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    Solar Campaign

    So basically. The focus on Sartar strikes again. However, seeing as none of the above are (presumably) Sartarites, how much do they have in common with the Sartarites and how much have they been influenced by Dara Happa and other Pelorian civiliations? Their relationship with Dara Happa ought to be more complex than the one the Sartarites have at the very least. Ah, so things were escalating. Any idea why trolls dislike Solars so much? Come to think of it. Isn't Nysalor a god? Shouldn't he be a violation of the Compromise in and by himself. This is one of
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    Solar Campaign

    I thought breaking the Compromise usually meant that a lot of other gods appeared to express their displeasure. So how did he get away with that? Yes, that was bad, as they had no emperor, but now they had no emperor, and they had to pay tribute! Ah, of course. I should have learned by that the Draa Happans judge the situation much more based on their Emperor and if everyone follows their place in the Yelmic order, rather than how the rest of the world is dong. Of course having no Emperor in a ruined world is better than having a false Emperor in a most
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    Solar Campaign

    I'm pretty sure the trolls bore litters of Uz before the curse and were only able to birth the occasional sole Uz after (usually they only get litters of Trollkin). At least that's what I've heard.
  4. Pamalt has a very strong presence in Pamaltela (if the name didn't mke that obvious enough), huh? This is pretty similar to the Ernaldan earth cults, although I'm guessing several of the similarities are only superficial as I'm not sure if Ernalda's model would even work in the enviroment you've just described. Certainly not the same way as in Northern Glorantha. Pamalt doesn't sem to be as, well, stupid as Orlanth. That's interesting. So Water has more or less taken the place of Earth among the Doraddi? I'm getting the impression that Water has more of a presence in
  5. None

    Solar Campaign

    That's about what I expected, that should also mean that they typical Dara Happans doesn't really know that much about tricksters or what they're capable of though. Wasn't this also when the Trollkin curse was cast on the trolls by someone? At least that should have been something everyone (except the trols) approved of. Now that must have been great. Their what now? Has it something to do with the Iron Ram somehow? Yes, I can see the Dara Happans, their nobility in particular, practically frothing over this. Which I assume is Buserain so his cult should
  6. I think he was revealed to be a Chaos God to show how bad its to try and replace Orlanth.
  7. It does make sense that she would, one way or another, heal all without reservation.
  8. Ah, right. Chalana Arroy is also supposed to be a solar goddes under a diferent name isn't she? No idea where Issaries comes from.
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    Solar Campaign

    I don't thin the descendants of Malkion would appreciate that theory. Makes me wonder how long his (or maybe I should say their) list of grudges is and who's on it. And get help by (a worshiper of) Eurmal (with a similar grudge) who convinces them that it is a good idea. After that said trickster would probably be giggling with glee over that it actually worked. Only to discoverthat Vadrus is actually a worse (if more fun) boss than Orlanth. -- This brings up a question I've been meaning to ask. What is the Dara Happan view on tricksters? I'd assum
  10. Which as I understand it essentially means the winner can, with enough of a win and enough power, force the loser into llways heving been a Chaos God or Chaos monster. That puts a whole newspin onto the winer writing history. I don't know as the name doesn't ring any bells. All I know is that they where theorised by Western Sorcerers who did so by begining in one end of their theory chain and then worked their way forward untill they got the desired result. Which means it could still be their viewpoint. I somehow don't think the typical Dara Happan puts much stock into Lightbri
  11. That's , rather unusual for Glorantha. Edit: Actually this makes me think about something. Considering how Nysalor and Lokomayadon were suddenly, and very conveniently, 'revealed' to be Chaos Gods as they ended up the losers of their respective conflicts. Are there some way for the winners of a conflict to force the losers to retroctively become Chaos mosters?
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    Solar Campaign

    Defenitely. The followers of Vadrus would probably concider themselves the true people of freeom. I kind of like this interpretation though. What happens in Alkoth should seem entirely normal to the Alkothi themselves, even if the rest of the world is horrified by it. Ironically this actually makes these cults (and Ernalda by extension) resemble Yelm more than Orlanth. Doesn't this meant they weren't nomadic at the time? Something lke this is what I'm immagining, combined with them being just as convinced that they are in the right as the Storm Bulls are.
  13. Even though I immagine initiates of the brewer god are concidered really important in most communities. Imagine the horror of any Orlanthi chief or king that wants to hold a victory feas only to discover that all of the brewing god's initiates are dead and there isn't anything left to drink.
  14. Care to expand on that? ------ Thinking about this makes me remember something about burning water elementals, as in elementals litterally made ut of water that burns and is aflame like fire but is still water.
  15. So they're essentially to halves of the same goddess standing eternally with their backs turned against each other and unable to reconsiliate their different worlds to the point that one cannot exist with, or at the same time as, the other? At least you put some thought into this. That much, at least, I can appreciate and I'll admit that it is an interesting concept, if done well. Thank you for answering my question, I appreciate it. 🙂 That's kind of unique isn't it? Having two Elemental runes I mean. Out of curiosity, are there any other gods with two elemental runes?
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