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    Solar Campaign

    That's not what I meant as that spell summons a separate entity in a separate body. You're making me doubt my memory here but I'm confident that the Heroforming from Hero Quest that I'm talking about that you yourself transform into a limited aspect of your deity. Essentially invoking an extremely small scale Heroquest, giving you the abilituy to perfom said god's deed even if normaly beyond your physical capability. The limitation being that you bind yourself to acting as the deity in question did in that small mythical instance. (I.e. the Ernalda version I mentioned allows you to make large swaths of the earth ferile simply by you being carried, or riding if you want to push it, past it. You must however be pregnant and you must imitate Ernalda traveling throughout the land.)
  2. Maybe I should have thought more before making the topic but I still find the suggestions given so far to be interesting enough to have been worth it. It is obvious that Generts absence has significatly afected Northern Glorantha. Simply having im be alive (and non-chaosified) would affectthe Praxians so much that they wouldn't be warlike, nomadic barbarians but probably a setled civilization that could reach out to influence tthe surrounding area. Sudenly they'd be less 'barabaric' than the Sartarites and I'd gues they would have a stronger theistic tradition centered around Genert. Edit: Oh, yes, this. This should mean that Genert being alive should be huge for Pavis, unless I'm mistaken.
  3. There are also the fact that the skills of a shaman , and the duties of a shaman, are two different things mechanically even if they're linked culturally. I can still see an individual Rune Master attain the skills of a shaman for personal reasons even if not, how should I put it, working as a shaman for the clan , tribe or community. There's also the thing that if you take the whole initiates of Yelm must herd horses too far. Then you can sudenly end up with a character that is incapable of herding horses for an extended time (lets say five years in Prax against your will) and suddenly you don't qualify for your own initiation. (Which is obviously stupid and I doubt any GM would enforce that but the rules as written could be taken that way if interpretated to stringently.)
  4. Ah so Ezel is considered to important for anyone to be willing to give authority over to single other house or person. That's rthe political reason I can see at least. I'm sure there is another religious reason too. I find it somewhat ironic that the place for worshiping Ernalda is effectively ruled over by Asrelian priestesses. Which makes me kind of wonder. Are the temples even considered distinctively separate? Or is it just one huge temple congleramate/temple city? They refer to the city itself as Ernalda? I'm taking that as the people who live in Ezel literally belive they're living inside Ernalda herself (and Gata's womb apparently). Now I'm just waiting for the time when: (spoilers for the Smoking Ruin Senario) When you say one that makes me wonder which ones the others are and what could possibly be more reverd to the Earth Cults than a templer that is considered to be the literal embodiment of Ernalda herself.
  5. That, that wasn't quite what I intended with this topic but it is an intereting line of thought. I guess I have to further speciy the question in the topic to 'what would happen if Genert survived and wasn't turned into a Chaos God and what would happen if he was?' I've seen mentioned that he was the Namer, interestingly isn't that something he shares with Yelm then? As I remember Yellm has a whole myth about how he named everything (except Umath).
  6. So is Noble and that occupation can definitely initiate into Yelm. I get what you mean though. What I should have said was: Why couldn't you as a shaman simply herd a few (ay two or three) horses on your spare time? Or more likely. Why would you have to herd at all to initiate into Yelm? I read the requirement under Yelm the Sun Horse as ' if you herd anything it may only be horses' not as 'you must herd and you may only herd horses).
  7. Which is still enough to make several significant changes to Central Genretela.
  8. I've also ot seen anything in the core rules that implies becoming becoming a shaman as a rune master or a rune master as a shaman is a career change. You're just broadening your approah and view on magic and the world. So 😖 (this is supposed to be a confused face?? It doesn't look confused to me but very well.) Why can't shamans not be herders? So a shaman cannot be a Rune Master period? And there are no cults that make any exceptions? And cults that favour shamans simply don't have rune masters? That, wasn't my impressionb. I knew that Daka Fal didn't have Rune Masters and that shamans and rune cults usually didn't mingle but as Yelm the Sun Horse had the GoldenBow subcult that clearly wasn't the case there. Unless I've missed something in the core rules that isn't entirely clear. I was sure you had to at least belong to the Youth or, more likely, the Archer subcult before you could become Golden Bow and that you were actually progresing from the Archer into a shamanistic bransh of Yelm the Sun Horse. Actually, the only things I could find in the core book was: 'Many cults don't allow their initiates to become shamans or sorcerers' and under Goden Bow 'any Yelm Initiaet who becomes a shaman qualifies for this status'. (I don't think I'm parphrasing exactly but this should be close enough.)
  9. How would Genertela be different if Genert survived the Great Darkness? From what I've understood Genert's absence from Genertela has actually had a significant effect on northern Glorantha.Most notably Prax wouldn't be Prax but Genert's Garden, I belive? Or was Genert's Garden only a small part of Prax? Regardless, I think its an interesting enough topic and it could be useful for anyone that wants to run a Glorantha with Genert alive. So how would things be different if he survived and wasn't turned into a Chaos God? How would it be if he was? How would it affect the Earth cults and earth goddesses? How would it affect everything an d everyone else, and how woyould it affect the Praxians?
  10. Why not do both? Here: and: Could someone (or several of you) explain the Esrolian Temple City Ezel, the council of Grandmothes that rule it, how it woks, and what their stance on Genert is?
  11. Ah, I thought the status of Rune Lord and Rune Priest was intimately tied to each corresponding subcult. If there's nothing stopping an Elder to remain a Rune Lord though that changes things a bit. Of course that raises the question what happens if you are and Elder somehow stop being a Rune Lord against your will (I'm not sure if that's even possble but you could lose your qualifiqations) and then want to become a Rune Lord again. A rarer senario but it is only a matter of time bofer it comes up somewhere. Golden Bow? There is nothing in the core books rules that explicitly forbits you from going from Golden Bow to Sun Lord as the Sun Lord subcult only requires that you've been a memberin good standing of the Archer subcult for five years. After that there is nothing saying that you can't just move on to Golden Bow and still qualify for Sun Lord. Or at least that was the interpretation I made from reading the cult description for Yelm the Sun Horse. If Sun Lord's simply aren't allowed to be shamans then the only way is direcly from the Archer subcult. The way I understand this is: You can, as long as you're the assistant of a shaman, go from the Youth or the Archer into Golden Bow (which gives you everything that Archer has in case you're going from Youth) and after than a Golden Bow you will remain. (You could possibly become a Rune Lord or Priest in an Associated cult if you wanted to do something really wierd but that might be more in the line of abusing the game system. Of course, if there is a rule somewhere that I've missed that states that shamans can never be Rune Lords or Rune Priests unless otherwhise noted regardles of cult then this small aside becomes nothing more than idle musings.) Or You can go from Youth, to Archer, to Sun Lord, to Elder, and once you've become a Sun Lord you cannot become a shaman. I've notices. It's not like Orlanths 'Eh, just join wathever, it's fine' attitude to subcults. That's good.
  12. I've been thinkning aboutthis a while but the rules are a but vuage on the matter. Is a Yelmic Sun Lord that advances to the Elder subcult still a Rune Lord ? Or does he quit being that as he becomes a Rune Priest and and leaves the Sun Lord subcult? Then there are shamans. The Golden Bow subcult (of Yelm the Sun Horse). The rules state that any Initiate who has become a shaman qualifies for this subcult. So far so good. Except. Does this meran the Archer subcult specifically or any subcult except the Youth (which is effectively being a Lay Member as I understand it)? The rule of the Yelm cult that you can only be in one subcult at the time makes things even more complicated as it is unclear wether you can go from Golen Bow to Sun Lord or not. The Sun Lord subcult states you need to have been a member of the Archer subcult in good standing for five years but there is nothing that states that you have to be in said subcult right now. It is also unclear if you can be a shman and initiated into Yelm the Sun Horse without becoming a Golden Bow. The only thinng that seem clear is that you cannot be a Golden Bow and a Sun Lord or Elder at the same time but it is also unclear if you can stop being a Golden Bow as you cannot stop being a shaman. On top of all of that. while there are no explicit rules against being a shamana and a rune anything at the same time it seems to be really rare? So, uh. Help? I think I've thought myself into a needlesly complicated labyrinth here but its all also really unclear. I could even (maybe) make an argument that the Golden Bow doen't really count as a subcult the way Youth, Archer, Sun Lord and Elder does.
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    Solar Campaign

    Actually, as Great Spirits, or summoning aspects of gods as Great Spirits was mentioned earlier that made me wonder. Where does the line between spirits and gods go, and how shamans approach and view spirits and how theists do the same? Are there even anything resebling shamans in Dara Happa for that matter. Do they even have a god that resembles the Orlanthi's Kolat? Or do you have to go to the Pentan version of Yelm for that? Also, Joerg mentiond sumoning Great Spirits in a way that sounded as if he was speaking about Heroforming, only that doesn't really mech with how I understand it? It also raises the question. Does anything like Heroforming exist in Runequest or if that is solely a Hero Quest thing?
  14. Are you sure that isn't due to the relationship between Water and Fire? Defenitely smaterthan Orlanth then.😑 I'm beginning to wonder just how much would be different in Genertla if Genert was alive.
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    Solar Campaign

    So basically. The focus on Sartar strikes again. However, seeing as none of the above are (presumably) Sartarites, how much do they have in common with the Sartarites and how much have they been influenced by Dara Happa and other Pelorian civiliations? Their relationship with Dara Happa ought to be more complex than the one the Sartarites have at the very least. Ah, so things were escalating. Any idea why trolls dislike Solars so much? Come to think of it. Isn't Nysalor a god? Shouldn't he be a violation of the Compromise in and by himself. This is one of the things I like about Glorantha. How by doing the right (or wrong thing) to a peoples gods or myths you can suddenly lave a permanent effect or change on an entire people. In this cse the trolls brought it upon themselves too. They really shouldn't have eatn Nysalor. Not that they could have known. Making him into a Grey Eminence (that is the term, right?) in the Dara Happan imperial court. That's actually realy interestig, especially from a roleplaying perspective. I'm assuming this is another name for Nysalor? Assuming anyone noticed, or that it was even intentional. Whith so much magic going around there could very well be a little bit of spill. Uh, yeees? I wasn't thinking about him specifically but If he could be born without (presumably) anyone intending it then having a few Golden Age ancestors accidentally be born shuoldn't be unfeasable. ------ I'm basically playing around with the idea of having player characters from the Golden Age transfered to an interesting period inside Time in a way that doesn't feel too convulted or leave them overpowerd. While at the same time not taking away everything from them, and allowing for some interesting leverage or things to be drawn from their past. I was concidering having them just stmble over into Time due to getting caught up in the Sunstop but I might actually like the idea of having them incarnate into time more. That way they can forget bits and pieces of the Golden Age and it allows for the players to redesign their charactes a bit (or a lot) if they want. ------ Palangio was beyond rune lord/priest, and an illuminate. He had been part of the God Project, and had handled exotic and powerful magics in that function. Ah. I don't know if there actually are rules forr Heroforming in Runequest yet so I'm unsure about what you mean by summoned as a Great Spirit as it sounds a lot ilike it'd work the same way as the summon elemental spell while rather than the character taking on an aspect of their deity and literly becoming said god in a limitided way. I do understand what you mean by it beeing a matter of scale and the sheer amount of powerused when it comes to breaking the Compromise though. You can also end this state by dying and joining Humakt's eternal Warriors in his Other Side, waiting to fight to avert a total end of the world. That isn't a solution most players would find aggreable though. Heroforming isn't exactly rare (from a mechanicl standpoint) in Hero Quest once you've gained the ability. The only reall limiting factor is the constrains put on your actions and the fact that attaining the exit point could be a bit tricky. Entering a Heroform isusually a lot easier to my memory (although there was one instance wit Ernalda that required you to be pregnant during the entire Heroform, including at the entry point).
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