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On-line play. Yes or no?


Do you play on-line?  

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  1. 1. Do you play on-line?

    • Yes - Play by Post or Play by Email
    • Yes - IRC or Chat
    • Yes - Virtual Tabletop
    • Yes - Something else
    • No - Should I?
    • There's always pie

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Since I only get my gaming these days through the Internet, I am curious how many else are in the same boat.

What do you think are the disadvantages and advantages of on-line play such as Chat/IRC, Virtual Tabletops, PbP/PbEM?

If you are (or would like to be) a writer for a D100 game or supplement, would you "showcase it" on a forum such as this?

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I personally like the idea of online gaming, but my TimeZone limits that to a point where nearly nothing happens.

To get around TZ issues I would love to participate in a play-by-post game (forum). I have seen and played in some games that way and it was a lot of fun. Best game I have seen was one in the Serenity forums. It was lots of fun to read, even if I was not involved in it. A nice story and well played. ;)

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I have been playing online since 1997. You can see a report of the best part of that game on Tradetalk #6.

Despite taking part in several very fun email/forum games over the years, I have realized that forum/email play is not the best solution, particularly for a gritty system like BRP. Pace is too slow, and people become de-focused over time.

IRC and virtual tabletops are the best solution for me. I have been playing with VTTs since 2007, and have tried Vassal, Screen Monkey, MapTools and Fantasy Grounds, with the last two ones being really fit for the job in my opinion. Connection bandwidth is not a problem at all - I have played over a cellphone GPRS connection and it worked - and timezone problems can be circumvented if you play on sunday. People can become de-focused and quit the campaign, but this happens, in my experience, with the same frequence that you find in live pen&paper games.

As for advertising online as a content provider - well, my opinion is well known :)

Proud member of the Evil CompetitionTM

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I only play PbP these days myself, though I did take part in a fun IRC Herowars/HeroQuest game some years back. But with players on three continents TZ issues were, ah noticeable :)

I've played in several PbEM's as well, but not for a few years now.

Forum games seem to work well for me personally. I am not forced to a tight schedule, I can think through what I want to say or do if I want and focus on different things than I can in a "live" game. It's a different beast really.

I'm not sure I agree that BRP is unsuited to this mode of playing. One of the most successful and fun games I've been in, with players in Australia, Europe and the US is using BRP. It's not suited to a game that focuses on tactical and gritty detail, but BRP doesn't have to do that.

When I mentioned "showcasing", I actually meant running a short scenario or two on a forum.

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