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Blue Moon Assassins


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The Blue Moon magic in print at the moment (via Troll Gods) grants invisibility, through both the rune spell already available in the RQG core book and a spirit magic spell that I don't think has been brought into the current edition.  The Blue Moon also grants a unique version of the Divination spell: each casting grants the worshiper true, but somewhat random and contextless information about the present or future.  It's a great way to learn far-flung secrets and prophecies, but without some corroborating information the Blue Moon's sybils are a bit indecipherable.  Once in a Blue Moon cultist's life one of her divinations may give a message particular and important to that person, which they need no further context clues to understand, though some of her worshipers live their whole lives without receiving that special message.  She also has power over the tides, with myths about granting humans the power to quell rising waters and violent seas in Revealed Mythologies, though to my knowledge that magic has not survived in her land-based cult in Peloria.  The Blue Moon cult in Teshnos might know them though.

Her son Artmal grants the spell Vesper, which creates an aura that improves Spirit Combat and spellcasting rolls for the caster and their allies.  Artmal's myths describe a great mariner and founder of kingdoms, including a mythical flying ship, but magic associated with those myths seems to currently be lost thanks to the brutal suppression of Artmal's cult by the slavers of Fonrit.  If Artmal were a whole, healthy god he'd probably grant more magic, but he was dismembered and drowned in the Sea of Fire by Orlanth (called Baraku in Pamaltela) late in the Storm Age and most of his Gods Age existence remains inaccessible to his worshipers.

As assassins, I'd expect the Blue Moon Assassins to wear whatever is appropriate to the locale while they're working in the field.  When they're at rest, or performing cult functions?  I'd assume they wear blue.  The Jonstown Compendium adventure Blue Moon, White Moon has lovely illustrations of two Blue Moon Assassins.


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I seem to recall something about blue-moon stones which have control of water levels (I.e. tides).  Let’s see, my Balazaring Booty Notes (for the book of scenarios I’m putting together for Jonstown Compendium) just mention that pieces of the Blue Moon fell into the Elf Sea, lost ever since (monsters there).  Imbued with power to control tides.  Doesn’t note where the idea comes from, but I know I got the idea from a reference which noted that pieces of the Blue Moon which fell into water and spent a long time there gained power over water.  But which scroll...?

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