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Opposed Roles podcast - Destined - superhero RPG


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the characteristic associated is a clue which one drives the scaling of the power. For example, POW scales Blast.

CHA has plenty of horsepower in Close Combat Attack (mystical) (damage), Empathy (range), Phantasm (size of illusion), CHA (characteristics, the table is in error), telekinesis (move rate, range), telepathy (range), teleport (range), and transform (size).

This is the second post where you say charisma is underwhelming. How much time have you spent in a long term game? 

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Cool.. I only look at a few power (Blast, TP, Enhanced Body) and they seemed to not really scale with any characteristic or scaled with POW (which is the usual)... But now that you mention, I could in fact all influencing characteristic by searching CHA/DEX/INT/Whatever...

Obviously I haven't played any destined yet.. (Nor am I planning too, I want to use superpower for my angels & demons, which I plan to be a lot more prominent that I am used to)

I spent like 2 years GM BRP/RD100/Mythras. But when the others GM it's D&D - or perhaps Fallout 2D20 soon?

Anyway I quite like BRP resistance table. Although I also like Mythras save skills. What a conundrum! (but I just remember of conflict... it's a good compromise in some case, I reckon). For my NPC I never calculated their skill (particularly there is no rule for more experience character) so I usually just eyeball the skill% doesn't help... Also just gaining some skill% always felt underwhelming to me... (though I never really polled the players)

Anyway next campaign gonna be CF. Seems that it takes care of many of my unending minor frustration....

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