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Alphetar games character sheets?


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Ouch! I thought I had transferred the Rome character sheet to the new web page. But in fact, only the maps are there.

It will be online again in 12 hours.

As for Merrie England, there are not many differences from the regular BRP character sheet. Basically, you may want to add the Piety and Holiness scores, but the rest remains the same. So a specialized character sheet may not be necessary. We did not include one for Crusaders, either.

Also note that we now have a forum for our games. Keeping it clean of spammers is a hard job, so please help me find a justification for my hard work and use it ;)

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Regarding Character Sheets, no I haven't done one for Merrie England.

As Paolo says, characters are very similar to standard BRP.

However, if I have time, I'll try and design one.

You'll probably hate it though, as it won't have any whitespace and will be very busy, but will have as much information as can be squeezed into one or two sheets of A4. :)

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You can now find two versions of the Rome character sheets on the product page. One has classic BRP base skill percentages, the other has a RQ-lilke approach to starting skills.

I have set up a poll about Merrie England character sheets on the alephtar forums


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