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  1. I tried it but was so pedant and hard to progress because the timeline to record. More enjoyable ‘Alone against the flame’.
  2. By discount I bought Dead Light and Other Dark Turns Thank you guys
  3. I wonder this situation; what happens if an investigator is insane (a bout of madness summary) and on other side there is a situation that him needs to face a combat, because is present an enemy? Following the rulebook said: ""while experiencing a bout of madness, the investigator loses all self-control. In game terms this means that control of investigator is handed from the player to the Keeper". So the combat couldn't happen because it's up to the Keeper that manages the investigator. isn't it? Can you please clarify it? Thank you.
  4. Reflecting on the topic, future scenario publications could contain in the table of contents, a paragraph where explains how to change it to play in 1 + 1.
  5. Hi plotulus, I had your same problem, please follow this link: here. Anyway any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
  6. Metallica - Call of Ktulu 🤘🏻 Written by James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Cliff Burton and original Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine (who left before the album was recorded), this instrumental was inspired by the story The Call Of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft. The author is a big influence on Metallica - his work also inspired their song "Thing That Should Not Be." In the book, the story says that mentioning the name Cthulhu (Verbally or written) will bring him closer. That's why Metallica used the name "Ktulu" and not "Cthulhu" - for fear of the beast. For more references in metal mus
  7. No it's another one 😛, if you read the graphic novel From Hell by Alan Moore based on the book The final solution by Stephen Knight.
  8. We want to face Jack the Ripper 🗡️ aka Dr. Gull
  9. Hi there, Is there any hope for Gaslight 7th for 2020? Thank you. Edit: I have just reading the link. Then yes , there is the possibility Waiting for the sun...
  10. Thank you for the information, I will try with one/ two of these. I was fascinated by Berlin book adventure, is it good for one investigator?
  11. Dear all, I've already bought the rulebook. Since we're only two players, I would like to ask if there are scenarios for a keeper and one investigator or alternatively if you could provide some tips to adapt the multiplayer scenarios for our case. Thanks E.A. Poe
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