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  1. That was kinda my point. Except I was assuming most forum dwellers were less than 40 - 50.
  2. Like what Hollywood, or the movie / TV, industry does. You know like they changed history with Braveheart, Pearl Harbor, The White Queen and pretty much everything that has been made in the last 40 years....
  3. Book of Sires is good. Book of Warlord, I'd just use the chart for different appearances for NPCs.... Estate and Warlord will give you economics rules but, in my opinion, they aren't great. I think Morien has posted something about not using hundreds. His advice is usually worth considering as he looks at things from a player's perspective. I think he either wrote the rules for the economy system but from reading his posts, I get the feeling that whomever edited it, they should have left it as he wrote it. I could be wrong but just judging from his posts.
  4. Both comments appear before I allegedly went off topic as I was accused. I happened to agree with the second including the idea that you don't need a bunch of theoretical books to explain the economy. Just do what works for you and you players. Is it wrong, probably no different than what has been published. Anyway, I will note that necroposting, one topic for thread and whatever are militantly policed except for some.
  5. I suspect there is a language issue between us. I was just expressing my opinion about a potential new edition. If this type of feedback isn't important, should I delete by post for you? Got to say that I rarely prefer yes man when I'm on a forum.
  6. With thanks to Gaius Marius and Sulla, in my opinion. Supposedly one of the reasons Marius was unpopular with the Optimates.
  7. I am writing this just to express my opinion. It is not my intent to hurt anyone's feelings or suggest that anyone is wrong. I for one have no intension to buy an edition 6.0. I have found that games that keep changing editions are only doing that to remain relevant and to squeeze a little more money out of the gaming public. I am not saying this is wrong of them but that I will not be buying it. I know that the most common reasons given for new editions is to correct errors and fix awkward rules. However, I have to say that I haven't really witnessed the truth of that. Some basic
  8. I was thinking in the field and not in a fortification. 😞 Does anyone still use the levy rules from previous editions? Or is there just the knight and the three footmen? I haven't played in a while so don't really have current first hand experience in game.
  9. But isn't one knight worth ten foot soldiers? Go with the knight.
  10. I am happy that no one suggested the "Sons of Anarchy" meets King Arthur movie.... 🤮🤮🤮
  11. And Ironside The Red Knight of the Launds. Ironside became a knight of the Round Table. Malory mentions him at least twice more, as one of the guests at Guenevere's small dinner party and as one of ten knights to ride a-Maying with the Queen when Meliagrant ambushed her. He also appears among the would-be healers of Sir Urre.
  12. According to Nightbringer: Malory first mentions Baudwin as one of the protectors of the boy king Arthur. When Arthur first establishes the lands about London following his crowning at the Pentecost feast, he makes Baudwin constable, probably the equivalent of the local miltary commander.
  13. The 50s Ivanhoe and the 82 Ivanhoe (what a cast) are my favorites. The BBC miniseries wasn't as good in my opinion. Don't forget The Knights of the Round Table. An excellent movie. Then there is Knightriders. I also like Arn: the Knight Templar.
  14. I'm not sure that I can agree with this. I think those that would even know the term "myrmidon" would know that this isn't the generic term for a Greek Warrior.
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