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Arachne Solara was tied in her own net


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25 minutes ago, FlamingCatOfDeath said:

I was reading through the Gloratha Sourcebook and I was perplexed by this line: “In Ralios, Arachne Solara was tied in her own net by an enemy bull-headed demigod.“ —page 139. Is this elaborated on somewhere? It seems like a very significant event and I would like to find out more about it.

The demigod was Garanian Auroch whom Ethilrist met in Hell (Dorastor: Land of Doom). We don't have much more detail including where he came from (Tawari? Pelanda? Ralios? Etc.)

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Well, it was a significant event, the Sunstop, and how different places of Glorantha experienced it. Probably the single most important event in time, as many of what happens later is a replay of the war between Arkat and Nysalor, and the techniques and secrets revealed then are the basis of the Empire of the Middle Sea and the Lunar Empire. 

I would say that is the interpretation of how the Sun could stop in Ralios relatively close to Nysalor's birthplace in Dorastor.

As speculation, Garanian (thanks Metcalph for the name) was one of the gods and demigods that helped the Broken council in the God project, and the Ralians saw it as an attack on the Compromise, Arachne's web. 


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I am sure lots of people wrote in Ralios of the experience of Sunstop, but I suspect most of it was destroyed in the fifty years of total war that followed. 

I suspect each observer saw different things, and experienced different lengths of time for the sunstop. The tales we have are just those that survived the war, the God Learner knowledge grab, the Doom of the God Learners, and 1250 years of general neglect and secrecy as most people do not want to remember that war and curse all sides in it, while the Arkati secret societies grab all knowledge of it and hide it.

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On 5/24/2022 at 5:55 PM, FlamingCatOfDeath said:

 “In Ralios, Arachne Solara was tied in her own net by an enemy bull-headed demigod.“ —page 139

n.b. "in Ralios"

Which is to say, many other locations might have a VERY different account/interpretation of the same events.

That "Arachne Solara was tied in her own net" doesn't seem like a Glorantha-wide truism, only a local understanding...


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On 5/25/2022 at 10:36 PM, FlamingCatOfDeath said:

I meant that binding the Spider in her own Web seems like something that would be elaborated on as one of the key causes of the sunstop and is a terrifying precedent in its own right. I am surprised it was mentioned without the mythology of it being written up somewhere.

It was one of the events of the Sunstop.

As a bloated spider appeared and repaired the web, ending the Sunstop, Arachne Solara was probably freed from the web and able to act. Again, that was probably a HeroQuest of some sort.

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