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Who rules the God Forgot and Casino Town in early 1621?


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As far as I know, they did not.

When Refuge still was played in the Chaosium campaign using the Thieves World supplement, Prince Kadakithis and his five guardsmen probably were a Lunar prince (possibly Prince Orontes of Chris Gidlow's Tarsh War fame, at least this was the case in my 1990ies RQ-AiG playtest game) and his Yanafali bodyguards sent to Refuge as face of the Empire and official collector of taxes/tribute.

Mainly for authorial freedom and copyright reasons (more so for this product than for City of Carse), Chaosium has distanced themselves from this organically grown story and will produce some material free of external licensing.


The absence of Lunar occupation isn't that weird. Both Fazzur and Tatius have way bigger fish to fry, Fazzur aiming for Nochet, Tatius for destroying the Rebel God for good with his chaotic upgrade to the existing types of Reaching Moon temples. In that light, sending an adminstrator sounds like something the Tarshites may have come up with.

The moon connection that Prince of Sartar suggested for God Forgot had already been resolved by Jar-eel ("This part I will keep for myself") in 1616. While the Machine Ruins are a dungeon of heroic proportions, there appears to be no major Lunar effort to plunder it (neither by some Dart Competition faction trying to exploit this source of exotic and deadly magic, whether God Learner or dwarven).

Harrek's presence makes a major investment here unwise, too.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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1 hour ago, Brootse said:

Have the Lunars conquered the islands and put garrisons there, or what's the situation?


The Lunar Conquest did not extend to the Bandori (Guide  p251) who are allied with God Forgot (or rather the God Forgotten city of Refuge).  There's a whole lot of refugees in the city of Refuge.  

The Talar of God Fotgot is apparently Talar Barat, according to a MOB list of rumours about Casino Town.

 His chief servant is Carvan Zirvan according to the Prince of Sartar webzine.  

The Talar of Refuge might be Talar Vernen (as Refuge's proper name is apparenty Vernen according to Esrolia: the Land of Ten Thousand Goddesses p13) who would be subservient to Barat.  

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