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Off to Garguna - Escape from the Monster Island


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My player group now have a reason to go to Garguna of Fonrit in Pamaltela from Loral. They have received knowledge that the closest Chalana Arroy temple sits there and one of them desperately needs the attention of that particular cult. There might be some other reasons as well to go to that particular city. 

 In addition to the obvious flavour text from GoG for Garguna what might be the surprises that they might encounter in the vicinity and on the route to Garguna in the 1620's...

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From Loral to Garguna is quite a way, and give the cosmopolitan way the Fonritians have towards enslaving other people and their gods, I sort of doubt that that's the closest CA temple. However, it might be the closest one known to the player characters, and they might possibly have an item of introduction that allows the party member to get access to the services they need.

Looking at the map (e.g. p.472), their journey is likely to bring them into contact with Maslo (or at least Edrenlin) before crossing either the Marthino or the (except for a sidbar mention almost completely unmentioned) Rikas Sea towards Fonrit.

Once approaching northern Fonrit, they will bypass e.g. Dindanko (the Kareeshtan metropolis which is quite likely to offer CA services, too) or they travel through the inland sea before turning south into Afadjann.

Alternatively, one might sail towards Kumanku and then turn south.


A naval journey has the usual suspects to deal with - ships from other cultures (Kareeshtan, Vadeli, Waertagi, Masloi, Wolf Pirate), merfolk (first Ludoch, then Malasp, and possibly Ysabbau on the open sea), sea monsters, flying creatures, possibly a fireberg if they take the northerly route. Then there are coastal encounters. The Mother of Monsters is a possibility, or the consequences of a major geographical/geological change on Kimos, and all manner of interactions with elves and humans. Depending on your time-line, you might encounter or accompany Gebel, the Teshnan Zaranistangi hero, at least part of the way.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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I would have thought Chalana would have been known of in Elamle, but there's perfectly sound reasons for heroes to go for the temple in Garguna (more prestigious, an Oracle told them to do it)

Sailing to Garguna, the heroes will encounter:

Ludoch - wanting news of any possible Malasp sightings.

Malasp - seeking to kick the Ludoch out of the Marthino sea.

Wolf Pirates - "Kill them and take their stuff"

Vadeli Pirates - "Kill them and take their souls"

Vadeli Fishers - willing to sell some of their catch (which disturbingly has the odd merfolk in it).  For a little extra, might sell some of their "special" catch from the Sea of the Dead, with promises of great magical properties to be obtained from it.

Kareeshtuans:  Mighty suspicious of anybody wanting to go to Afadjann.  Might levy a contribution of loot or heroes if not satisfied.

In and around Garguna:

Assassins from Jotoku:  the heroes are not really their type so they would be safe from them.  What would be bad would be if the PCs stumbled on the assassins cleaning up after their latest kill, the assassins leave quietly before the authorities arrive who then arrest the heroes for being assassins in disguise.

Voice-stealers.  Magical extortionists from the Cult of Silence.  They send spirits to steal people's voices and give them back in return for a contribution to their cult.

Zombie missionaries.  Lead by a walking, talking priest of Gark.  He has his zombies surround our heroes and others while he gives them a massionary spiel about the delights of Gark.  Let's crowd go afterwards if no takers.

Greatest Swordsman:  Overlarge kid who grew up starry-eyed with the tales of great swordsmanship.  With his physique, he turned to the worship of Seseine and now is ridiclously (and chaotically) skilled in sword combat.  Challenges the heroes to a fight.

Pseudo-God Learners:  Claim to have the Forbidden Secret, which they will sell.  Has some skill in sorcery for demonstration but are ordinary



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