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  1. Ah. So the way I understand it then is that you're technically able to increase the skill as high as you wish but for the purpose of actually speaking the language it will never count as more than 25%, unless some unusual or special circumstances changes that. Yes, that would be the least complicated and problematic way of handling and would make it possible for you to be a masterful scholar of spoken Auld Wyrmish even though you're physically unable to make the necessary sounds and to speak it fluently. Or even well.
  2. There's something about Auld Wyrmish that has been bugging me for quite some time now and no matter how much I look I've so far failed to find an answer. The rulebook (Runequest Roleplaying i Glorantha, page 174) state that it is impossible for humans to attain a skill higher than 25% in the spoken language. So far so good. But does that include or exclude modifications from CHA, INT and POW? And if it is the former what happens if you start with a low bonus from your stats, rise your skill in spoken Auld Wyrmish to the allowed maximum and then later increase your stats so you gain a higher bonus from them? And what if after that your stats decrease to so much that you have a lower bonus (or greater penalty) than you had originally? Re you supposed to remember what your actual skill in the language is, or was, before it is modified by your stats in case said stats decrease or you somehow gain the ability to raise your spoken Auld Wyrmish skill beyond 25%? Also, is the 25% skill cap only for actually speaking Auld Wyrmish or also for understanding it when it is spoken?
  3. Which I have to assume makes the relationship between Yelm and Lightfore? Or does it? On the other hand Elmal has been portrayed as a son of Yelm. Once again in Six Ages which I'd admit probably isn't considered canon but that still means there different interpretations. Also: Except that city was crushed and destroyed by the Iron Ram. Except that doesn't men its inhabitants managed to flee. That is pretty much the starting point of Six Ages. Elmal took the inhabitants of his city and left. I guess the whole Elmal/Yelmalio thing needlessly complicated as no one can really agree what's what there. Regardless, Orlanths habit of making friends with gods of other tribes and the Orlanthi custom of (occasionally) adopting foreign people into their clans means that there being at least a few people with surprise descent from Yelm among them should be all but guaranteed. Not that that means it'd be easy or possible to prove. Tracing your descent back to Elmal's people would be much easier.
  4. True. It doesn't necessarily have to be and how much of a scandal it'd be would depend upon how much it mattered to the people involved and how the reveal was spun. Doesn't mean it couldn't be a scandal though and it does open up the slight possibility of said Prince of Sartar getting enamoured with Yelm and the Yelm cult and ultimately discarding Orlanth in favour of Yelm. Unlikely? Well, depending on when you'd place it I'd say it could be possible, and as I said. With another ambitious descendant of Sartar that wants the position. Well, it doesn't even have to happen to become a thing. Personally, I think that having a Prince of Sartar that is officially descended from Yelm would cause a stir, or at least be awkward, but maybe that's just me.
  5. What is your reference for this. I can't find anything. The Smoking Ruins & Other Stories, page 31, under King Ironhoof: True, I'd doubt any established Yelm priests would want to just anyone to join the cult even if they technically could but that doesn't mean a new cult couldn't be established, and I'm sure even the most unwilling Yelm priest would be forced to accept you with enough magical proof on your side. Doesn't mean it can't happen, nor that it wouldn't be interesting. 😃 Personally I'd love the hilarity of discovering the awkward truth that a Prince of Sartar (or King of Dragon Pass) is descended from Sartar on his mother's side but is actually descended from Yelm on his father's side. After that you just have to lean back and watch the political fallout if that ever became public knowledge. Or some other ambitious descendant of Sartar caught wind of it. (Not to mention how weird and ridiculous it would be with someone descended from Orlanth and Yelm both. Although for all I know there could very well be a few of the Pure Horse people who are. Unless there are no human descendants of Orklanth left, I'm unsure about that despite finding it hard to believe.) See that is one of the issues here. Yelmalio might not have had any children but Elmal very well might have (and if you're a fan of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind then he definitely had and was the patron god of a Dara Happan city meaning that that city's nobility should have been descended from him). And depending on how you look at it even Yelmalio might have had children before the whole Hill of Gold incident. I didn't expect them to fly like the wind or even be that quick or manoeuvrable (unless they fly like birds) but I feel that flying or at least rising above the Earth (and potentially the Air) shouldn't be impossible. Edit: Strictly speaking the may be close to any Elemental rune and don't even have to have a high value in or but both of those are the most common The only runes thy must have a high value in are and .
  6. Considering the lack of comments on the mater I'm just going to assume that there is no known reason as to why Ironhoof is descended of Orlanth or why some centaurs fare more closely tied to the rune instead of the outside from centaurs being part of real world Greek mythology. ---- Instead there are two questions that have been burning a hole in my head and I just have to ask. Especially the later as I find it both heretical and hilarious at the same time. First. Why is it only the rune that lives you the ability to fly? I can understand the idea with moving air but the rune is the sky rune I cant help but feel that you should be able to use it to at least float into the sky. I even distinctly remember there being a myth about Yelm doing just that ( or more precisely, floating away) when Ondra I believe tried to grab him. Second. Shouldn't there actually be Sartarites, as in Orlanthi/Theyalan Sartarites who are descended from Yelm and thus able to be initiated into Yelm? I mean. I doubt that Elmal/Yemalio suddenly bjust descended from the sky when he made friends with Orlanth and the just Orlanthi began to receive visions about how to worship him. I'm imagining that he arrived together with Pelorians that already worshipped him, and if so it is not impossible that at least some of them where descended from him. As Elmal/Yelmalio is just another name for Lightfore, who is as I understand it a son of Yelm that would mean that anyone descended from Elmal/Yelmalio is also descended from Yelm.
  7. Actually, thinking about it a bit more. Even if we assume that the original centaurs really became extinct, which is hard to prove. There could always be some tiny cluster surviving somewhere. That doesn't mean not even one of these new centaurs wouldn't have the interest, or the means, to create a new Yelmic lineage. They're still part horses ans even though they for some reason have a strong affinity thy still also have a strong affinity and a large portion of Glorantha's centaurs live right next to a people that worship Yelm as the Sun Horse. Yes. Although, as a GM I would probably care a lot about the reason as to why an initiate of the Sun Horse chose not to herd anything at all even if he could at that moment in his life herd horses. Even then there are probably at least a few reasons I would accept even for an initiate living inside the Grazelands.
  8. That would be the strong air affinity. That both and are common among them. Not only . Also, that Ironhoof is for some reason descended from Orlanth, a Storm god.
  9. That might actually be what they're trying to do. Something I've seen done before with ... mostly alrightish results? I'd have to admit. It certainly makes things simpler and for the most part doesn't create any issues. Except on occasion it does. Especially when you want to make something the game developers didn't fully anticipate even though it should be technically possible. --- Anyway. I've been wondering for some time now. Are there any known Yelmic centaur lineages? And how come Ironhoof is descended from Orlanth and why do so many centaurs has such a strong affinity even though they're part horse? I'd imagine they'd be avid sun worshippers of some kind but so far I've found nothing.
  10. None

    Solar Campaign

    That's not what I meant as that spell summons a separate entity in a separate body. You're making me doubt my memory here but I'm confident that the Heroforming from Hero Quest that I'm talking about that you yourself transform into a limited aspect of your deity. Essentially invoking an extremely small scale Heroquest, giving you the abilituy to perfom said god's deed even if normaly beyond your physical capability. The limitation being that you bind yourself to acting as the deity in question did in that small mythical instance. (I.e. the Ernalda version I mentioned allows you to make large swaths of the earth ferile simply by you being carried, or riding if you want to push it, past it. You must however be pregnant and you must imitate Ernalda traveling throughout the land.)
  11. Maybe I should have thought more before making the topic but I still find the suggestions given so far to be interesting enough to have been worth it. It is obvious that Generts absence has significatly afected Northern Glorantha. Simply having im be alive (and non-chaosified) would affectthe Praxians so much that they wouldn't be warlike, nomadic barbarians but probably a setled civilization that could reach out to influence tthe surrounding area. Sudenly they'd be less 'barabaric' than the Sartarites and I'd gues they would have a stronger theistic tradition centered around Genert. Edit: Oh, yes, this. This should mean that Genert being alive should be huge for Pavis, unless I'm mistaken.
  12. There are also the fact that the skills of a shaman , and the duties of a shaman, are two different things mechanically even if they're linked culturally. I can still see an individual Rune Master attain the skills of a shaman for personal reasons even if not, how should I put it, working as a shaman for the clan , tribe or community. There's also the thing that if you take the whole initiates of Yelm must herd horses too far. Then you can sudenly end up with a character that is incapable of herding horses for an extended time (lets say five years in Prax against your will) and suddenly you don't qualify for your own initiation. (Which is obviously stupid and I doubt any GM would enforce that but the rules as written could be taken that way if interpretated to stringently.)
  13. Ah so Ezel is considered to important for anyone to be willing to give authority over to single other house or person. That's rthe political reason I can see at least. I'm sure there is another religious reason too. I find it somewhat ironic that the place for worshiping Ernalda is effectively ruled over by Asrelian priestesses. Which makes me kind of wonder. Are the temples even considered distinctively separate? Or is it just one huge temple congleramate/temple city? They refer to the city itself as Ernalda? I'm taking that as the people who live in Ezel literally belive they're living inside Ernalda herself (and Gata's womb apparently). Now I'm just waiting for the time when: (spoilers for the Smoking Ruin Senario) When you say one that makes me wonder which ones the others are and what could possibly be more reverd to the Earth Cults than a templer that is considered to be the literal embodiment of Ernalda herself.
  14. That, that wasn't quite what I intended with this topic but it is an intereting line of thought. I guess I have to further speciy the question in the topic to 'what would happen if Genert survived and wasn't turned into a Chaos God and what would happen if he was?' I've seen mentioned that he was the Namer, interestingly isn't that something he shares with Yelm then? As I remember Yellm has a whole myth about how he named everything (except Umath).
  15. So is Noble and that occupation can definitely initiate into Yelm. I get what you mean though. What I should have said was: Why couldn't you as a shaman simply herd a few (ay two or three) horses on your spare time? Or more likely. Why would you have to herd at all to initiate into Yelm? I read the requirement under Yelm the Sun Horse as ' if you herd anything it may only be horses' not as 'you must herd and you may only herd horses).
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