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Kings of the Sambari and Telmori


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The King of the Sambari is Vamastal Greyskin, also the leader of the Wilmskirk confederation. Apparently an accomplished warrior and fanatical heroquester who has gone half-mad, and gained his eponymous grey skin, from his many journeys on the Gods Plane. AFAIK we don't know much more about him, I don't think he is described in earlier publications. He seems a very interesting character and leader, I'm excited to see what the finally make of him in further books. (in some posts he is said to be king of the Balmyr, but I think that's a typo). 


As for the Wolfrunners... Do they even have kings? If they do, I don't think there's one during lunar occupation, maybe one could emerge once the New Sartar consolidates. 


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34 minutes ago, Jape_Vicho said:

As for the Wolfrunners... Do they even have kings?

I think at least since they made peace with Sartar and became a tribe of the land. Here is a post about their connection with the house of Sartar:


Ostling Four‑wolf was described as Telmori chief in King of Sartar, his son Kostajor Wolf Champion as King of the Telmori. Apparently he survives and appears with two surviving sons and a grandson in The Coming Storm but their line is killed in Eleven Lights.


I don't know what will happen post 1625, either a splintered tribe with several pack chiefs or a single leader.

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