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  1. Does Sanity recover or does it need intervention to be restored?
  2. And between 500ad to 1500ad humans in western Europe become larger still and then contracted in size to a small point in the 1800s before increasing again to where we are now.
  3. However, I think 'but there are dragons!' As an argument is specious. You make the fantastic a thing by its relation to the mundane. If the you guy full-bore 'alien fantasy' as some settings tried to do the games were simply unable to be related to and the settings failed. It all boils down to where you draw that line. Many people in their settings, often due to in-depth knowledge of how certain things work, want a more realistic understandable basis for gaming. I was on a discord game last night playing Traveller and we had an industrial chemist playing a scientist (every GM's nightmare) a
  4. Rune Quest 3 had this as an option. I can't ever remember using it though
  5. Personally, I think if it's not a significant outlay it's insulting to the deity Making a shrine should be big event. In the old games there was this nasty thing where players were making shrines in inns simply to get back spells. This, depending on your campaign, might not be in the spirit of the game. Now, there might be a simple travelling shrine in a utilitarian manner if you think that's right. In defence of this, most religions (including pre-reformation Christianity) is 'transactional'. This means you won't worship a god if you don't get anything practical in your view out of it.
  6. This is funny, because not everyone can do this. For example, I am so horrible right-hand-dominant that I only use two handed weapons. If I try and use a buckler it just follows the right hand weapon around in stupid circles. I've been trying to break this habit for over ten years to no avail
  7. I suppose if it was a geas or some other artificial thing like a city ordinance then you'd see that sort of thing. Good point! Still, I'd be prone to just using a dagger off-hand. Realistically you can swing an axe twice as fast as you can swing two axes once, and you don't leave yourself horribly open while doing so
  8. I'm not sure why you'd want an off-hand weapon at all. You could always use a two-handed weapon and get more damage. If you're in an environment where such a weapon's use is limited by law or society, just use a dagger in your off-hand to discourage closing/grappling. Otherwise use that shield!
  9. Here's something I wrote years ago: The players, at any point, appeal for Divine Intervention. On a successful roll, rather than your god whisking you away or so on, the following happens. A huge, irregular slab of earth erupts out of the ground, opening a portal into the darkness at its base. If the players flee into the hole they see a dream world of darkness lit by a soft purple and green glow. Huge, softly swaying mushrooms tower over each side of them and small mushrooms, glowing with a soft luminescence, line a twisting path beneath the trunks. Tiny glowing lights meander ar
  10. Of course, it's the sort of thing only a player character should be able to achieve.
  11. Is there a system for learning Combat Traits and adding them to Combat Styles?
  12. Your god wouldn't care what the situation is, only your intent. Gloranthan gods aren't necessarily benign. They can be quite jealous of their prerogatives and swearing on your god should be a serious thing. I think restricting oaths to a rune spell is doing the game a disservice
  13. Don't forget the giving and taking of ransom nearly always consists of the giving of perilous oaths. These are in essence a Divine Intervention asking your god, or the god of honour, to strike you down if you violate the ransom conditions. When playing these oaths should be made in full so the GM has a handle on what sort of effect can be expected. "May Orlanth strike me with a Levin-Bolt if I try to escape" is pretty clear but "May Humakt strike me dead" is an indication that a Sever Spirit is coming your way.
  14. I play a more spirit-oriented game with the animist spirits crowding the real world, so I get what you mean.
  15. Yeah, I'd say your average hearth-spirit that is in every home will be on the lookout for fires at all times, day and night. (I think this actually features in Russian mythology)
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