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BRP Character Sheet


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Hey, are there any BRP character sheets yet?

I have two or three variants I cooked up during Play testing that I need to check against edition zero to make sure they still make sense, then I'll pass em to Chaosium and get em uploaded atd100.org | The unofficial site of Basic Roleplaying, the Chaosium d100 Systemand here.


Nick Middleton

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Hi all.

I've started to put together a basic sheet. It's pretty much the sheet from the BRP book (no customisation / setting specific stuff), but it should save you from having to bend the cover back in a photocopier.

Front page is available here.

Will post the back page when I'm done and I have 2 mins.


Stop messin' about.


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Bona character sheet - very bold!

Thanks for uploading that - I've been fishing around for a usable sheet for a while!

Mr Horne will be everso pleased :D



"The Worm Within" - the first novel for The Chronicles of Future Earth, coming 2013 from Chaosium, Inc.

Website: http://sarahnewtonwriter.com | Twitter: @SarahJNewton | Facebook: TheChroniclesOfFutureEarth

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