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ORC @ Chaosium: "Final" or "Interim" ?


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6 hours ago, Scotty said:

You probably noticed that in section IIIe, the current Library of Congress number is a placeholder. Once it's signed, it will be updated to final...

Rather naively, I had thought "interim" and "final" were mutually-exclusive (indeed, virtually polar-opposite) terms...  Silly me!

I forgot this wasn't English, but Legalese.


6 hours ago, Scotty said:

Thank you for that link, where I read (emphasis added by me):


All currently posted versions of the final ORC License text should be considered the Interim Final ORC License and ORC AxE. As soon as copyright registration is finalized, these documents will be updated with the final copyright registration number, which we expect will be ready in about six months.

... by which I understand that the substance of the license is final (the text, exclusive of (c), is not being further revised) but that the (c)-registration-number (which is embedded in the license itself) is not yet available and therefore the license in toto is "interim."

The careful precision is... admirable.  Exasperating, but admirable.  🤨

C'es ne pas un .sig

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