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DeadWorld Comic


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I just got the CD-rom with all the DeadWorld comics from eagleonemedia. Read through the first issue now, which was okay. Not really that hooked yet, but I'll give you a more detailed review once I've read through them.

Is there anyone else here who have read the DeadWorld comics?


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I read them when they first came out... I've still got a pile of them somewhere here... I liked them enough to keep buying them... though the design of 'King Zombie' always bugged me a bit, seemed a bit cliche.

I can see how it could make for a decent RPG background though... kind of zombie-apocalypse.

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Is there anyone else here who have read the DeadWorld comics?

I have Deadworld Volume 1 which compiles the first dozen or so issues I think. I liked it, though as Simlasa said, King Zombie was a bit cliche.

Have you read any of Robert Kirkman's comic book series 'The Walking Dead' ?

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I have most of the first run of Deadworld somewhere in my long boxes. At the time it debuted it was a unique beast, serious gore, you never knew who would die and the art by Vince Locke was impressive. It was Locke's art that was the main attraction for me. I dropped the book when he left.

I haven't read any of the newer series from Image.

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