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Looking for Even more Generic character sheets


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First post, Hello.

Looking for a BRP sheet suitable for multi-genre support. Landscape would be nice but not necessary. All the sheets Ive found seemed to be aimed at a specific genre/supplement or set of options and while everything I've found has been very nice, it doesn't really fill the niche I'm looking for.

I would like to see or be pointed towards something more generic with blanks for extra skills under each category or at the end and/or additions for optional rules - like hit locations. I found it a bit strange that I haven't found one yet. Would like to know if this already exists.


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Making a two-page character sheet into a landscape single sheet design is pretty easy (just reduce the size and print the two pages as one). Have you checked out the generic character sheet downloads on this site? Sorry, I can't be more help, but character sheet design is not my forte.

I never thought of that - that's genius,

My pagemaker skills are sub par so I was really hoping I wouldn't have to make one. Seems strange that at the very least I can't find a sheet thats has 3-4 blank skill lines at the end of each category. Someone needs to email the mad irishman and tell him to make a customizable BRP sheet.

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