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Mish Mash it all together.

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I'm planning on running one-shots at the local Hobbytown using BRP. I want to allow all players. I want to allow all character types.

I have the idea of this world:

At some point a few hundred years ago a mage cast some zany spell that pulled bits of other worlds into the pocket dimension that the mage was in (or something like that). The result was a world made of bits of other worlds.

I also have the idea of world/setting specific powers or equipment having a %chance it would have a strange, undesirable or different effect. At the exact % to pass or at 90-98% the effect might be different than desired. A critical success could be a good effect, or a failure a really bad one. GM discretion. For example, a laser gun might malfunction in an area of the world from a magic realm.

I have not read all the specific sections so I'm not sure of any character types that would totally collide and not be playable together. (I just got the book a few days ago)

Any glaring problems with this plan I'm missing?

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After a few quick glances it at forum, I'm thinking maybe I should limit it to two or three settings getting mixed.

Any number of settings should mix with few if any problems. BRP keeps high tech weapon damages low,so damage wise a pistol isnt really any better than a bow, the advantage of the pistol is primitive armor only offers half its armor points against modern weapons, so full plate only offers 4 points of protection instead of 8 against that same pistol.

The only part that could be an issue is if you allow supers to play along side normals. It can be done as long as you read the suggestions on mixing power systems, and you dont care if everything is in perfect balance. I've done it and my group had a ball.

Edit: You ever play TORG? Your background sounds similar.

Have fun with it.


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After a few quick glances it at forum, I'm thinking maybe I should limit it to two or three settings getting mixed.

The Super powers sub system is IME the most awkward to integrate in a balanced fashion with the other power systems, but it can be done with some work. The mutations power system is wildly variable RAW, especially in combination with some option (e.g. skill category bonuses) so be wary of using that unmodified.

And in the end, kitchen sink settings can very rapidly become dull because of the sheer incoherence - what's clever about TORG is that in a given situation you are dealing with a single dominant 'Axiom' (think that's the term?). So I think picking two or three settings and paying some attention to how they bend is a GOOD plan.

A suggestion - pick ONE power system, design all the kit using it, then change the descriptions to be setting appropriate, and fine tune as appropriate. So a "Stave of Dragon's Breath" in one setting has the same basic stats as a "Mobile Infantry Squad Close Support Weapon" in another, it's teh descriptions and setting specific details that differ...

Let us know how it goes.



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To give you two examples of how other settings have done similar things:

The 'default' setting of GURPS is, essentially, a Sliders rip off in which they go to different dimensions. These dimensions have varying mana levels (so magic works differently - and sometimes not at all - depending on where the PCs are) and other massive variants. Your standard PC group is, therefore, given a points level and told, "Make anything, because anything could be in one of these groups." You can have a Medusa fighting alongside Captain Bampf the Space Adventurer if you want.

With regard to a setting with different historical places all mashed together Ravenloft did that. Whereas the GURPS setting went for, "Super-science did it!" Ravenloft goes for, "Magic/gods did it." It is essentially a hell dimension in which each person sent there for their crimes is bound by their evil soul to a territory that is drawn from their own minds to some extent. This meant that, effectively, a stone-age world could exist near a Renaissance world. These little islands were seperated by a dangerous mist which few dared travel through because of the monsters that lurked within it and the risk of getting totally lost.

Hope that helps.

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I like the idea of picking one power system and just renaming things, so I can have a staff of flame and a flamethrower have the same or similar rules guiding them. Then I wont have to look up everything in different sections, or at least not as many. :thumb:

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