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Marvel 1602

Bill the barbarian

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A bit late to the party (so what else is new?).

So once again, Neil (can I call you Neil, after all these years I feel I know you) Neil has written the best comic to ever be written! He should've, he has experience. That is to say, most of the comics (some would say all, I will not... that would be hyperbole) he has written are the best comics ever written! 

How does he do that, that's impossible. One must to better than the others, surely. 

Not so, Who else would make Death a teenage goth girl? Who else could reimagine Punch and Judy, those never changing icons of British childhood? Who else could take the greatest heroes of Marvel and remove them from the 21st century and place them in Elizabeth's 17th century world?

Great Stuff! And when you buy this, tell them a barbarian sent ya!

I would love to hear about someone using this as a Super World game, hell, I volunteer to play in it.

Anyone, c’mon, anyone? I’m waiting...



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... remember, with a TARDIS, one is never late for breakfast!

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26 minutes ago, Questbird said:

It is certainly an excellent super-hero comic, one of the best. In it Mr Gaiman manages, by transplanting them from modern USA to 17th century England, to reveal the unchanged essence of these superheroes.

And he said he would never do a super hero comic:)


15 minutes ago, Ali the Helering said:

ooooh gimmee gimmee gimmee wannitnow!

Oh Ali, you’re embarrassing yerself and getting drool all over my screen.. let me add to the problem with three random pics



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... remember, with a TARDIS, one is never late for breakfast!

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