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Out Now in PDF: Old Pavis - The City that Time Forgot!

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  • Big expansions on the classic cults of Pavis, Flintnail and others;
  • Oodles of information about the Manside Clans, the dwarfs of Old Pavis (inc. their bizarre weaponry), and the Priests of Pavis;
  • Highly detailed guides and maps of the Real City and the New Flintnail Temple;
  • A full Old Pavic Homeland background & character-generation section;
  • A new multi-part scenario set in New Pavis and the Big Rubble; and
  • The epic-length Part 02 of the scenario: Ghost in the Darkness that began in Vol. 01.
  • Separate included downloads: 'List of All Spells in Vols. 01 & 02'; 'List of all Cults in both books'; 'one coloured map for the main scenario'.

"I was one of the Players in the Australian run-through of Ian's campaign, and I had a huge amount of fun. His ideas are a wonderful YGWV take on Old Pavis and the whole 'Grand Plan' idea." Andrew 'Sergeant Barayl' Bean (Chaosium Convention Coordinator in ANZ/APAC)


Main contributors/volunteers will of course be getting links for their copy sent to them shortly if they haven't already

Huge gratitude once again to these people, without whom these two books would absolutely not have been possible!!!

Vol. 01 is still discounted until March 14th, so if anyone doesn't have that yet, now is a good time if you want it. If you already have Vol. 01, remember also that it was updated to Vsn 1.5 a couple of days ago on DriveThru, so download a new copy there for yourselves.


Edited by Ian A. Thomson
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Former Issaries Inc. 'Pavis Expert'

Some of my creations and co-creations: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse.php?keywords=Ian Thomson

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Right now: #8 of all bestselling titles on DTRPG.


And the #1 best-selling community content title:


Edited by Brian Duguid
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The Electrum best-selling The Children of Hykim documents Glorantha's shape-changing totemic animal people, the Hsunchen. "Magisterial ... highly recommended" - Nick Brooke. "Informative, thought provoking, beautiful" - Evan Franke, Exploring Glorantha. "A deep dive" - Joerg Baumgartner. "Excellent sourcebook, well-written and well-researched" - Niall Sullivan. "Lovingly detailed and scholarly, and fun to read" - John H. "Absolutely wonderful!" - Morgan C.

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