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  1. You misunderstood me. For normal RQG campaign where the characters are clannish Sartarite farmers and the like to whom adventuring is only a side gig, the current training rules work okayish. But if you are are running different kinds of scenarios, eg. soldiers in a training camp, or students in the Great Library of Nochet, the current training rules don't work.
  2. Yeah, there are no rules yet about full time training, and they are needed in some campaigns. Eg. if the characters join a military unit and go through a training period, or if the characters are students in Nochet's Great Library, both of which are great sources for games. I've used slightly modified RQ3 rules for that kind of training.
  3. Perhaps if you divided the prices by 10 they could be of use in special cases. Like I houseruled the ability training prices to cost only 1/10 of the book prices. Some gym coach or potion maker shouldn't rival the Red Emperor in wealth.
  4. Yeah, agreed. I've houseruled that 'long spears' can be used one handed, so that they work like the historical spears.
  5. But having a pet dog is even worse!
  6. Yeah, agreed. If the world has greatswords, then what's stopping people from making a sword that's between great- and broadsword?
  7. Steppe pony isn't a breed, but if you mean Mongol horses, only the largest of galanas are that big. A typical galana is the size of a Shetland pony.
  8. Theirs are even smaller, that hulking brute i posted was the size of a massive western warhorse.
  9. The RQG pygmies are just slightly smaller than other humans (-2 to SIZ), and I calculated it in. RQ3 pygmies were somewhat smaller, but I have no idea where their stats were. And Gloranthan bisons aren't particularly large, and the biggest horse breed is the size of Icelandic horses, ie. quite small.
  10. Re: realism and Gloranthan mounts, I've found it simplest to think of them like the Gloranthan metals, ie. they only share a common name with Earth's equivalent. They are as fantastical beings as dragons. Eg. an impala warrior's mass is about 70% of impala's mass, while Earth's cavalry horses carried only about 25% of their mass, so impala cavalry is as realistic as a flying dragon. But since this is a fantasy game, you can just say that a wizard deity did it.
  11. In one Finnish translation, maybe a line in the Glorantha box, the sables were translated into that kind of sables.
  12. Thanks for finding and answering my question. I had completely forgotten about this 😄
  13. In RQ3 with its weekly POW increases it was quite common. And sometimes it was even done just for money to pay for training.
  14. When I ran that campaign in RQ3 my group had similar problems wrt. attending seasonal worship ceremonies. This is a big change for many campaigns.
  15. Thanks, this is a nice clarification. I didn't know that initiates could hold their own worship ceremonies.
  16. Because initiates need to worship on every holy day if they want to keep on being initiated. Eg. Ernaldans have to spend a day every week on worship ceremonies in their temple.
  17. Rosolukki is a great one! What was Bagnot's etymology?
  18. Here's the official answer: tldr: If you get +30% to a new passion, it will end up ranging from 60% to 90%.
  19. I've understood that Passions start from 60, and if you get some added, it gets added to the 60. Where does it state otherwise? I must have missed it.
  20. 90 is the right answer, and yes, it's quite a lot. And loyalty is a two way street, but the target of your loyalty is your lord.
  21. Yeah, I hadn't realized before this thread that the rule wasn't the "one-roll only, modifier on the scale of +50/+30/+20/-20/-50. Fire and forget.", but that there were differencies in normal failures.
  22. In my group we have kind of the opposite problem. Many times the action stops because the players start pondering/talking if a passion or a Rune is suitable for the skill check. It used to be a bigger problem, but now it's mostly under control.
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