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Much further down the line (after covid 19, after my friend finish GMing Prince of the Apocalypse, after I finish round 1 of my Master of Orion Scifi campaign) I plan to do a round 2 of my fantasy campaign and I plan to involve many deities in the affair of the players...
But hey, since there is no rule about Deity and this is a cool topic, I muse on it every now and then...

Hence the question, what the heck can a deity do?

I came up with those cool deity rules that fit my fantasy (I am sure some people will find my deities underpowered, some other with think them overpowered, it's all a matter of taste and personal fantasy, really). My goal here was to make them a step above mortal while still approachable, not necessary good at magic, and have rule for apotheosis and answer the question how do they teach magic to their follower and what do they do with their followers (assuming follower sacrifice MP to the gods like they do IN RQ).

Please comment if you see possible improvement or different approach / ideas :) 


Background remark:
In my cosmology there is like 2 plane of existence. Our plane of existence and the astral plane, which I think very much like the CoC dreamland. Where thing pops into existsnce for no reason other than someone thought about it. 
This astral plane is like an immense dark empty sea with places floating about, which are like discworld floating in the emptiness. Some of them are centred around what I call "huge column of primordial fire of creation" that shine like star in the emptiness and are a source of magic, creation and new god.



Deity will use superhero power with a few changes. It has a new Divinity skill that is their superpower budget. It has also free access to sorcery.

A deity either have always been a deity or a mere mortal can be rebirthed by diving in the primordial fire of creation that burn in the astral plane, and win a conflict of either Meditation / Allegiance / Enchant vs 130% and against a pool of 80 vs their POW point pool. Opposing difficulty can be lowered to 100% if sponsored by a divinity from the same firepit of creation. They can consume Power Extension instead of their own power. POW is destroyed, not just mere MP. Once started the fight can’t be interrupted and the character is either dead or reach apotheosis. First 5 round are instant, later round each last 1 hour. Hence apotheosis is either a quick death or a slow uncertain process.
Each divinity is bound to a firepit of creation from which it respawns when dying.

A character will start with a Divinity skill of POW (that can only increase once per adventure), that is their superhero budget. On death 20 skill points are consumed (character pick some power to lose) over 20 days to rebirth (being respawn) from their bound firepit of creation, gods are effectively immortal unless their divinity skill is too low.

Alternate Form (superhero power change) now become Extra Form. All mental score (including POW and power point) is shared across all body. But the divinity is effectively multiple person at once, with a shared power point pool.

A divinity can meditate (meditation skill) to learn any sorcery spell of choice. It needs to meditate near its bound firepit of creation. It takes 1 hour per MP cost of the spell and a successful Meditate skill to learn a new spell. The spell can then be shared with followers. It still is limited to a total budget of INT sorcery spell point, like everyone else.

The firepit of creation from which the divinity has spawn also act has a brazier of power that can contain up to Divinity% magic point from follower donation (when successful allegiance roll is made by them or their priest) or from the divinity. To use for normal spell casting or extend the land around the firepit of creation (much like new thing can be created in the CoC dream land). The range is Divinity% meters.

Note that the firepit of creation from which the divinity is spawned is a strategic location, that might force divinities to ally into friendly pantheon, i.e. divine alliance.

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Well only 2 gods were prominent in last campaign.....

Illiune, an ascended human worshipped by one of the player and also, they unwittingly retraced her footsteps in the land of dark elves...

And Lolth (vaguely, mostly statues)

But it was from lack of preparation.. they will be back! ^_^ 

This chocolate recipe.. is aptly named! :D
Although others might call it chocolate mousse, right?! :D

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On 4/9/2020 at 10:02 AM, Lloyd Dupont said:


Although others might call it chocolate mousse, right?! :D

actually, not.

"Mousse" is a soft moist dish, like a fluffy pudding.

Divinity is a bit more cookie/candy like; it has a delicate crust, and leans toward the meringue-cookie style (also a bit fudge-y).

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