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  1. First thanks for splitting this, I was getting tired of seeing this "just settle it at your table" thing cluttering up a discussion of the new edition's rules. In overall target of female rulers, I think you can get there pretty easily by just ensuring widows and mothers of heirs in minority don't have to turn the reins over to a man. Given mortality among active knights generally, there will be lots of estates and holdings run by women. Similarly given mortality generally, with a change to inheritance customs or laws having a daughter be the only one left to carry on the line is n
  2. On page 13 there is an explicit reference to "any female Player-knights". Personally I am fine if someone wants to have female knight and glad to see the setting will offer material in support of that but of course it's a "your table" thing about "the story we are imagining". I think you can have the tone of Mallory etc. without buying into gender roles - it's more a question of "how exceptional is that in the setting". Some of the things I see in the material for 6th edition look nice. The idea that your skill with a weapon on horseback can't be better than your skill at riding for e
  3. Are you planning to use Publisher or another program for final? So that the page number on page of pdf aligns with a "go to page x" command in the reader?
  4. I follow the comic and find some interesting plots in it at times that could transport to Pendragon, not sure about Prince Valiant game. The last one and current (which I realize are likely repeats) are potential sources of ideas for estate issues. The current one where you come home to find your estate is being managed by an outlawed woman, not the man you thought, but she's making it very profitable.... http://diversions.thestar.com/comics.html?feature_id=Prince_Valiant A past one combining a need to adjudicate a land dispute with accusations (false) of witchcraft and mob
  5. Indeed, I just bought 5.2 and some related stuff, a sense of "where 6th is going" would be great.
  6. I love your tale. Do you/did you use the Madness Activity table in the GPC?
  7. Am I correct that if the Summary Bout of Madness is used (isolated investigator or all have been afflicted) the duration of 1d10 hours is the same as the duration of "Insanity Phase 2", 1d10 hours and this is the same time (not an additional 1d10 hours). Thanks Rob
  8. Thanks for responses. The reason for question is a scenario that is "on the clock" over a few days, where investigators might be tempted to keep late hours for several consecutive days. And yes Mike M, my thinking was first a Con roll (to make having a strong Con useful) to see if you are feeling the ill-effects of fatigue, another one if you exert yourself, with a Penalty die on rolls if one fails. I hadn't thought of the "adrenaline" kicking in to cancel the penalty die for a short time (sure you were sleepy and missing Spot Hidden rolls, botching your Library Use to find that article
  9. I can't find any guidance on the effects of going without sleep, e.g., deciding after a day of investigating to stay awake all night looking out for cultists coming to the ritual spot etc. It's fairly easy to house rule something but I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing an official rule. Rob
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