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BRP Middle Earth in downloads


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In the downloads section I see 3 chapters of a Middle Earth conversion for BRP but can find no other information about it.

Is this a monograph in the works? Is it still being developed? Is there (or will there be) more of this available?

Enquiring minds want to know! :)

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Just wanted to second the praise for the author. I've been working with his files for a BRP Middle Earth Fantasy Grounds II game, and the material is top notch. I just finished making an FGII module of the magic chapter. I've got the creatures for my first scenario entered, but plan to eventually get the whole creatures chapter into a module.

Oh, the three chapters correspond to the chapters in the BGB, I do believe. There's no more chapters coming in a monograph or anything.

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Thanks for the info, everyone. I've downloaded the image-free versions. I don't know that I really care about the versions with the images (though I appreciate how much work it must have been). I'm actually more comfortable with 'old-school' rules sets, where if there were any illustrations at all they were b/w line drawings... :)

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