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2nd edition system


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On 11/23/2021 at 7:27 PM, HeartQuintessence said:

So, I love the world, but not so much the system, anyone have suggestions?

Convert to BRP !
(but only moderate snark, as Magic World would give you the clean chassis, with judicious imports from Blood Tide for the swashbuckle)

Convert to Questworld!  (less snark!  QW is a robust engine for gaming ANY game-world the GM has largely internalized & loves)

Utterly seriously, but maybe less usefully -- You may get better responses if you broke down a bit of why you don't-so-much love the system, and/or what else/more/different you want from the system.   </pedant>

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Excellent points:

I tried it once, and honestly the system, just feels clunking. The way its written makes it hard to  keep the flow up:

Ex ( from a game I played)-

 We were going from one ship to another (boarding essentially) and the system just felt awkard. I've only played one game of it with 6 players (as a 6th), but I found that making the decla4rations and scenes were trickier to  get people on board with ( and this was someone who enjoyed Fate games)

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Hey HQ,

Without more detail, I can't really help to smooth out the rough edges.  Was boarding the ship an action sequence or a risk?

Was this your first game?  The group's first game?  The GM's first game?

That said, actions like this in 7th Sea play out a bit like a roller coaster.  And yeah, if you are gathering dice for a risk that doesn't have much to it, or if you are new to the game, I suppose it can feel clunky.  Though I'm not sure it really feels any clunkier than any other RPG I've ever played except that all of this is front loaded to some degree.  Ultimately, your "approach" is really just "You want to do what?  Roll this."  Normally, ever player would repeat this for every action of every round.  With 7th Sea, you just roll once and then count down through the group's raises.  I guess it just depends on what your expectations are.  Gathering dice does feel like it takes longer, but then the bottom drops out on the ride and off you go.


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I’m very confused about the rules for wounds as consequences. In the rulebook, it says all players suffer wounds from consequences unless they collectively spend enough raises to avoid them. This doesn’t make sense to me. If there is a 2 wound consequence to get across a burning room and one player only spends one raise to avoid one wound, but the other player doesn’t spend any raises to avoid the remaining wound, why would both players each receive one wound? It makes more sense that the second player would take 2 wounds and the first player would only take 1 wound.

the only way this would make sense is if the first player approaches the situation by doing something to extinguish the flames. But, it makes no sense if all they’re doing is dodging the flames. Why wouldn’t the second player have to dodge the flames too to get across the burning room?

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