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Anyone have an archive of the SharedWorld wiki posts?


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So, I'd originally posted about this in the Alastor's Inn forum, but as @g33k pointed out, I probably should have just made the post here.  (I didn't do that initially because in some other forums necroing old posts/subfora is strongly discouraged, but apparently that's not the case here... sorry.)  Anyway, I was wondering if there existed anywhere an archive of the information about the SharedWorld?  Some of the information is available in this forum, but browsing the forum posts I get the impression that there's a lot of additional information that was only in a now-defunct wiki... and while the overall page on the SharedWorld setting is available on the Wayback Machine, it seems the subpages with further details are not.

Did anyone keep an archive of the SharedWorld information, or know if there's another place it can be found?  (@Trifletraxor,  you seem to have been the main driver of the project, so I'm assuming you'd be the most likely to know about such a thing?)  It seems like quite a bit of thought and work went into this, and it would be a pity if the whole thing was lost forever with the old wiki.

[EDIT: Guess it might be a good idea to also ping @Atgxtg, since it looks like you were also involved with the SharedWorld project and you've been active on the forum more recently than Trifletraxor...]

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Oh, it's been awhile. If I recall correctly the project orginally was going to be a new take on RQ2's QuestWorld. Questworld was a shared, open world that people could make submissions to as an alternative to the closed world of Glorantha. There was a boxed set with maps, scenarios and some basic ideas of what to do. Questworld got dropped after RQ3 came out. Years later some of us on the form revived the idea of a shared world and it began.

Sadly, the sort of frazzled due to conflicting ideas and lack of any central authority to oversee the project, and have the final say or what got in and what didn't.. Stuff like somebody suggesting where the elves would be , someone else not wanting any elves on the world whatsoever, and someone else coming up with an entirely new take on elves. No one could make the call one way or the other with everything coming down to who argues best or majority rule, all of which being subject to change as other project members got caught up and put in their own two cents. Think of a dozen things like that going on, simultaneously, every day. Ultimately I think people left it one by one to as they became disenchanted with the direction it was taking. Some made their own settings. 

I think the few who stuck around to the end renamed it the Green or some such, but by then it wasn't much of a shared world anymore. At least that's my recollection. Of coruse, that was over a decade ago, so I probably forgot most of it, and misremembered much of the rest. 


In my opinion it was, and still is, a good idea, but "too many cooks".  

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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