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Best genre supplements fo Mythras?


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Being new to Mythras on my search for my "to go" generic mechanics, I stumbled over Mythras and delving into Mythras Imperative, I really like what I see.

Now there are quite some supplements, I try to figure out which one is the setting agnostic "standard" book for each genre. For instance, I was told M-Space is the book to go for homebrew scifi settings. Which would be the books for:

- SciFi

- Modern World

- Fantasy

- Flexible supernatural powers in any shape, from Psi to classical fantasy magic or singular powers?

- Equipment Guides

- Bestiaries

- Horror (appart from lovecraftean horror for which CoC is already excellent)

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Mythras isn't GURPS, so you will not find "setting agnostic books for genre x" in terms of your question besides the M-SPACE  range (SciFi), Mythras Core Rules Book (Fantasy) and the Online Mythras Encounter Generator (Bestiaries) Another one that comes to mind is Seasons of the Dead (zombie-postapocalyptic toolkit). And obviously all of Classic Fantasy (oldschool Dungeoncrawling).

Further suggestions:  Firearms-PDF, Mythras Imperative and Mythras Companion

Mythras has a huge list of supplements for all kinds of genres and tons of stuff, but no GURPS-like setting-agnostic guides with just lists of critters, equipment and powers.



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