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Longer adventure for the Uther Period -- suggestions?

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Running a game using GPC starting the the Uther Period. Two years in, we are now in 487 AD. 

I am looking for a longer adventure that would fit the ambiance of the Uther Period. Something meaty with a plot, instead of just the brief activities of the early years of the GPC. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I have a bunch of the published books, and everything I have looked at seems to be predicated on King Arthur, or Romance, or tournaments, or the search for the Holy Grail. Those are not relevant yet in this era.

Does not have to be linked to Uther at all. Also, does not have to even be for Pendragon originally, I am happy to convert and I do not worry about NPC/monster stats too much.


Thank you for any ideas you may have!

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Previous editions were mostly set in 510-531, which is why there is so little for Uther, which became the new start time only with 5th edition.

White Horse is easy to transport to Uther. Indeed, I like to rerun it every 21 years or so. 

Horned Boar is another one that would be easy enough to run, with some minimal tweaking of armor, horses and some background info.

Dragon's Hoard (Dragons of Britain #4) can be tweaked to Uther.

Nothing prevents you from running the Whispering Path from GPC early.

Those would be four that easily came to mind.

Oh, The Deceitful Fae is easy to run in Summerland adjacent counties even im Uther Period.

Red Blade needs very minimal tweaking to work in Uther Period, too.

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