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Punch, kick, bite.


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Humans for example have ineffectual natural weapons, thus the size and damage of their limbs is one step less than default, dropping to 1d3 damage, Size Small and Reach Touch.


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On 7/10/2021 at 2:10 PM, Alex Greene said:

Unarmed really needs to include Traits such as Throw, Pin, Deck Foe, Gut Punch and so on. People see the 1d3 damage and think "Oh, that's not much," and then they get into combat and some local thug knocks their teeth out.

Many of the special effects can be used with unarmed. 

There are quite a few combat traits for unarmed in the https://notesfrompavis.blog/2014/02/04/rq6-charts-and-tables/ Combat style traits - few  of which are from official books even

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