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    I started playing Stormbringer with my high school friends and the father of a friend in choir. That was over a,decade ago. I have been a player in several years long campaigns, most with RQ2/3 or Stormbringer. I aspire to some day GM well.
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    Currently a player in a fledgling Eleven Lights campaign after retiring from a Traveller/RuneQuest in Spaaaace - Pirates of Drinax campaign.
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    Huge Gloranthaphile. Definitely a power gamer for better or worse.

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  1. Isn't that basically one of the Lunar Empire's main strategies in expanding into foreign territories? They've been doing it for like, centuries. It can be one of the main downsides to Good Orlanthi Generosity, Bad Friends Happen.
  2. I think this quote is just the wordy and technical way of getting to Shield 4, Spirit Block 6, and other spells which simply get better as you 'combine castings'. It is tragic the same term is used in spells like Transform Self, which specifically stacks non-stackable spells. That's kinda the point though. The only upshot to Transform Self is that it is instantly castable at the beggining of round 1 with RAW. Oh and the duration being upped to an hour, but it also makes the spell not work with Extension anymore. Individually Transforming for the season of a great hunt is possible with individual spells and extension, with a boatload of RP and CHA. Lol
  3. Well, if you special against a miss I believe you do full damage over AP. Which has led to many a sword exploding before my Humakti. Crits lay waste to opposing armaments.
  4. This is one of the changes I constantly waffle on. Because most of the time we never bothered to track fatigue but, there were several moments in our campaigns where we brought them out due to much longer than average combats and arduous struggles. One of my earliest Epic Gaming Memories involves our heroes, including my Humakti, fighting for many many rounds going down into a temple to Malia to find and fight the Malia priestess bothering the locals. We fought our way down amd she happened to be out and about, little did we know she was descending. The Epic Battle on the stairs was really made dramatic by having to fall back periodically to keep from being completely exhausted and overwhelmed. We cpuld rotate in a new frontline but, it was risky. Eventually the Malia priestess threw some incredibly nasty spell at my humakti, he got Soul Waste, badly. I proceeded to fail every single roll and my hunakti had his soul drained away. The birth of an epic RuneQuest moment. My DM then informed me it was some ridiculously tiny percentage chance that I failed every single CON roll and died irrevocably... or maybe not? That's what epic HeroQuesting is for anyway, right?
  5. We had characters that eventually survived the attrition and made it to Priest or Lord status. When we ran the Argrath saga the whole group ended up with dozens of points of spells apiece. For the most part though new characters had to invest a LOT of in play development time until they could reliably use most of their cults 'special' features and magic.
  6. I would probably agree that the rune magic system never really jived with how i imagined glorantha or how it is portrayed in other media, like KoDP for example. Everything in Glorantha is magical, but if you believe in gods only the toppest tier of believers ever bothered to use it. We played for years with initiates never wanting to spend a single point before they became Rune-Priests or Rune-Lords. Many many initiates died because of it. Lol. I personally love the bew rune magic system and the amount of magic actively seen in play at all levels. Even newbies get a few points to throw around.
  7. I have been absolutely in love with the Passion system. I personally have a decade and a half of experience with different pen and paper RPGs. The biggest benefit I have seen is for new players, it really is a huge help to be able to glance down and have some ideas of how your PC will react towards a given situation, even if they player knows next to nothing about Glorantha.
  8. That would be the dream pretty much, yeah!
  9. I would love to see some examples of higher level NPCs than the materials we've been given have shown off. They are primarily introductory material and are therefore written for the pre-gen PCs and other freshly generated PCs to succeed. I would love to see RQ:G stats for successful Clan and Temple Leadership, as well as Clan/Tribe/Regional Shaman and, like Ultor said, a sorcerer would be really cool too.
  10. I know of at least Balastor's Axe and Nosebiter, which possess the people that find them, or at least did in our campaigns. Lol. Nosebiter turned several NPCs and PCs into Nosebiter's Feet!
  11. As far as I understand RAW PCs start with 3 RP and 3 cult special spells known of whatever required number of rp or variability as well as access to all common magic, for the big cults anyway.
  12. I had been playing a Humakti Warrior and a Lhankor Mhy Sorcerer Librarian. With the AP values on armor brought closer together and max equippable AP at a given wearable ENC being lower than RQ3 it is hard to keep everyone's limbs together, and you're always wary of the unlucky possibility of a crit to a vital location. This might be considered a feature rather than a bug of the current RQ:G rules. With flatter HP totals and the way damage scales situations become instantaneously lethal rather quickly. Without magical bonuses to parried damage, like Gifts/Geasa or Earth Shield and such, non party armor can quickly become irrelevant. Bladesharp 6 punches through bronze plate if you get the drop on an opponent. I am wondering if there is some way a PC party can get themselves to the point they can fight stuff in Dorastor and some of the other legendary encounters in Glorantha. Or does it come down to, 'bring cannon fodder NPCs and walk on their corpses to get the baddie'? I don't see a way some of the encounters I have seen wouldn't just 1-shot 1 or more PCs a round.
  13. I was wondering if there are plans to bring the Strengthening and Armoring Enchantments of older RQ versions back or if there is another way that a suitably Heroic individual might soak some mighty blow without just having "Shield x=Huges" be literally everywhere and on everyone.
  14. The RQ:G RAW state that temporary spirit magic damage buffs do not harm spirits.
  15. Actually we had a couple batches of characters go completely from ZERO to HERO. We have played through the Argrath campaign from beginning to end, winging a ton of it, twice. We had a different person play the Argrath-to-be PC each time. The whole party were eventually Rune-Lords and Rune-Priests, each party also had a shaman. DAKA FAL protect us, we have done some messed up things with shamans over the years. There have been other, less epic campaigns, like the Lunars that killed the Red Emperor and the Already Dead campaign.
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