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  1. RAW = rules as written.
  2. Wandering Sun, Jealous Uncle, I have a new Toy here, see it? Test me, twice if you can For a Gold Piece each right Answer. Where are the car keys? Is the stove still on?
  3. Hah, that's what I was thinking about.
  4. Maybe the Man rune should be the rune for free will, since it's the gods who lack it.
  5. Trolls! Night and great troll heavies, trollkin slingers and disciplined trollkin spearmen of Argan Argar. Elf bowmen, and dwarf pike and shot regiment. Dragonewts with their half-bird cavalry. Vampire Legion and Ralzakark's Broos.
  6. That would explain alot. e: I mean Orlanth's rebellion against Yelm and the Red Goddess, and Sartarites rebellion against the Pharaoh and the Lunar Empire.
  7. Many thanks! e: Windwalk? Is that a new spell from the oncoming Cult book, or did you mean Wind Warp or Flight?
  8. I'd also really like to see one.
  9. I don't know the rules, but so far I haven't seen anyone getting into trouble for quoting or posting pics from official sources to answer questions, even in threads where mods have been posting. I don't think that anyone will mind if you post a single clan's tattoos.
  10. Thanks! How many Wolf Pirates are there? The quote from the Guide says: No one knows how many Wolf Pirates there are, or how many ships. About two dozen Wolf Pirate ships left Loskalm, and although some have been sunk, others have been built, too. Furthermore, at least as many galleys and round ships have since joined the fleet. There may be as many as 30 to 60 ships in all, though they range all along the southern coast, and have so far never all been in one place at the same time. Is that 30-60 the amount of the whole Wolf Pirate fleet, or only the Three Step Island's fleet. And how big was the circumnavigation fleet, a fifth of that, ie. 6-12? The rules I've used for Ygg's cult is RQ3's Valind with no Cloud Call or Snow, and getting Summon Undine from Nelarrina and Snow from Valind, and getting access to Fanaticism and Berserk if you've undergone the Ygg's Fury (ruleswise indentical to Valind's Fury). And just undergoing the Fury doesn't make you a priest, you need to pass the normal requirements too. How close is that what you have in mind for Ygg's cult? e: Is the Ygg's Islands' language a Theyalan language? In the previous edition it wasn't related to any other languages, though I houseruled it to be as close to Stormspeech as other Theyalan languages, ie. 1/10 of the skill.
  11. There was some broo gang in the old Pavis & Big Rubble campaign setting that had this exact tactic.
  12. Yeah, especially explosives. This goes for other BRP products too. We homebrewed some rules from the Twilight 2000.
  13. It could of course be treated like a spell too. You don't have to roll to hit with Thunderbolt either. In our last session a dragonsnail had a chaotic freature from RQ3 that allowed it to breath fire for 3d10 damage a few times a day, but said nothing about its chance to hit. So to make things a bit more interesting I played that it had a 100% skill in it, ie. 96-00 misses and 00 fumbles. POW*5 or something could have worked too.
  14. I was wondering about this question too in a few threads. Here's the official answer: So when I bought the Adventure pack I was quite surprised to see that all of the militia, ie. most of the men were Initiates who could cast Thunderbolt. In conclusion: Glorantha is a land of contrasts.
  15. Brootse

    Dream dragons

    Yeah, it'd be nice.
  16. Dampen Damage doesn't affect magical bonuses.
  17. They have. They can attack their enemies from longer ranges than swordmen can.
  18. Thanks for the clarification!
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