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  1. Another theory about Yonesh: he might be Valind, god of cold and winter, son to Vadrus, probably Freeze-Everything from "Zarlen's First Wander". Not sure why Yonesh would want to be the sun (other than ambition!), but it fits with the glacier being a site of Yonesh's power.
  2. Something I just noticed: in the myth of Taming the River, the Emperor is never named, and there's no judgement on him for not taming the Arcos in addition to the Oslira. In the ritual, things are a bit different: There's a lot more judgement in this version!
  3. Sheliak

    Hill of Gold

    Kate Glasheen's art of the Hill of Gold for Six Ages looks like this: Obviously that's a long time ago! Way back in the Storm Age. But the geography might still be useful. And this is how it looks in-game, with divine manifestation--not necessarily how those gods would look to modern heroquesters, but still super pretty. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/sixages/images/6/61/SolarVsDarkness.png
  4. I think so! She looks like an older version of the pregnant woman in this image, too: https://sixages.fandom.com/wiki/File:Priestessesinblue.jpg (I'm also really curious about where the Cenala plot is going--my hope is that Cenalan clans can revive/awaken her at the Dawn. Maybe there's room for her as a minor/local figure?)
  5. The Vingkot rune is also what Redalda has on her cheeks! Which makes a lot more sense than the Air rune, which is what I originally thought she had. (And that she has that on her skin at her age is a nice visual signifier of what a big deal she is to her clan.) I think her tattooed choker is a combination of Earth and probably Life runes, and she's got a bit of a ram horn motif on her circlet. I had been assuming that Dostal was one of the gods who died and stayed dead, so I'm happy to hear that he's still around in the Grazers' pantheon!
  6. Something I just noticed--in the illustration for Zarlen's First Wander, his pursuer (who I think is either Gagarth or his father Vadrus) has dogs. Atypical for a Ram god, but then again, Orlanthi don't tend to like Gagarth anyway, and Vadrus (and his dog-keeping ways if he has them) won't outlast the darkness ahead... https://sixages.fandom.com/wiki/File:ZarlensWander.png
  7. I don't think Osara's mother is Ekarna--probably not Nyalda either, given the timing, but it may not be a good idea to apply timeline logic to gods. Maybe Nivorah, Elmal's first wife and the mother of Reladivus?
  8. I got some new information re: the downfall of Nameforgot! One of my advisors said, "Nameforgot decided that ravens were not to be trusted, and gave orders to slay them on sight. That is when he lost his name, and then everything else." So it sounds to me like he managed to antagonize Raven. This event is pretty interesting in general: https://sixages.fandom.com/wiki/Raven's_Cruel_Justice (Also, I just got it today after playing for a year and a half. Still new things to be found...) In this case, the clan in question had just exiled their Raven shaman. I wonder if doing that yourself has similar repercussions for your clan? (I think that's an option in some circumstances; not positive, though.) It looks like non-Rider clans can anger Raven in different ways, though.
  9. Given that Dark Troll offspring are so prized, I have to wonder if some troll mothers fudge things a little when it comes to twins. "Twins? Oh no, my sister and I just had our (clearly uzko, and I will eat you if you say otherwise) children at the same time. So lucky! Clearly Kyger Litor favors our family."
  10. The lack of children/descendants of the high-status women is odd and potentially interesting--if these were the wives of the high-status men, you'd expect at least some of them to have sons (surely those sets of rich brothers had mothers?), or even daughters who died young. As the article points out, that could just be a sampling issue--they tested about a hundred people over a long period of time, maybe by sheer chance they missed these women's kids, or only tested childless women--but still. Another article on the same study: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/10/why-are-adult-daughters-missing-ancient-german-cemeteries It's really kind of exciting to me that they can tell which people moved around during their lives--not just the outsider women but the three guys who left the area as teenagers and came back as adults. That's impressive!
  11. Unrelated to Vingkot and his descendants, but looking at the Scouring Wind spirit (description: "Helps fight Chaos"), I have to wonder if it's related to Urox somehow... Can you get god-related spirits? (This is one of the points where my Glorantha knowledge gets extremely vague.)
  12. If we're counting Narva, Gamari and Hyalor also teamed up to make kumis!
  13. True. Not that Redalda is by any means average! OTOH, the Riders all consider themselves descendants of Hyalor, and your clan all consider themselves as descendants of Basikan (and maybe also Zenangar), which is probably just as mathematically dubious. I get the impression that these things are mythologically true and therefore literally true, because we're still in the era where myth can overwrite history. The fact that it's improbable is beside the point. (Or alternately, it's mythologically probable that a Vingkotling hero is related to Vingkot.)
  14. They call themselves Vingkotlings! (Occasionally also Kestaytelli, and Cistaruli in the debug files. No idea where those names come from, although both are used to distinguish the local Rams from the Infithtelli to the southwest, so I tend to assume they're a subgroup (or two different ones?) of Vingkotlings. ) Is there another Orlanthi group that might've been in this area? Re: Durev, maybe he's a minor god at this point and becomes more important during the Great Darkness, as others die? I can see him gaining worshippers after Barntar's temporary-as-it-turned-out death, for example. (Wild speculation, of course.) Or maybe this particular clan is the only Dureving-descended one in the area, and the only one that considers Durev/Duref important...
  15. Another interesting bit of news-of-your-neighbors: Duref has got to be Durev, the Great Carl: https://glorantha.fandom.com/wiki/Durev
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