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Last two days to purchase Chaosium's HeroQuest RPG titles; they are about to be permanently removed from sale


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The following HeroQuest Glorantha print titles will be withdrawn from sale on July 15 as part of our deal to transfer ownership of the HeroQuest trademark to Hasbro. Once withdrawn, they will be out-of-print permanently

HQ titles left

If you would like to own these HeroQuest print titles, order now! $9.99 price includes PDF.

HeroQuest PDF titles at Chaosium.com and DriveThruRPG will also be withdrawn from sale on July 15. Please note: If you own these PDF titles they will remain in your account's digital library.

We will be rebadging the HeroQuest line of products as Questworlds.

Questworlds Logo

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My understanding is, that the Heroquest 2 / Heroquest Glorantha books (HeroQuest Glorantha, Sartar:Kingdom of Heroes, Sartar Companion, Pavis:Gateway to Adventure, The Coming Storm,  The Eleven Lights) will eventually be re-released with the new QuestWorlds label.

I wouldn't expect, that the old Heroquest 1 / Hero Wars books will be re-released, because this is a complete different system, which is not supported anymore.

But I may be completely wrong here ...

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Unfortunately, it looks like the HeroQuest: Glorantha book is no longer available in the US. I'll see if my Hobby Shop can track a copy down.

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