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Modern Mythras Finale - Summary

Alex Greene


This post is going to wrap up what we have covered over the past few months. There are a number of TDM titles I have yet to dig through and review ... I do hope nobody minds if I give Mythic Polynesiawide berth - and I'll be moving on with the next blog post.

I also have news about the blog going forward.

Modern Mythras

We began with an introduction to the concept. It began here.

We moved on to embrace modern Mythras' characters, and the cultures they came from.

We then looked at careers available to characters - and these took on a real world twist, since these are careers of the modern world.

The next post looked at Skills, which included modern skills unavailable to most fantasy settings (apart from urban fantasies such as After The Vampire Wars and Luther Arkwright).

This was followed by Passions, which you could drive entire campaigns by, and Backgrounds.

The concept of stakes was brought up. What do your characters stand to lose? Maybe this can be used to draw them into a story.

New concepts were introduced to spice up character generation - back stories and lifepaths. The three-act structure was introduced, followed by a long look at magic.

Part 1 - It's A Kind of Magic

Part 2 - Making Magic

Part 3 - Agatha's Grimoire

Past magic, of course, we looked at Psionics and followed up with some NPCs:-

The Hunger

Non-Player Characters

Modern Encounters

Heroes of The Spiral Room

Cops (feat. Hannu Kokko)

Uniformed Cops

The series then began to wrap up with the section on Modern Mythras Games Mastering - writing adventures I want to play in, GM'ing the modern setting, and finally challenging the players with example plot hooks.

And that's it.

I'm taking a bit of a break, and when this blog comes back it will be in a new format. It will be going out monthly from now on, generally on the last Saturday of each month. I'll try to stick to a 22:00 launch, but if it goes out at 23:00 or 23:30, or even gets put off till Sunday night, so be it.

The next blog post will therefore be coming out on July 29 2023 at around 22:00 UTC +1. Please give feedback on whether or not you want to see my Modern Mythras blog posts collated into some sort of unofficial ebook. And let me know what you have thought of this series.

See you at the end of July.

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