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HeroQuest and QuestWorlds: Actual Play?


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I'm just finishing reading the QuestWorlds SRD and the book HeroQuest: Glorantha, and interested in starting to run adventures using that system. however, still unsure to do this without sample sessions. I searched but didn't find some Actual Play vídeos/audios using HQ or QW. could someone help me with this? thanks


Edit: apologies for posting in the wrong forum, please ask the administrators to move my post to the QuestWorlds area, if possible...

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While I can't offer a video/audio using HQ, I can direct you to some of my old play-by-post (PbP) HQ games. PbP is more narrative than live games, but you should be able to see the system in action. 

This section of my Orlmarth campaign begins enroute to Jonstown, but provides plenty of examples of using the system: HQG Orlmarth campaign

The threads include links to prior and subsequent sections. (For reference there are both [IC], in-character, and [OOC], out-of-character threads. For actual game content you'll want the [IC] threads.)

For a different setting, here the link to the start of my Nochet campaign: HQG Nochet campaign

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