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Shriveling - Is there a cure?


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Not “forever,” only until they die (or are otherwise obliterated / mutated / spindled, folded and mutilated). It’s Call of Cthulhu, that shouldn’t take long.

NB: If you’re playing Pulp, a bit of protoplasmic weird science / robot limbs / experimental Frankenstein surgery might help. Just putting that out there. I’m sure there won’t be any complications, it’s not as if we’re all telling horror stories here.

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There are no definitive means to cure Shrivelling. But, in the vast swathe of Cthulhu Mythos lore, there "could" be a spell:

Blessing of Bast - heals 1D6 HP - perhaps it could also remold skin, at the Keeper's discretion. Perhaps some good service to Bast might grant a direct blessing and curative blessing.

Create Amulet - different versions might cure and/or cover the user in an illusion of health (they appear cured) - but when the amulet is removed, the illusion is removed.

Healing (spell) - a variant might actually heal twisted flesh (although the base spell does not). 

Steal Life - drains another person so you can be cured. 

Body Warping of Gorgoroth

Control Skin

- are also possible means to "cure" the Shirvelling.

Of course, there's no guarantee with any spell....





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