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Modiphius/Helmgast "The Troubleshooters" ?


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Swedish company "Helmgast" has published a game, The Troubleshooters.  Modiphius is... distributing(?) it.
Pulpy adventures explicitly in the model of Franco-Belgian style "bédé" (bande dessinnée) comics like Tintin, Spirou, Yoko Tsuno, &c.

Seems BRP-engined (with a few Fate-like tweaks such as "Story Points" metacurrency fueled by "Complications").

Surprised I haven't seen it talked about more here...?  Honestly, it looks very interesting, both mechanically and in being an adventure genre/style not much touched by other RPG's!

Some linkies, if interested:

And a rather long thread on RPGnet; I TL;DR'ed right out (q.v. "rather long"), but 1st & last revealed that it stretched  from before KS-launch until after publication:


Also tagging @fritjof who's asking after this game...

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Just ran my first oneshot of The Troubleshooters - the demo scenario "Escape from Mt. Blanc" - for my wife and two of our friends. It was the first proper time I ever ran a game form "peers". All nearly newbies (myself included). We had a blast!
The mechanics with story-points etc. and the campy/funny comic book world was a great way to ease a new group into roleplaying.
They did great - even though Harry Fitzroy had to throw a flare in for confusion at a certain point, to save Paul Marchand.

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