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  1. Hi! In one of Sandy Petersen's talks at the German convention, he said that the Kingdom of War is essentially a plot by someone: "There is a secret about who controls the Kingdom of War, but I think Jeff is withholding that. But I’ll tell you this: the force that controls the Kingdom of War is published and known and is in The Guide to Glorantha. It’s a specific group or person or place and it’s in Fronela. If you read closely, you can probably figure out who it is because it’s not particularly well concealed." Now, I obviously fumbled my Lore (Glorantha) role, because I don't see it in the GtG. But I just noticed this page by Greg in the Well of Daliath, Greg Sez: The Kingdom of War (Jul 1998) – The Well of Daliath (chaosium.com), which ends with the statement that "In fact, it was probably them [the Lunars] who first loosed the Kingdom of War to break down the Syndics Ban." So is the Kingdom of War a Lunar plot? Thanks, David.
  2. My understanding is that both the EWF and the Godlearners were Eurmali plots. Anyway, I largely agree with this. I think the practical implication is that an Eurmali could duplicate most Draconic magic, but doesn't access the magic in the same way.
  3. I don't understand the question. All tricksters are illuminated. The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool
  4. Hi! Given the imminent shutdown of "heroquest," is it safe to assume that anything which is not currently available for purchase (e.g., Men of the Sea) will be permanently unavailable? Thanks, David.
  5. One of the Pavis books (probably Pavis but maybe the Big Rubble) had a breakdown of every rune master in Pavis. It seemed to me that there were probably too many, even for a city based around adventurers, but the answer is that they are not rare at all. Thanks, David.
  6. The William Church illustration of the Dragon's Eye is available on the Chaosium website: Chaosium Announces RuneQuest: "The Dragon’s Eye" is in development - Chaosium Inc. I personally wouldn't have the banners (too human), but I like the staircases.
  7. It is indeed very important! I look forward to a day when I can finally meet the great Mello Yello. By way of further clarification, what would be the correct form of address? "Your Heroic Imperial Majesty"? "Your Golden Draconic Splendour"? A simple "Your Omnipotence"?
  8. Okay, why would anyone pay a ransom for "warriors" captured by ducks? But anyway, RQG suggests the ransom for "poor" at 250L and the ransom for "free" at 500L (p. 422). I would put warriors at the "free" level.
  9. Made a dagger/matrix out of an allosaur tooth from the elder wilds once. Why? Because it was cool.
  10. Sadly, my cuneiform is a bit rusty, so I'll pass on this. However, as long as we're on the topic of special editions, would it be possible to get a deluxe version of the Red Book of Magic bound in the skins of red vadeli? Preferably autographed by Zzabur?
  11. I always assumed that the torpedos were some sort of Mostali attack.
  12. Not to mention many Lunars, starting with the Red Emperor.
  13. Apropos of nothing, I did a double-take when I first opened the Red Book of Magic because I thought that it had been printed in Luathela. Now that would have been impressive.
  14. Is there any relationship between Blackpool (England) and Blackwell (Esrolia)? I've never been to either. Thanks, David.
  15. Secret Register of Boristi - Common rumor says that cultists are likely to grow something awful as a result of their tapping chaos things, hence their popular nickname of "squids." Ralios wouldn't be the same without outbreaks of squids.
  16. Fortune and glory. Let us know!
  17. Hi! In an article in Codex (from the 90s), Sandy Petersen said that in his games, dragonewts don't increase experience during a life; only when they die and are reborn. He also said that "Greg believes that many scout dragonewts have been scouts since the dawn. No wonder the poor things get impatient and mutate themselves into monsters like brontosaurs. However, Greg and I at one time concurred that dragonewts are capable of breeding. They, of course, have five sexes so breeding is pretty slow (there only being one member of the fifth sex in all Dragon Pass)." Thanks, David.
  18. Lanbril is theft. All thief gods are Lanbril under other names. Other gods may steal things, but they are not thief gods.
  19. Hi! I agree with the comment about the (non-canon) Companion series. Volume III has a brief discussion of a Rubble Spirit tradition. That mentions city spirits, the noble dead (ancestors), and elemental spirits. They also have links to river spirits, rubble spirits (animals that live in the rubble), zebra spirits, and plant spirits. I also think that the seventeen foes of Waha would make a good spirit tradition. Thanks, David.
  20. I'm glad to see that 13G is not dead. Thanks, David.
  21. I seem remember that in Balazar, you could free Firshala with a Dispel Magic 4. So I guess Your Deity May Vary as well 🙂
  22. I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. The original write-ups of Kolat and Serdrodosa were very evocative. If you can find them (I think they were online only), they are worth a look, for color if nothing else. [I agree that they are no longer canon (Serdrodosa is a full shamanic path and is not an aspect of Asrelia [I think])]. Thanks, David.
  23. The Grotarons probably have ivory from the saber toothed mountain mammoth. But they don't trade it to outsiders.
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