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    Swords of Central Genertela

    Thanks, they look great!
  2. Yeah, though the the same thing, even though I love the art in the game.
  3. Really interesting thread! Btw, how did time exist before the Sunrise?
  4. Brootse

    Argrath and Elusu chat

    haha, keep em coming
  5. Brootse

    Swords of Central Genertela

    Damn nice!
  6. Brootse

    Swords of Central Genertela

  7. Brootse

    Swords of Central Genertela

    M Helsdon, there are three soldiers I'd really like to see; a Thunder Delta slinger, a Silver Shield Hypastist, and a javeliner who has an amentum. Trolls too!
  8. that's a wiki anyone can edit
  9. Brootse

    Sun Domers back up weapon

    actually only water cultists can use forks, other people get attacked by spirits of reprisal if they try to obviously yelmalians can only use knives with round straight handles and only darkness worshippers can play baseball, but they have to use rocks as balls e: wait, fire worshippers could use spear handles as bats... hmm this needs more pondering
  10. Brootse

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    I had the same question, and Jeff answered it in another thread: I hope that clarification goes to the next book update.
  11. Brootse

    Sartarite Greetings

    In Yelmalian clans the short greeting is of course 'Oy!'
  12. Newtlings could learn one-use dragonewt magic in RQ3, so maybe the magic from the head would also be one-use.
  13. Brootse

    Troll Devotional Art / Clark Ashton Smith

    Damn nice pics! I also liked the word 'kygerlith' for stone carvings of the Kyger Litor that was used in the guide.
  14. Brootse

    Sartarite Greetings

    And in the more lunarized clans they ask if you have broken wind yet.
  15. Brootse

    The new Dwarves

    This gold dwarf is in the Guide: Maybe he was made to look more pleasing to the human eyes?
  16. Brootse

    The new Dwarves

    I sometimes wondered if the Flintnail dwarves were apostate, but since they didn't play a big part in my Pavis campaign I didn't have to give my fatwa about it. But is it canon that they are "just" heretics? The Glorantha wiki says that they are Openhandists, but the Guide says that: More serious than heresy is apostasy (the abandonment of the dwarf way). Under this state of affairs, the Way of Mostal is completely violated, for example by sacrificing to a god other than Mostal. Apostate dwarves become mortal. The Decamony does not condemn specific apostasies – the fallen state is obvious for all dwarves to see. An apostate dwarf is termed “broken.”
  17. Brootse

    Libraries & Records

    I've understood that the Orlanthi culture is mostly oral, so only like royal marriages and births would be written somewhere. I'd say that marriages are officiated at temples since they include wows to gods. Sun Counties and Yelmalian clans and tribes have a more literal culture, since their priests are scribes too, so they write down all marriages and births. e: in The Shadows on the Borderland which is set in the Praxian Sun County, the Ernaldans also kept written records on births, deaths, livestock, etc.
  18. Yeah, in my Glorantha, I've used the meteorogical visibility ratings, and for the human visibility acuity 1 arc minute. Visibility ratings: Very poor: less than 1,000 metres Poor: between 1,000 metres and 2 nautical miles Moderate: between 2 and 5 nautical miles Good: more than 5 nautical miles And in really good conditions, you can see tens of kilometers on sea, or even over hundred on mountains. 1 arc minute means that you can see 1 m tall object at 3.5 km in perfect conditions, which means that you could on really clear days see a trireme at 50 km distance.
  19. Over the what now?
  20. Brootse

    Sun Domers back up weapon

  21. Some earlier books said that they do, but I would have thought that that runs contrary to them collecting large libraries. Why not just then have book barbeques if their gods like that?
  22. Brootse

    Sun Domers back up weapon

    Aldryamis use axes too.