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    I started playing Stormbringer with my high school friends and the father of a friend in choir. That was over a,decade ago. I have been a player in several years long campaigns, most with RQ2/3 or Stormbringer. I aspire to some day GM well.
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    Currently a player in a fledgling Eleven Lights campaign after retiring from a Traveller/RuneQuest in Spaaaace - Pirates of Drinax campaign.
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    Huge Gloranthaphile. Definitely a power gamer for better or worse.

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  1. The RAW for RQ:G suggest that spells used in spell trading can be regained normally as soon as they are traded. They effectively cast the spell into the traded token.
  2. Oh yes, absolutely. The best thing about KoDP was how it really nailed the feeling of knock on effects of your choices sometimes WAY down the line.
  3. I really loved King of Dragon Pass myself. In my opinion the new RQ:G system better models the abundance of magical assistance that building a shrine or temple and properly supporting it brings to the community. A single shrine to Humakt supplies your CLAN with Trueswords. Construct a Great Temple to Orlanth, Temples to Humakt, and Elmal and you have Advantage in almost every kind of battle. KoDP always gave me the impression that the community gets a TON of magic for building things for and sacrificing to the gods, as much as appeasing ancestors and all the rest of maintaining healthy Clan Magic.
  4. Technically the Humakti ended up joining Orlanth to be a member of the Eleven Lights, in our campaign. It definitely worked out for the munchkin in me!...
  5. We once had a PC roll a simultaneous Impale to the Head while the Dragon Impaled with a Bite to the Right Arm. We firgured it was en epic scene of Man skewering Dragon as it lunged at him. The PC lost an Arm, Dragon died. This particular scenario was not nearly as hard as we would have thought. The dragon isn't incredibly strong, and even new PCs in RQ:G can put up a lot of damage and come up with really interesting tricks, depending on Cults and such.
  6. Initiating Spirit Combat Spirit combat may occur between two discorporate entities (entirely within the Spirit World) or between a discorporate entity and an embodied entity (such as a human being) in the Middle World. It may not normally occur between two entities that reside entirely in the Middle World. Spirit combat may be initiated only by a discorporate being. A normal corporeal being may not initiate spirit combat. A shaman wishing to engage in spirit combat must first discorporate to begin spirit combat. For a non-shaman to discorporate requires the Rune spell Discorporation (see page 326). The spell takes one hour to cast, and cannot be used in situations where spirits ambush a party. If a spirit wishes to attack a corporeal being, the spirit makes itself visible in the Middle World the melee round prior to its first attack. Shamans can see the spirits at all times using Second Sight, and they would normally be aware of the spirit’s malign intention to attack before it becomes visible. If both combatants are already in the Spirit World, there is no delay. Emphasis Mine Continued on Pg 366 core Rulebook
  7. There are legitimate weaknesses that we are aware of. The shaman has a hearty suite of Abilities already. Spell Barrage 3, Spell Extension 5, Self Rez 1 week, Max POW 26, Power Within 4, and I think some others I am forgetting, not my PC. He currently has 15-16 POW and a 13 Fetch, so he isn't AMAZING or anything but, he has been a phenomenal asset. Power Within makes him the Ultimate Spirit Magic Swiss Army Knife. Daka Fal Shaman has actually been one of the biggest secrets to the success of the party on so many fronts. He can fight ghosts pretty damn good. Not to mention in the RAW as far as I can tell there is literally no reason a Humakti being attacked by a Spiti in spirit combat couldn't fight it with his iron sword with truesword and basically annihilate it instantly. Once a corporeal being is engaged in spirit combat, they may not attempt any skill or engage in physical melee combat with a separate physical melee target without first succeeding at an intelligence check (normally INT×5, but the gamemaster may adjust that up or down, as desired). They may choose to attack the spirit attacking them using enchanted weapons (see below) without succeeding at a concentration check. Attacking with Weapons and Spells Corporeal entities may attack a spirit that is engaged in spirit combat with enchanted weapons and spells. The physical attack is resolved normally, but opposed by the spirit’s Spirit Combat skill. However, the magic point damage from physical weapons is based on its magical nature: . Temporary damage boosts from Rune magic (such as True Weapon) do harm spirits but only to the amount of extra damage caused by the spell. For example, True Sword would do 1D8+1 if cast on a broadsword. . Enchanted weapons (such as enchanted iron or other Rune metals) do normal damage, but gain no damage bonus from STR+SIZ. . Offensive damage-causing spells (such as Disruption or Lightning) can harm spirits. . Temporary damage boosts from spirit magic (such as Bladesharp, Fireblade, etc.) do not harm most spirits, nor do unenchanted Rune metal weapons (such as unenchanted iron). So, the Humakti PC can still do 4d8 (18 average) damage to a spirit attacking him in spirit combat. There may be some debate over whether or not he gets the +2d6 for the 4 year long Boon of Kargan Tor on the Great Sword.
  8. I agree 1000% because of one thing in Glorantha that terrifies me above all others... ACID!
  9. We killed the one from the new adventures in our third session or so. It was not nearly as scary as i was afeared.
  10. Munchikining or not? Party is a LM Sage, Humakti Warrior/War leader, Issaries merchant, Lanbril thief/wannabe trickster, Daka Fal Shaman, Orlanthi Hunter/Archer of Siwend (11 Lights Orlanth Subcult), Agimori Lodrili Warrior, Orlanthi Noble/Warrior/Leader. These dudes are all connected to the wyter of the Eleven Lights, the Orlanthi noble/warrior is the High priest of the 11 Lights. The sage know Boon of Kargan Tor, Solac of the Logical Mind, Logician, and Enahnce Int. Maintains Boon of Kargan Tor (+2d6 damage) on every weapon in the party and a quiver of arrows for each archer, maintains Enhance Int on self always, Solace on self always, and many Logicians/On demand logician. The Humakti does Humakti stuff, Trueswords, Sword Trances, Morale (fantastic spell, btw). Fully online he hits something like 500%and change to hit for 4d8+2d6+2d6+8 (Averaging 40), specialing for 8d8+2d6+2d6+8 (Averaging 58). The Shaman has gone bonkers AF in the last few sessions. How does the Divine Spell Multispell interact with the Shaman power of Spell Barrage. Our answer was that it was Freaking messed up and devastating, allowing each 'barrage' to contain the number of additional Multispell targets/spells. The Orlanthi Archer, Issaries, Agimori, and Lanril thief have been front-liners and not doing anything crazy/questionably munchkin, though the Trickster/Thief has made devastating use of Shatter and Strike spells. Now with access to a wyter, trying to figure out how to use it without going straight to HARDCORE ABUSE has been the order of the last few sessions. RQ:G turns things up to "11" in the core rules and I am really intrigued to see where they are gonna go with the power scaling on opponents in future adventures. Our PCs have played through 7 years of game time, which is WAY more than we ever got through without skipping large chunks in 'training' in RQ3. These characters are already WAY stronger even out the gate than a lot of our graveyard of Would-be Rune-Lords from way back in RQ3.
  11. I would tend to agree with you @Shiningbrow. Our campaign is currently reaching the end of the Eleven Lights HQ campaign that our GM has been converting to RQ:G. In the process of the campaign we have become the Eleven Lights, a Sartar Magical Union Unit. We have been playing it as a regiment bound by a wyter. The Eleven Lights can do a whole special ritual Argrath taught as our way of hand-waving the SMU special magical abilities, 11L basically nukes stuff a couple hexes away, like the other SMU units from the boardgame. It takes an hour and the core wizards are highly vulnerable. Otherwise we are bound to a unit wyter and are trying to figure out how to use it in play as a group of adventurers. We can't treat the 525 members as POW batteries but, what is a reasonable level of contribution? Do you just roll the 6d6+6 and that is the "homeostatic" POW value for the Wyter during average times? Anything above is given by PCs as they are doing active and interesting stuff? Anything spent the PCs pay for? I can start a new thread for this semi-tangent if people want me to, or discuss here.
  12. This is exactly the idea I hit on with my GM the other night. Broyan took a bunch of dudes up to the bat and had them all expertly bring it down. I can see how with the right spells, proper preparation, and enough community support could allow Broyan to lead an attack on the bat and wound/kill it. There are HQ abilities and all sorts of other stuff he could be using but, there is no way right now other than handwaving mythical powers into existence for PCs to get stuff like that. I can see most groups of adventurers that get to a high enough level forming or acquiring access to a wyter through at least one party member. A High Priest of Any Temple is connected to a wyter, the Clan leader is connected to a wyter, tribal leaders are connected to wyters, regiments can have wyters, hero bands are a different thing, or not, I dunno? Even at the bare minimum a wyter acts as a highly reliable alternative/replacement for a Divine Intervention. An Orlanthi-connected wyter can Teleport whole parties away (Thanks Mastakos), Heal Bodies (Thanks Ernalda), and Darkwalk parties into and out of danger. All of that is still incredibly efficient, even if you can only fill its POW once per year, AND all the PCs have to pay for it.
  13. We have been wanting to mess around with Wyters and regimental magic like the 11 Lights and stuff. Having this community to bounce things off of has been invaluable in getting Maximum Fun out of RQ:g. I, for one, absolutely love the experiences I have been having with RQ:G. I deeply appreciate the work of everyone at Chaosium!
  14. Which makes a ton more sense. Even allowing POW sacrifices every seasonal holy day would still limit it to being used primarily for emergencies or with Great cause.
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