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Chaosium Interviews: Rivers of London update with Lynne Hardy


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Good stuff! Looking forward to learn about which BRP frame will be used as a based (the rule light BRP SRD, the crunchier BGB, the streamlined CoC 7e?) Which options will be used (pushed dice, resistance table, skill modifiers, passions, personality traits, etc)? And which add-ons will be used to better translate The Folly to the gaming table? Oh the mystery!

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20 hours ago, g33k said:

I tend not to watch these videos... 😞
Anyone able to summarize their learning?

I tend not to either but the ones done by James at edited to 5 to 10 minutes so they are easy to listened to...

The summary:

First round of playtesting finished. Tried a few ideas. Some worked, some didn't (no detail given)

Second round of playtesting to start soon.

Lynne pitched the Rivers of London RPG to Ben at a book signing. He was already keen about making it a RPG and was thinking BRP/CoC would be a good fit.


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Did you see the news about the Rivers of London screen adaptation? Now’s the perfect time to make sure you’re ready to jump into the upcoming TTRPG, based on Ben Aaronovitch's series of novels, as soon as it’s released. Check out this chat with the Rivers of London TTRPG line editor, Lynne Hardy. She is talking with Chaosium's James Coquillat for our Chaosium Interviews series.



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2 hours ago, MOB said:

Did you see the news about the Rivers of London screen adaptation? ...

I hadn't seen that!  TYVM for pointing it out.
Of course, it's a  l-o-n-g  way from announcement to the show first airing; I'm betting on the RPG to hit first...

But I bet you get another surge in sales when the the show drops!

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C'es ne pas un .sig

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