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Higher Starting Characteristics and Non-Humans

Cowboy Duck

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We use a combination of rules: Roll 3D6 for everything, the assign them to the stats you want. We handle extra dice by allowing the player to roll 1D6 for each stat that is listed as 4D6 and add it on. I haven't had anyone with two stats that are bumped, but if I did I would let them roll the two dice and then assign each one as they wanted.

So basically, they roll a pool of 3D6 and a pool of 1D6, assign all the 3D6 rolls where they want, and the 1D6 rolls to the stats that start higher.

Hopefully that's clear.


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Has anyone used the Higher Starting Characteristics option with non-human characters built using characteristic rolls other than 3d6? How did you handle it? Did you simply replace one of the d6 rolls with a +6?



I like allocation systems myself now (but am too lazy to use the model of different characteristics costing different amounts)

But back when I played and ran Elric! a lot I did it exactly as you suggest.

(In fact I went further and for legendary characters humans/mabden rolled 1d6+12 whilst other races dropped 2d6 and added +12)

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When the characters were playing Humans, it would be 3d6 and place the stats where you want. Then redistribute up to 3 points as you wish. This pretty much gave the player a lot of control over the type of character they wanted to play. On the very rare occasion that all of the players rolls were very low, I'd let them reroll.

For anything other than straight 3d6 the player was aloud to roll to columns down the line. They then choose the column they wanted to play. I'd let them redistribute up to 3 points as well.


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allow everyone an 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11 (if EDU is used) and assign as they want.

For more flavor, allow them 3-6 extra points to apply whereever they want, as long as the starting characteristics don't exceed 21.

That way, everyone has the same total pts.

My best,

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Allocation for the win.

For myself I go:

19, 17, 15, 13, 13, rest 6s

But that's coz I mugged Heroquest and corrupted its character creation rules.

Edited by Al.
Ill thought out and offensive first stab

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