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Paladin (almost...) session reports

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Hi all,

is this forum OK to post session reports? I don't see many, and even less posts regarding Paladin. Last year I ran a Paladin campaign which used the real Paladin setting, i.e. the Crusades. The players knight were in the retinue of Boemondo of Taranto all the way from Apulia to Antioch (then the campaign took an unexpected turn). I was wondering if there is some interest in the session reports or even in the background material (which I would need to put in a form that could be read by someone else - I wonder if ChatGPT can help with the editing).



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Yeah, it is OK to post session reports. I'd suggest starting a thread with your Campaign Name on it, and then just keep replying to it, rather than post a new thread each time.

Since your campaign is in a homebrew-historical setting, you don't even have to worry about the spoilers of the published material. 🙂

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56 minutes ago, Alexandre said:

I'll try and put the stuff on a blog... Speaking of which: What is the policy on quoting/referencing copyrighted material (both from Chaosium or other publishers)?

I am not a Chaosium employee nor in any shape or form authorized or qualified to give any policy answer, but...

IMHO, based on my experience, I would assume that quoting copyrighted text is right out. Referencing ought to be fine, although personally, I would keep the exact adventure/campaign events a bit vague, and definitely not repeat exact roll mechanisms / monster stats, i.e. 'On Round 3 of the battle, Sir X gets -5 to Battle because...'.

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In the meantime, this is the result of the grandfather history generation:

Roberto d'Altavilla arrived in search of fortune in southern Italy in 1047 with a retinue of only five knights. He hoped to receive a fief from his brothers, who were already successful, but they would not grant him. So he began selling his sword to the Lombard princes who were fighting among themselves and also began raiding their rich lands.

Among the original five knights of Roberto's retinue was Ruggero, called the "Homeless". He fought with his lord in the service of the Prince of Capua against the Prince of Salerno, and like the other Normans, was defrauded of the promised reward by the treacherous Lombard.

In the following years, Roberto distinguished himself for courage and inventiveness, such as when he pretended to be dead to enter a castle held by monks to conquer it (which earned him the dislike of the church). In 1051, Roberto married Alberada of Buonalbergo, a noblewoman of Norman lineage, who brought him two hundred knights as a dowry. There was a tournament to celebrate the marriage, and Ruggero was among the finalists.

In 1053, Ruggero fought at Civitate, where Pope Leo IX was taken prisoner, and in 1057, he was present when, realizing that the Normans would become the dominant power in southern Italy, Pope Nicholas II officially invested Roberto with the Duchy of Apulia and Calabria.

In 1058, Roberto repudiated his first wife Abelarda (officially to comply with the new church rules on consanguineous marriages, tightened following the Church reform) and married Sichelgaita of Salerno (a much more important match, also useful for pacifying the relations between the Norman overlords and the Lombard vassals).

Ruggero did not participate in Roberto's campaigns to give substance to his title, but in 1061, he set off with his lord towards Sicily, where they helped Ruggero d'Altavilla, Roberto's brother, to conquer Messina. There he led the final assault on the city governed by the Moors.

In 1064, they returned to Sicily to attack Palermo, but had to flee because their camp was invaded by tarantulas, surely evoked by the blasphemous arts of the Mohammedan pagans.

In the following years, the conquest of Sicily could not resume due to the revolt of Abelardo, who was the son of Umfredo, Roberto's older brother and the rightful heir to the Duchy of Apulia and Calabria. When Umfredo died, Roberto became Abelardo's guardian and disowned him, taking the title for himself. As soon as Abelardo reached the age of majority, with the help of other dissatisfied barons, he began a revolt financed by the Byzantines.

The revolt lasted four years, without ever having a decisive battle. In the end, it smothered down when the Byzantines tightened the purse strings. During one of the last battles, Ruggero received a serious wound that prevented him from continuing to fight, so Roberto, now called "the Guiscard," rewarded him for his services with the fief of Castro Minerva, snatched from the Byzantines in 1068. The "Homeless" now had a home for himself and his descendants... 

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13 hours ago, Alexandre said:

I'll try and put the stuff on a blog... Speaking of which: What is the policy on quoting/referencing copyrighted material (both from Chaosium or other publishers)?

I am not a lawyer!

"Fair use" isn't precisely defined, and still gets legal battles.  People will state firm clear limits... which (so far as I can tell) are only specific policies at specific locations (e.g. you won't get ding'ed by faculty/administration at *this* university, if you keep your "fair use" under 300 word... none of the authors at *that* agency will come after you if you keep it below 1000 words... etc... i.e. none of these are legal standards, just local policies).

Fortunately, Chaosium has a "Fan use" policy:

I suspect that you won't find it a challenge to stay within these guidelines; if you find anything ambiguous, I strongly suggest going straight to Chaosium (via e-mail) not asking general questions here on the forum -- they do not (cannot (not enough staff)) keep up with all the forum traffic.

Be advised that broad sweeping generalities tend to be harder to answer; try to keep to specific and concrete (non-hypothetical) queries, for best answers.

C'es ne pas un .sig

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