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  1. What is the content of Knights and Ladies Adventurous? It's the first time I hear about it. An adventure book?
  2. I don't really care about keeping them as squires: I would rather make them knights soon, although the players seem to want to play as squires for a bit.
  3. That was something I thought, early promotion if they do well. Specially in next session, which is a battle!
  4. Hello, co-posters! Due to certain circumstances in my campaign (early deaths, mostly) for the next three years my two players will be playing as squires, the eldest children of their previous characters. The problem is... Squires are really restricted in what they can do. Most adventures are written for knights, and most actions will, rightfully, be seen as stealing Glory belonging to proper knights. Last session was a bit of a comical adventure (dealing with a pooka who stole the warhorse of one of the knights while they were camping, and they tried to get the horse back before th
  5. The adventure of the Best Wine in the World is awesome. We played it amd it was great, greatly improved due to a player deciding she wanted to roll Lustful after meeting the Lady for the first time (she had Lustful 18) and critted that roll, rolling an Obsession Passion, 3d6+4 and getting a 20 in that Passion. Many stupid things were done trying to get under her skirt.
  6. Although not very creative, if both of her daughters had the same name
  7. As a transwoman, I didn't mind the word "trap" before I knew its story, as I only had heard about it in anime contexts. Once I learnt about its history and trans panic defense (fortunately, that doesn't work in Spanish courts, so I never encountered it until I started reading more America-centric LGBT sources) I started to find it extremely distasteful and offensive. This is an interesting thread, by the way. I'm a Glorantha newbie (my experience is mostly related to KoDP and Six Ages, and I've never played either RQ or HQ), but I find these threads very interesting. I like the kin
  8. One of my players is a female player using a Lady Knight. I talked with her beforehand about how to deal with it (I didn't want to discourage it. I'm a woman, I won't reject female characters out of hand!) and she told me she was interested in being an outsider, and having to deal with the limitations imposed by her gender (she had her husband imposed upon her by her lord, for example) and being seen as some kind of freak. We also determined she was the first Lady Knight in living memory (and knights being such a recent thing, probably the first Lady Knight, full stop) so we decided that she w
  9. As this is the current BoKL thread... In age, for starting women, it says that all calculations are made assuming the character is 16 years old. But later, in the skills section, it says that if you are 16, you use handmaiden skills instead of the main lady skills. If so, do the standard tables assume you are 21 years old? If so, why does the book tells you at the start you are suppossed to be 16 years old, but then the table is for older ladies and the "standard" starting age sends you to a subrule? I'm confused :S
  10. How would you track the glory of disguised characters? I´m specially interested in ladies disguising themselves as knights, which as I have seen, is a pretty common plot for Lady Knights. For example, Lady Nauhaus is also Sir Ellian, the errant knight who sometimes appears in tournaments and other events. Would she have two Glory tracks, one for each of her identities, and they combine once her identity is revealed? Does she have a single Glory score? This also goes for other characters, of course. If Sir Mavion goes out and fights a giant while disguising as Sir Brannis, who
  11. Sometimes, I´ve read in the game about dogs and cats running around the halls of lords and knights and want to know... 1º)Were cats kept as pets? If so, what races of cats could be found in England at this time? 2º)I know that lords kept dogs, but did they have non-hunting dog, kept as pets instead of hunting hounds? If so, what kind of breeds were found? I guess in the Romance Era, lapdogs for the ladies would fit the aesthetic of the court, although they are probably anachronistic. Anyone have any information about these issues?
  12. Yeah, Don Quixote is a deconstruction and a parody of the whole chivalry novel genre (in the novel, they mock a lot of popular Italian, Catalan and Spanish chivalry novels from the era), so I don´t think how well it would fit in Pendragon. Not very well, I guess. The romances around the Reconquista, like the Cid (who in one of the tales was so brave a pair of lions calmed themselves when seeing him, impressed by his valor! If that is not a Valorous crit, I don´t know what it is!), but also many other lesser known romances, would probably fit Pendragon more
  13. Greetings. I have Pendragon 5.1 (the Spanish version is 5.1, so it´s the one I have) so I don´t know if this is answered in the 5.2 version. Imagine that I have 18 in Sword, and I am fighting against two enemies. I know that when you are mounted, and they are not, the modifier is applied after dividing the skill roll (for example, I apply 9 against each one, +5, 14 against each enemy). What happen when you add Passions to a roll? Are they added before dividing, modifying the original skill? Or after dividing? So, in the above example, if I have +10 from a su
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