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Ryzel in the EWF


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It's far too west to have been reached by the EWF.  Perhaps the God Learners used it as a reservation in which the Ryzelites were subjects of magical anti-draconic spells?  Not to kill them outright but to see which magics might be most potent against the EWF.  

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The dragonspeakers spread their secret from the epicenter in or near Nochet since shortly before the Tax Slaughter in 575 ST, and Slontos remained unconquered until the reign of Svagad (starting 789 ST), who was busy driving out draconic influences when not trying to get rid of the Loper people. This gives the true draconic mystics two centuries of establishing themselves in remote and inaccessible places, and it would have taken probably another century of effort to round all of them up.

The God Learners then are around for about the same length of time. When they arrived, the dragonfriend cult had just become mainstream in Dragon Pass, not yet in the further places in Maniria or eastern Ralios.

Away from Peloria, where the dragonfriends and the traditionalists actively fought one another, the Kingdom of Night appears to have been neutral ground, and the river valleys south of Arstola never really had any unified front. The cities and kindoms happened mainly at the coast, with a lesser chain of urban centers near the modern coast.

Maniria never was quite part of Orlanthland, or the EWF, but early EWF philosophy would have been found near Ryzel as much as throughout southern Peloria. The God Learners probably did a majority of their raids into Orlanthi mythology here in the wild outback of Slontos.


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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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