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Diablo 2 Magic!!! (for RQ/BRP!)


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Magic for RQ/BRP!


  • Each "spell tree" is an advanced skill, with INT+POW as base

  • Each spell costs a number of MP; character's starting MP are equal to POW

  • The "level cap" for a spell is INT/2 (max 9), but you need 10% per level (round down) in your skill to be able to cast that high

  • MP's return at a rate of 1 per hour

  • To learn a new spell, you need to find it, read it (skill test), and understand it (INTx3). If someone is teaching you, you need not read it, and you roll INTx5; you need at least 90% in the skill to teach a spell. Learning process takes 1 week per spell (and you may retry if you fail!)

  • A character may know "off hand" a number of spells equal to his or her INT; you may write a spell on your spell book with a read/write skill roll, and if successful, spending 1 POW

  • "learning" a spell from your book takes 1 hour (and you make "room" for it simultaneously if you need, by "forgetting" a spell of your choice)

  • Spellcasting goes in DEX order (you may use INT if you like), at -1 per MP spent. If DEX/INT goes negative, you cannot cast it (but 0 is ok)

  • You may split your spellcasting skill to cast several times in a round (as per melee attack). Each successful casting is at -5 DEX/INT rank -but keep in mind you still have to further reduce your rank based on MP cost

  • Range: All spells are line of sight

  • Moar MP!: You can get a familiar AND a talisman

  • You may have only ONE talisman, and it does not add +1D6 damage; it adds +20% to spellcasting skills instead (but you have -20% if you lose it, until you recover it). You ALWAYS know where your talisman is, and costs 1 POW to make

Here's the fist skill:

FIRE MASTERY (INT+POW base, or magic modifier base, or whatever your twisted brp variant uses)


[instant or Temporal, Ranged, 1MP/3 lvls]

"Gathering a small amount of elemental energies, the Sorceress hurls darts of pure fire at those who would seek to injure her."

Lv3: 1D6 (1 MP)

Lv6: 2D6 (2 MP)

Lv9: 3D6 (3 MP)

Make a ranged attack with your Fire Mastery skill. A special is +1D6, and a crit is +2D6 (+1D6 crit if playing MRQ or you don't like to special with spells). Armor protects as normal; if the target receives damage he or she will catch on fire unless he or she succeeds on a Luck (POWx5) roll.

If burning, a target takes 2D6 next round and 1D6 the round after. Remember that fire damage is not cumulative, so burning and more fire-stuff (like another firebolt or more burning) does not stack.

The sorceress may also keep the firebolt on her palm, illuminating like a torch; this lasts as long as she concentrates.


[instant, Self Only, 1 MP/3 lvls]

"If a Sorceress wishes to truly become a formidable spellcaster, she will pursue this talent. By collecting the essence of the ambient heat in the surrounding air, she can convert this energy into the mystical force that powers her spells. In this way, she recovers more quickly from her magical exertions."

Recover 1D4 MP for every 3 levels, but lose 1 HP:

(mp from casting already factored)

lv3 +1D4-1 MP, -1HP

lv6 +2D4-2 MP, -2HP

lv9 +3D4-3 MP, -3HP


[Temporal, Ranged, 1MP/lvl]

“Using this spell, a Sorceress can reach into the depths of her being and issue forth a gout of fire, incinerating any opponents standing within its reach.”

Summon 1m3 of fire per spell level. Fire may be shaped and moved with a move of (whatever a walking human moves in the BRP incarnation you use, for RQ is 1). This fire behaves just like normal fire (though it doesn't need fuel to burn), causing 1pt to 3D6 damage according to target's exposure. The spell will last for as long as the sorceress concentrates.


[Temporal, Passive, Self-Only, 1MP/lvl]

“Using this spell, the Sorceress ignites her very soul, gaining near-immunity to flames”

Each spell level reduces by 2 any fire damage (making yourself immune to most normal fires at lv9). Against magical fire, it protects at half value (keep in mind that inferno is not magical).


[instant, Ranged, 1 MP/3 lvls]

"Once she has learned the basic incantation of this spell, the Sorceress can collect a large amount of elemental fire and contain it within a globe of energy. Discharging it toward her enemy, those energies are released in a devastating explosion upon impact."

Lv3: 1D6 (1 MP)

Lv6: 2D6 (2 MP)

Lv9: 3D6 (3 MP)

Make a ranged attack with your Fire Mastery skill. A special is +1D6, and a crit is +2D6 (+1D6 crit if playing MRQ or you don't like to special with spells). The fireball explodes and hits everything in 1mt/yard radius. Armor protects as normal; if the original target receives damage he will be knocked back (various BRP incarnations resolve this in several distinct ways, use spell damage or sorceress POW vs SIZ, move 1 mt. per every 5 damage pts, or whatever you like). Collateral damage does not cause knockback.


[Temporal, Ranged, 1 MP/3 lvls]

"Upon learning this skill, an experienced Sorceress has the ability to imbue a weapon with the power of fire."

This spell replaces a bladed weapon damage for 1D6 fire damage every 3 levels (+1D6 on special, +2D6 on crit). Damage modifier is added as normal. The fireblade lasts one turn (5 minutes, or 20 rounds, usually simplified to "the duration of the scene") when cast on an ally, or for as long as she feels like when cast on the sorceress weapon. In both cases the spell ends if the weapon is sheathed or dropped. A fireblade illuminates like a torch.


[Temporal, Passive, Ranged, 1MP/lvl]

"This skill allows the Sorceress to raise a barrier of flame to block her flanks from attack, creating a tactical advantage for both herself and her allies. Any creature unwitting enough to attempt to cross the barrier will feel the full force of these flames as they advance to their ruin."

The sorceress creates a firewall 1.5 mts high and 50 cms wide anywhere in range. The wall is up to one meter long per level, and must be cast on a somewhat even floor (no firewalls on walls). Of course, it does not work over water! It may have any shape the sorceress wants (an arrow, a semi-circle, straight, whatever), but once set it remains that way.

Of course, the firewall will ignite whatever it touches, and does normal fire damage (1 pt if standing at less than 1 yard/mt, 1d6 if touching it, 2d6 if you are a moron and 3D6 if passing through). The wall may be cast OVER someone (doing damage as per firebolt), but you must aim with Fire Mastery and the target may dodge as usual.

The firewall lasts one turn (5 minutes, or 20 rounds, usually simplified to "the duration of the scene")


[Temporal, Passive, 1MP/lvl]

“A sorceress learned in this art can summon a Salamander constructed entirely from living flame. The Sorceress summons the elemental through accelerating particles of the air at an ever increasing pace. These particles then ignite and the Salamander crackles into existence, seemingly out of thin air.”

These salamanders are RQ3-Like.

Lv3 = Small salamander

Lv6 = Medium salamander

Lv9 = Big salamander

The salamander remains under the sorceress' control for one turn (5 minutes, or 20 rounds, usually simplified to "the duration of the scene"), and then it returns to the ether. It will obey verbal orders if the sorceress knows firespeech, or work under mental control (at 1MP per order, but this counts as the sorceress' action for the round).

This spell may be used to control other salamanders (with enough levels according to its size, and a successful POW vs POW) or to dismiss them (no roll required). The sorceress is able to command a single salamander at a time; summoning a second one will break the link with the first, which will be free to wreck havoc.

Fire Hydra

[Temporal, Passive, 1MP/lvl]

"This skill enables the Sorceress to summon a beast of pure flame from the core of the world. They never fail to answer a call from a proven Sorceress, and stand ready to spit bolts of scorching magma at her enemies."

The hydra is an elemental lord of fire that looks like... A hydra on fire! It fissures the ground and emerges through it, so you cannot summon it on water or in the air. It will fight for the caster for one round per level; in addition the caster may split her Fire Mastery % to give the hydra additional (up to 3) heads.

The hydra has the same summoning limitations than the salamander, and you can only have one at a time (so no hydra+salamander or 2 of any).

Fire Hydra Stats:

STR 17 (3D6+6)

CON 11 (3D6)

SIZ 13 (2D6+6)

INT 13 (2D6+6)

POW 17 (3D6+6)

DEX 14 (4D6)


AP: POW/2 (but damages attacking weapons as per attacking inanimate objects)

Damage Modifier: +1D4

Attacks: Enhanced Firebolt 2D6 (90%, 30 mt range), Bite 3D6+1D4 (spear reach)

Special: The hydra gets healed by natural fire or fire magic!

Edited by icebrand
updated warmth

"It seems I'm destined not to move ahead in time faster than my usual rate of one second per second"

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This will add another path to Classic Fantasy style games!


Coming soon: Cold Mastery, Lightning Mastery, Earth Mastery, Necromancy, Arcane Mastery, and maybe Witchcraft!

"It seems I'm destined not to move ahead in time faster than my usual rate of one second per second"

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This is my favorite spell tree, so it may be a tad better than the rest! It is probably the most offensive tree of them all (don't panic the cool RQ spells like shapeshift are coming soon!)

All spells are rolled with Lightning Mastery advanced skill

Charged Bolt

[Ranged, Instant, 1MP/lvl]

By charging the ions in the air surrounding her, the Sorceress discharges bursts of electrical energy. These missiles flit about randomly, chasing down her opponents and shocking them to the core.

Effect: Fires multiple, jumping bolts of electricity that seek their targets, up to 10 meters.

Each level casts one bolt, that does 1 damage (ignoring armor, there is no defense). The sorceress may attack whomever she wishes (but only one bolt per target)


[Ranged, Temporal, 1MP/lvl]

With this skill a Sorceress can reach out with her mind and manipulate distant objects. By manipulating the Ether that permeates the world, she is even able to retrieve items out of her reach, or send her attacks to distant enemies. Useful to a cunning Sorceress, this spell rewards quick thinking to make the most of opportunities when they present themselves.

Effect: moves 3 SIZ (or about 15kg) at MOV 1. Each extra level adds +1 MOV or +3 SIZ. This spell lasts for as long the sorceress concentrates, but cannot be used on living beings (or stuff in direct contact with them; you cannot pull someone's sword from their hand or levitate their boots / cape). The sorceress may lift herself (hovering over the ground, and being able to cross obstacles like a river), but it doesn't grant "true" flight.

As an offensive spell, it may be used to knockback other characters (POW vs POW, if successful, lvl*3 vs. SIZ).

Telekinesis does not grant fine control over levitated items; the sorceress may move it in a straight line, and that's it. Objects hurled with TK usually move too slow to do significant damage; level 3 does 1 point, level 6 does 1D4 and level 9 does 1D6; attack with lightning mastery at half chance (pointy and bladed objects add +1 damage).

Static Field

[self Only, Temporal, 1MP/level]

A devastating spell of limited range, Static Field instantly removes a portion of the health of nearby enemies. Thusly injured, enemies are easy prey to the follow-up attacks of the Sorceress or her party members.

Effect: the sorceress charges the air around her. This spell lasts for one round per spell level. Each round, the sorceress can blast a foe inside the field for 1 pt. of damage in her DEX rank (there's no defense, and this is a free action). This spell affects a range of 10 meters in all directions, centered on the sorceress


[Ranged, Instant, 1MP/3 lvls]

This spell allows a Sorceress to summon the very power of the heavens and emit a tremendous surge of electrical energy. Creating a channel of lightning directed at her target, she cuts a swath through her opponents with pinpoint accuracy.

Effect: Casts a bolt of lightning. (POW vs. POW, ignores armor)

Lv3 = 1D6

Lv6 = 1D8

Lv9 = 1D10


[Ranged, Instant, 1MP/3 lvls]

With this spell the Sorceress creates a wave of electrical energy radiating from her fingertips, bathing herself with its destructive force. This spell is ideal for extended spellcasting.

Effect: The sorceress' lightning spells cost 1/2 MP (round up). The MP reduction lasts one round per level, starting the next round after casting.

Chain Lightning

[Ranged, Instant, 1MP/3 lvls]

An improved and more complicated version of the Lightning spell, Chain Lightning arcs from foe to foe, branching out until all of its energy is dissipated. The stench of burnt flesh and ozone is often all that remains after this spell is cast.

Effect: Casts a lightning bolt that jumps through multiple targets. The first target gets full damage; after that, the lightning jumps between targets (as per charged bolt), up to a number of times equal to rolled damage minus one. Chain lightning will not jump if the original target resists the spell.

Lv3 = Lightning Bolt, 1D4

Lv6 = Lightning Bolt, 1D6

Lv9 = Lightning Bolt, 1D8


[self-Only, Instant, 18 MP]

A Sorceress trained in this arcane skill has the ability to traverse the Ether, instantly rematerializing in another location. Without the aid of waypoints or portals, she may teleport anywhere within her immediate vicinity. Though not suitable for larger distances, a Sorceress can make good use of this spell for evading capture, or to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

Effect: Instantly transports you between two points (Line of Sight). Each level reduces the MP cost by 1


See Salamander.

Energy Shield

[self-Only, 1MP/lvl]

Sheathing herself in pure energy, the Sorceress walks fearlessly into the fray. So long as she can maintain her concentration over this magical buffer, she diverts harmful magical energies and absorbs physical harm into her store of Mana.

Effect: Absorbs magical and some physical damage to Mana instead of Life. Each level adds 1 "hit point". Physical attacks are split (half are taken from the mana shield, half from hit points, if uneven the extra damage goes to MP). Magical attacks go directly to the shield. If the shield is destroyed, remaining damage goes to HP as normal. This energy shield applies AFTER armor (if any). Of course, energy shield is not cummulative; if cast again it will override the first shield.

Edited by icebrand
lowered nova mp cost

"It seems I'm destined not to move ahead in time faster than my usual rate of one second per second"

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I'm missing one spell for cold, ideas anyone?


Ice Shard

[Ranged, Instant, 1MP/3 lvls]

One of the first spells a novice of the frigid elements learns is the power to summon crystals of pure freezing energy. When hurled at her enemies, these shards subject their targets to freezing pain.

Ice Shard works like firebolt (to hit roll, +1D4 on special, +2D4 on crit). The piercing cold ignores half armor (round up)

Lv3: 1D4

Lv6: 2D4

Lv9: 3D4

Frozen Armor

[self-Only, Temporal, 1MP/lvl]

This defensive spell is a useful tool for protecting the novice from the dangers of combat. This icy shield both protects the Sorceress and impairs the progress of all who would attack her with blade or club.

This spell gives 1 AP per level; it does not stack with armor (use whatever is higher); lasts for one turn


[Ranged, Instant, 1MP/lvl]

The freezing damage of this spell can shatter an opponent into icy shards.

If the sorceress beats the target in a POW vs POW roll, each level does 1 pt of damage per round (up to 9 damage after 9 rounds), starting the round the spell is cast. Frostbite does not stack (a new frostbite will reset the duration).

Shiver Armor

[self-Only, Temporal, 1MP/3 lvls]

A significant upgrade from frozen armor, this defensive shield deals an icy blast to any attackers, numbing them with cold, searing pain.

Effect: any target that successfuly hits the sorceress with a melee attack (causing at least 1 pt. of damage after any armor) suffers 1 pt of damage (no defense possible) for every 3 spell levels; lasts for one turn. Stacks with frozen armor!


As per salamander.

Ray of Frost

[Ranged, Instant, 1MP/lvl]

This is the most effective offensive spell that this discipline has to offer. With the invocation of this spell, entire hordes of enemies are left chilled or dead, drowned in a hail of ice. Wretched survivors of this wintry storm can do little but crawl and lament their fallen kin before they, too, succumb to the cold.

As per Firebolt, but damage is 1 per level (up to 9 damage at lv9). Special adds +3 damage and crit adds +6 damage. Armor protects at half value. Range is 30 mts


[self Only, Temporal, 1MP/lvl]

This spell causes a mass of chilling air to suddenly appear in a small room or small open area (10 mt radius) for the duration of the spell.

Those caught in the howling blizzard must succeed in an STR vs twice the spell level test or are knocked down. If successful, they are hindered (-1 MOV per spell level) while the spell is active.

Blizzard lasts for as long as the sorceress maintains concentration.

Frozen Orb

[Ranged, Instant, 1MP/lvl]

An intimidating sight that strikes fear into the hearts of her opponents, the Frozen Orb is an awesome spectacle to behold. The Orb coalesces from the air, unleashing freezing bolts at all nearby, and wreaking havoc, seemingly at random, before bursting into a brilliant explosion of frigid destruction.

Range = 30 mts.

The orb shatters at the impact point; each target in a a radius equal to the spell level (including the sorceress or allies if they are close enough). The target is hit by several (1D6) ice shards, and everyone else is hit by 1D4 shards. Each shard does 1 pt. of damage (without defense other than dodge).

A successful dive halves damage (round up) and a critical dodge ignores all damage. Dodging a frozen orb means the character dives for cover, and thus he ends the round in the ground; a character may try to dodge (or parry with a shield) each shard, by dodging at half chance.

"It seems I'm destined not to move ahead in time faster than my usual rate of one second per second"

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