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3D Flyover and Guided Tour of the Hittite Capital of Hattusa


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Saw this and immediately thought of this forum. This place kinda feels like it could have been an Orlanthi highland city. The house-complexes also look vaguely like the Ernaldan square houses we've been introduced to. 

I mean, it's not Boldhome or Whitewall, I suppose, but it's cool!



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1 hour ago, Bill the barbarian said:

Wowsie, wowsie, woo, woo Pebbles! Friggin’ great, and a must watch for Gloranthaphiles! Well, done good Sir_Godspeed, well done!


Check this out @D

thank you for tagging me, that's a great video.

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45 minutes ago, Bill the barbarian said:

No worries, I figured I owed you one after all the thrills you have given me in Apple Lane!

that's very kind of you. I should have some photos to upload of the zigzag tunnel in Rainbow mounds some time this week. It's been a very challenging section of cave to build.

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