and all of the other pieces of the spell (rituals, items, days, times, depending on spells and all that jazz).
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