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Where is Etregia?

John Biles

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The Char-un received Erigia - the now denuded former taiga between Rathorela and the Thunder Delta/Thrice Blessed, north of the Sweet Sea.

At the time they received it, Eol was an elf forest/taiga unsuitable for riders, but the Skyburn rite of the Char-un changed that. It was the prototype for the Moonburn devastation of Rist in the Second Wane, which created the chaotic Hellwood aldryami of Dorastor in reaction.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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13 minutes ago, John Biles said:

Thanks.  I didn't think to look there even though it makes sense of everything.

I was looking on the Oraya/First Blessed map

That's where they came from for the Battle of Seven Horses. Part of the trick in "taming" the Char-un was to take them out of contact with the other Pentan tribes. The wars with the shrinking remnants of Carmania offered the Char-un a walker population to terrorize, but after the conquests there this atrocity service was no longer required.

There is no record of Char-un activity during Sheng Seleris's reign in Peloria in the Sourcebook. To the suffering Pelorians, the Char-un wouldn't have been much distinguishable from the other Pentan oppressors. After Sheng had been ousted, the Char-un were loyal to the Empire. They may have taken a role in harrassing the retreating horse overlords, taking rider wives from them.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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