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    I started playing Stormbringer with my high school friends and the father of a friend in choir. That was over a,decade ago. I have been a player in several years long campaigns, most with RQ2/3 or Stormbringer. I aspire to some day GM well.
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    Currently a player in a fledgling Eleven Lights campaign after retiring from a Traveller/RuneQuest in Spaaaace - Pirates of Drinax campaign.
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    Huge Gloranthaphile. Definitely a power gamer for better or worse.

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  1. I am trying to pin down the differences between these spells and how exactly they work. My questions mostly pertain to which works versus what. Both descriptions seem to mention some magical and non-magical effects. Further, would either spell keep a minotaur from going into their non-magical Berserk Frenzy, or at least help them out of it? Each description only mentions using spell strength to affect an unwilling target, so would a single point on a willing target make them immune from a TON of spells and mind altering baddies for crazy duratiom at PC creation basicall
  2. In my campaign a Sword of Humakt who was in massive Sword Trance, and also had a Shield that had been pumped so full of MPs is almost impossible to remove, got a critical arrow in the chest from some lousy bandits, and would have died if his sword hadn't rolled a 1 for Divine Intervention. This is almost exactly what has happened everytime one of my PCs has blown every resource and cooldown and is in full-on badass mode. They seem to become magnets for magical 01s to the domer. And our GM rolled dice on the table, with no screen or anything. So, no fudging. Lol.
  3. I thought Sorcery in general was regarded as 'Creepy Foreign Magic' among the Orlanthi because it is usually invisible/not readily apparent. As far as we have played almost all Rune and Spirit Magic have some sort of visual component.
  4. I can't find the thread to quote it now but, I believe Soltakks has some good stories about using low level spirit magic to 'block' the casting of really peefy protection spells. I know in our Glorantha we have seldom used it but, it has come up once or twice. A daring assassin punching well above his power level used fanaticism and spirit screen to get lucky in a 'duel' with a Rune-Level baddy. We have played it similar to Kloster. If an incompatible spell of any size is present on the target the newly cast spells fizzles/slides eight off, however you wanna illustrate it.
  5. 1. Heroquest is a separate gaming system. Though there are mythical reenactments in the setting of Glorantha, which is integral to the new RuneQuest, which are known as HeroQuests. This can sometimes get confusing for newcomers. Following allenowen's point for 2, the system and setting both encourage alternative forms of combat resolution not necessarily as readily available in something like D&D, or even CoC. You can challenge the opposing champion to a duel, apply to be captured instead of killed because your kin will pay ransom, remind them you belong to X cult/group/clan/tribe
  6. I like that it gives some ideas for the scope and flavor of divine magic in RQ:G. It gives som idea of how epic things can tend to be. Especially if some Glorantha circumnavigating mega-munchkin starts mixing weird cults, mystical, and mythical traditions together. My munchkin brain absolutely loves everything I have seen of it so far.
  7. Captain Souls is top tier magic. Brings back Mindlink plus its better?
  8. I have seen Call on Stars mentioned a couple times. I am unable to get my munchkinny hands on a copy until after the holidays, anyone care to give a quick recap?
  9. Wouldn't it just take a refular dispel plus MP? Or does the boosting mp suddenly become spell strength once you boost a Hotfoot or sleep?
  10. Well, taking the general use of Intensity in most cases sorcery is brought up to indicate intent works just fine for me. I think making all the interactions similar keeps it simple and moves the game forward. Sorcery does therefore have the immense advantage of basically smashing most Countermagic effects from all but the most powerful Rune-lords, Priests, or Shaman. You'd have to dedicate a lot of resources and/or preperation to even find a Countermagic 7 or higher, in Gloranthas I have played in anyway.
  11. I guess the difficulty in Countering Sorcery with either Spirit or Rune Magic is one of the big reasons it is so fearsome. Countermagic calculates defense versus the whole spell Intensity, rather than just spell Strength. So, you would have to stack it pretty ridiculously high to get some consistent resistance to sorcerous attack magic.
  12. I am not sure if this is an artifact of an old copy of the pdf or what but my descriptions for Dispel Magic (Spirit) and Dismiss Magic (Rune) each interact with sorcery differently. For Dispel - This spell eliminates magic: 1 point removes 1 magic point of spirit magic or intensity of sorcery spells; 2 points removes 1 point of Rune magic spells. The total points of the spell must be eliminated to destroy the spell. Thus, to dispel a Befuddle spell requires 2 points of Dispel Magic, to dispel a 1-point Shield (a Rune spell) requires 2 points, and to dispel a Conflagration spell with 4 ma
  13. It is more a practical concern from past experiences. Even a Humakti attempting to have an honorable duel to first blood can end in an instantaneous decapitation depending on how awesome you are just standing around. I have had more than one bad guy get cut in half when I only meant to win. So, sometimes it might be best for the humalti to relly stand down. This can also happen with Babs and other high octane combat cults. Keep the Stormbull from 'zerking. Lol
  14. Thanks a ton. I really appreciate the knowledge. It makes sense that the Humakti wouldn't be set loose willy nilly, like for cattle raids and stuff where there might be too much bad blood, literally, for the community to deal with.
  15. As far as I am aware Humakt, at least as he is worshipped among the Orlanthi of Dragon Pass has some interesting social status quirks. Mythically Humakt severes himself from his kin to shield them from the consequences of his grim actions. I would like to understand a little better how this should translate into clan based play. I would like to leave the door open for my new friends to be able to roll up a Humakti PC if it catches their interest. If the PC were to kill an enemy during a cattle raid, either attacking or defending a raid, would he personally need to pay wergild? If
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