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Chaosium Inc.'s edition of Malory

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I've just been reading a newly-published book on King Arthur, John Matthews' "The Great Book of King Arthur and His Knights" of the Round Table", a collection of retellings of Arthurian tales not found in Malory (though some well-known in their own right, such as the red and white dragons at Vortigern's castle).  In the Introduction, Matthews mentioned working on a new edition of Malory for Chaosium Inc., which, he stated, will contain "marginal glosses" to fill in the background on Malory's work.

This is the first I've heard of this edition, and Chaosium Inc.'s involvement suggests it's connected to "Pendragon" (and probably the sixth edition in particular).  Does anyone know more about it?  (The annotations are the part that's triggered my curiosity.)

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The original campaign started by Nocturnal Media is here.  Management of the project transferred to Chaosium when Pendragon returned to the company.  They were taking late pledges, but I can't find that.  I'm sure it will eventually be available on the Chaosium webshop.  I actually feel a huge relaunch of the fiction section is bubbling under the surface since things have been quiet with it for a long time.  Maybe Le Morte will be the start of it?

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I think this specific project is in the editing stage.

According to the latest update by the book editor, James Lowder, on Kickstarter (June 30th), "On the current schedule, backers will have the [Arthurian] Companion PDF by the end of July." [the Arthurian Companion and Annotated Le Morte were included in the same Kickstarter project]. Then, "My schedule will shift to the Annotated Le Morte in August. [...] Le Morte will be my primary Chaosium focus after Gen Con."

So, still no tentative release date, but the project should see significant advancements in Autumn.

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