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Eternal Convention 2011


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Eternal Convention 2011


June 10-13, 2011

Castle Stahleck, Bacharach, Germany.


Tentacles2009-256 by Darran!, on Flickr

The Eternal Convention is a full weekend of freeform and pen and paper roleplaying at the scenic setting of Castle Stahleck in Bacharach on the river Rhine.

With guests from more than a dozen different countries, the con offers a unique opportunity to engage in a variety of gaming styles. All role playing systems are welcome, however, the Convention is putting special emphasis on smaller systems. Spend the days playing board games, freeforms or pen and paper rounds and enjoy the eve with your gaming pals in the courtyard with a spectacular view over the Rhine!

Meet the makers and get the latest news straight from the source, as we are expecting the following guests:

Jeff Richard:

Heroquest, Glorantha

Lawrence Whitaker:

Mongoose Runequest-2, Elric, Traveller (e.g. Beltstrike, Scout, Psion)

Pete Nash:

Mongoose Runequest-2, BRP Rome, RQ2-Vikings, Traveller (e.g. Alien Module 3: Darrians)

They will be happy to answer all your questions in panels and seminars.

The Con is family friendly so don’t hesitate to bring kids and spouse. Sightseeing on the Rhine and childcare facilities guarantee a great time for everyone.

Price: 99 Euro until 6th December 2010 (after that 119 Euro). Included in the price are accommodation in the castle, breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as the con fee.

More information on


Every year a great time. Register now!

Cheers, Darran

Continuum 2014. John Foster Hall, Leicester University. UK.

Friday 25th - Monday 28th July 2014.


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