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cost of BRP golden book @ rpgnow


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i dont know if this is the right place to post something or not but at rpgnow they are charging 2.00 for the quickstart rules.


here it is free, i dont know if this is a oversight or if it has to do with the price of hosting something at rpgnow but most the other systems have their quickstart rules for free for example savage worlds, castle and crusades, cortex, shadowrun, world of darkness in their various worlds, im sure there are more those are just the first page. i know in other parts of this forum people are wondering why BRP is not as competitive as the others and there is a good case of you can just go to the chaosium site to DL it but most people when they are browsing around on the RPGNOW site they buy from there and usually dont go to another site as its all right there for them to download.

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I don't think they have to charge for it because there is lots of free stuff on rpgnow or drivethrurpg in fact all of the d6 OGL system can be downloaded for free. You could always mention it to Chaosium, but it has been pointed out on this forum before.

And in addition you can download the BRP QS from this web site ( for free ):


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I use  fantasygrounds.com

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Could that be the 'print on demand' feature that justifies $11.00? It's marked down to $2 from $11?!

That mark down is the standard (some what disingenuous) calculation RPGNow / DTR have always used for their PDF pricing - Chaosium sell a hard copy of the quickstart for $11.95, so they quote the hard copy price as the original price, to hype up the discount on the PDF price. that in this case Chaosium make the PDF version available free seems to have been missed...



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