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Does anyone know where you can find a website that has generic stats for NPCs and what not? Such as police officers, librarians, soldiers, scientists and others.

SB5 has generic stats for fantasy NPCs included. I dont know a source about contemporary NPCs. The CoC adventure books are at best a mixed bag because it seems to portray more the individual preferences of the authors than a common standard, so I would not use it as valid reference. OTOH you can maybe use those books for inspiration.

In my games I use the following skill levels

green: 0-40

standard: 40-60

veteran: 60-80

elite: 80+

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I also did a search for Call of Cthulhu NPCs. Found lots of fan sites, minatures, character generators and character sheets, but no pregenerated NPCs of the type you were seeking.

Perhaps the reason is that Call of Cthulhu adventurers never call the police or the army for help (although they should) and are laughed at when they consult scientists. Of course, many CoC investigators are librarians themselves so they don't need to consult an expert in that regard. ;)

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Looks like a golden window for a supplment. Pretty much every RPG setting needs a couple of pages of Joe and Josephine Average.

A rough rule of thumb would be:

STR 10, CON 10, SIZ 13 (10 females), INT 13, POW 10, DEX 10, APP 10, EDU 13

Hit Points: 12 (10 females)

Skills: Add 45% to one professional skill, 35% to another and 25% to the rest. Add 30% to any skill, 20% to any two skills, and 10% to any six skills.

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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